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Should there be a Roll-back after recent bug exploit to the poin prior Special 5th Anniversary Event

  1. yes

    176 vote(s)
  2. no

    63 vote(s)
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  1. gun

    gun Forum Great Master


  2. Muerte89

    Muerte89 Forum Greenhorn

    we , perhaphs need that the events stop.
  3. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I've already stopped playing for two reasons.

    1. If they do nothing, I'm gone anyway, so why should I waste time supporting BigPoint with my time?
    2. If they are going to do a roll back, why should I waste time that will get lost anyway?

    If they do end up doing a ban wave, I may have lost a couple hours over a week that I could have been playing, but I'll be so motivated, energized, and excited to come back that it won't make a difference to me.
  4. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Mythbusters would place this in the realm of "Plausible":D
  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    I friken LOVE Mythbusters!
  6. dragonlordz

    dragonlordz Junior Expert

    DSO could have handled it a lot better, they could have said you found our hidden easter-egg for the 5th anniversary you have 1 day left before we close it, then everyone would be happy, now we have one half angry and another half quietly wetting themselves lol too funny.
  7. thuglifederp

    thuglifederp Active Author

    Wait, so the bug is still there ??
    Im not okay to farm after the last update where they said they will fix the bug ???
  8. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    The bug is fixed, but if they end up going with the rollback option, we will go all the way back to the moment they shut the servers off for the R171 release.
  9. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    I saw people bragging in chat today about how they abused this bug for 3 days all day long and nothing will happen to them. A sad day.
  10. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Fingers are still crossed for a different ending to this story. You heard Sunlight. We have their attention and maybe we'll get some good news in the next couple hours before they all go home for the day.

    I'd imagine that announcement like that could change the tone here a little... in fact, I'm sure that it would bring out all the cheaters who might suddenly realize that they stand to lose a lot and think that their voice matters.
  11. thuglifederp

    thuglifederp Active Author

    Just got a good thought on everything i got from that release to this day and how much i progresed and how many like me did the same and the roll back is gonna kick us in the nuts.

    Got no words to describe the disappointment i feel right now
  12. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    I really hope so, this is just spirit breaking, you play legit for hours on hours, some spend money on this game, and a little EDIT cheater/exploiter gets away with everything.

    Yep, i got a lot of stuff myself in the event, upgraded my toon significantly. THEY SHOULD PERMA-BAN. but something need to be done!
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  13. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there people ,

    Just to keep you updated... do not forget to take a look to our latest update related to this subject.

    As we can see, mobilisation has always an impact ;) Bigpoint is watching and reading your comments ;)

    Keep the respect and the cool vibes, yea? :p

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  14. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    Respect is a two way street... ;)
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  15. Iliaki

    Iliaki Forum Apprentice

    I don't agree my friend....perma ban is the ONLY way for some people to understand, because if this ban would be for just a few days, nothing would change...they would return more "victorious" e.g. "Hahaha, I have what I have from the bug, just a few days ban did not harm me DDDD", and this way, this will be an example for future cases...players will have to think twice and thrice before doing something similar.
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  16. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    I 100% agree.
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  17. Suzi1985

    Suzi1985 Forum Greenhorn

    Roll back lol? How many hours we farmed this event plus i bought some anders to buy gem packs, i crafted great legendaries and now it will be all gone because you cannt do your jobs well? How will you return my given money back on my VISA card? You robbed us our money.Than roll back when you added stupid jester NPC,their gems,mounts,pets alll if you want to be fair and squaire. If you do roll back, i quit for good and will sue you as well not to mention 50-60% players will do that same.Whatta shame company and game.
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  18. dragonlordz

    dragonlordz Junior Expert

    ROLL BACK :O will I get the anders I spent in event + the 100k anders that I won from jesters snd the 2k gold form them also ? if so roll back all you want lol
  19. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    After reading the announcement, I doubt we will get a rollback. If they are actually working on the problem now instead of saying "Oh Well," then that is likely because they are trying to do it right and ID these cheaters. If they were going to do a rollback, they wouldn't be spending time investigating and while I'm not convinced of their intelligence, I think that they are smart enough to know that pushing off a rollback further and further would only make it worse when/if they did. If they were going to do a roll back, then today would have been the last day that they could have gotten away without it blowing up in their face for everyone.
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  20. Bábovka

    Bábovka Forum Apprentice

    Roll back + bans for bug users or at least for the biggest bug users if you can't find all of them.
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