Shadows of the Past (11/12)

Discussion in 'Quests' started by Waceaux1, Sep 2, 2021.

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  1. Waceaux1

    Waceaux1 Forum Greenhorn

    I received this quest in Andrakasch from Jon Sunlair that says "Enter the Portal". But, there is no portal. When I have had this quest in the past with other characters there is always a portal adjacent to Jon. Not this time, any ideas what is wrong? I tried logging out and coming back, but no luck.

    Also, I think the form used to submit a problem to support is confusing. They want "User Name" and "User ID". Does that mean account name and character name?
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  2. skulos

    skulos Forum Greenhorn

    Got the same problem now . There is no portal there .
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  3. Anyki

    Anyki User

    If you don't know where to find this, go to the website, log in, then submit your ticket to support. That way, your ticket will be automatically tagged with the correct info. They will look into the issue for you.
  4. Waceaux1

    Waceaux1 Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks, I went to the website and successfully submitted the form.
  5. -KingPhoenix-

    -KingPhoenix- Forum Greenhorn

    same problem on three different accounts 11/12 has no portal to go through and is impossible to complete for now.
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  6. GrossmannGR

    GrossmannGR Forum Greenhorn

    Same here. There was a portal when i was doing the quest with my mage, with archer there is not...
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  7. Juliaaa2001

    Juliaaa2001 Forum Greenhorn

    same here lol ...
  8. myhayevil98

    myhayevil98 Forum Apprentice

    i have the same problem
  9. Valvue

    Valvue Forum Greenhorn

    I dont understand why happened this to many players and nobody do nothing...
  10. Anyki

    Anyki User

    Attention everyone who is encountering this same problem:

    Please file a ticket with support.

  11. Waceaux1

    Waceaux1 Forum Greenhorn

    Hey Anyki,

    There have been numerous tickets filed. I personally have waited for three weeks now, not being able to advance the main story line, and have heard nothing from Support.
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  12. AbyssWalkerNio

    AbyssWalkerNio Forum Greenhorn

    i guess they will fix it after anniversary event end...i read some posts from old players and this problem exist for 1 year at least
  13. cici

    cici Forum Greenhorn

    The fact that I have requested help for 2 weeks..having limited time to play, not getting anything besides the msg" we`ve told our team your issue" demonstrates how "competent" their teams are...or how much they care about the player base. During the time I haven t played I ve got a lot of surveys questioning why I left.... the lack of competence and the lack of care for the players.
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  14. frenk59

    frenk59 Forum Greenhorn

    Stesso problema ombre del passato 11/12 fermo da 2 settimane ma dicono che il problema è un po' che c,e' comunque il portale dovrebbe essere a King città??
  15. bilybob

    bilybob Junior Expert

    Ho avuto lo stesso problema ma ho contattato l'assistenza ed è stato risolto il giorno successivo.
  16. LT729

    LT729 Forum Greenhorn

    i have the same problem guys i cant unlock the shadow portal. Can somebody tell me how can i fix it or wait for something to fix it by its self?
  17. bilybob

    bilybob Junior Expert

    Have you contacted support? I had the same issue so I contacted support and it was resolved the following day.
  18. Yturria

    Yturria Forum Greenhorn

    Well, a lot of players have contacted support for months now, many of them several times, so that is probably not the answer to the problem. Read the Forum.

    This particular quest is the doorway to Cardhun and the continuation of the main storyline since the CE. Maybe the new guys are rethinking that whole process. I cannot understand why they are silent on the issue, but they are alienating a lot of players (if they care).
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  19. Niki543

    Niki543 Forum Greenhorn

    DSO I think I am unlucky. After u fix the quest 11/12 - shadow of the past, I dont have the portal again. Server is Grimmag, account name is Niki543
  20. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    The "hotfix" (including debugging the quest with the missing portal) isn't scheduled to be implemented until this upcoming Monday, 11/8/2021. If you look at the bottom left corner of the game screen, you'll note that we're still on release 252_17, updated 10/22/2021.