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    Chat Commands
    If you're the chatty type, you can use the in game chat function to converse with other players in the same zone as yourself only. So remember this when having a conversation and traveling zone to zone at the same time. It can also be used to form groups with other players, so you can work together both in world zones and in dungeons.

    Channel Types:

    • /s Local - everyone in the zone can read what you type
    • /a Region - everyone in the region can read what you type
    • /p Group - only those in the group can read what you type
    • /g Guild - only those in your guild can read what you type
    • /w "name" Whisper - only the person you are "whispering" to can read what you type
      • You can also click on the player name who has recently sent a message (as visible in your chat box) to initiate a whisper conversation
    Chat Commands:
    • "Enter" send text; open/close chat box
    • /r [respond to the last person who "whispered" to you]
    • "v" show/hide the chat box
    • /invite or /inv <name> [add player to your group - leader only or to create a group]
    • /leave [leaves a group]
    • /kick <name> [remove a member from a group - leader only]
    • /promote <name> [make another group member the new group leader - leader only]
    • /cmotd <message> [record a Message of the Day - guild leader and officer only]
    • /dmotd [deletes the current Message of the Day - guild leader and officer only]
    • /motd [display the Message of the Day in chat].
    Chat Window
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Scroll up/down the most recent chat conversations.
    [​IMG] Scroll to most recent post.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] Activate filter for game language.
    [​IMG] Open / close chat window
    Additional chat options:
    Left click on a player's name to quickly whisper them.

    Ctrl+left click (or scroll click) a player's name, located over their character or in the chat box, to quickly access additional social options: whisper, add as a friend, invite to group and ignore player.

    Whisper Options.png

    Ignore Player
    Time to tune out the chatter? By "Ignoring" players, you will block all whispers and messages from appearing in any chat channels and any group request from being received. To add players to your ignore list, search for the player name, select his/her name, then, click the ignore button:



    If an ignored player changes his/her name, will the player remain ignored?
    The ignored status will follow the character identity regardless of any name changes. The ignored list will be updated with the new name.
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    Abbreviations and commonly used terms
    AFK (AFC) = Away from the keyboard (console)
    AoE = Area of Effect
    BB = Bye bye
    BRB = Be right back
    CD = Cool Down
    CTF = Capture the Flag (5v5 arena match)

    D1, D2... = Dungeon 1, Dungeon 2 of the parallel world (See Q1...)
    DK = Dragonknight
    DPS = Damage per Second
    DSO = Drakensang Online
    Emote = Visual expression of an action; not usable for combat
    F2P = Free to play
    FL = Friend list
    GoP = Glyphs of Power
    HP = Health points, Hit points
    HoD = Hall of the Dead
    IMHO = In My Honest Opinion
    IMO = In My Opinion
    Instance = Dungeons and special areas which many copies exist at once
    INV = Invite
    LOL = Laugh out loud
    Noob = Newbie; inexperienced player, generally used to insult another individual
    NPC = Non-Player Character, any character not controlled by another player (merchant, monster, quest giver)

    OP = Over-powered; Original Poster
    P2P = Pay to play
    P2W = Pay to win
    POS = Prison of Souls
    PvE = Player versus environment
    PvP = Player versus player
    PW = Parallel world
    Q1, Q2... = Quest 1, Quest 2 of the parallel world for level 10+ players

    Q1 = Parallel World Quest 1 (Grimmagstone)
    Q2 = Parallel Quest 2 (Hagastove Grotto)
    Q3 = Parallel Quest 3 (Catacombs, Crypt of Kings)
    Q4 = Parallel Quest 4 (Wildherz Caves)
    Q5 = Parallel Quest 5 (Prison of Souls, Liar's Lair, Khalys' Elysium)
    Q6 = Parallel Quest 6 (Ocean of Bones, Hall of the Dead, Mortis' Courtroom)
    RA = Ranger
    STF = Storm the Fortress (6v6 arena match)
    SM = Steam Mechanicus/Mechanica
    SW = Spellweaver
    TDM = Team Death Match (3v3 arena match)
    Worthy monsters = Monsters no more than 5 levels below your own
    XP = Experience Points
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    Forming a Party and Group Mechanics

    Battling monsters in the vast lands of Duria on your own may be a daunting task for even the bravest of Heroes. Gather a group of like-minded friends to defeat the creatures in the world of Drakensang Online.

    Why do I need groups?
    Groups work together to share kills and loot. Groups will be transported together onto the same maps when changing locations. This is particularly significant in dungeons, which are instanced zones (in which many copies of the same map exist at once). In dungeons, only you and your group will face all the monsters and have access to all the loot without fear of others stealing your kills/loot.

    In addition, there is an automatic bonus for being in a group!
    Number of members in the groupAutomatic buffs
    2 players+1% in HP and 1% EXP when defeating enemies
    3 players+2% in HP and 2% EXP when defeating enemies
    4 players+3% in HP and 3% EXP when defeating enemies
    5 players+5% in HP and 5% EXP when defeating enemies
    The group buffs will work even when one (or more) of the members of the group is back in town. In this case, each member still in the map where they were originally fighting will receive the group buffs while the player outside of that particular map will not receive that group buff. The players fighting in the original map will still receive the group buff according to the total number of members in the group.
    Searching for a Party
    If you just want to look for a party, click on the Friends button (Hotkey "F") and browse. Groups in the nearby area are automatically displayed. If you find one you like, just click on it. A small window will pop up, letting you view the members of the group, along with options to whisper the group leader and send a request to join the group.

    Req grp.png

    Groups that are full have their names displayed in grey. Groups that still have free space have their names displayed in white. Group names that are shown in italics are parties that are already in a dungeon.

    Forming a Party
    To create a group, click on the Friends button (Hotkey "F"). Select the group tab, then the "Create a new group" button. Your group will be instantly formed with only you in it. You can now invite other players to your shiny new group.

    Group Finder.png

    The other option is just to select the individual you wish to add to your group:


    You may also click on an player using the scroll button (or Ctrl + Left Click) to invite a visible individual to your group.
    If your invitation is accepted, a list on the right side of the screen will appear with all the members of the group.

    The inviter is the default leader of the group. The group leader has a star next to his/her name and has the special privilege to invite or kick individuals out of the group.

    The leader may also pass the leadership to another individual if he/she wishes to grant another player these powers. Each group is limited to 5 individuals.

    Group leaders can also rename their group to advertise what they are doing if they are looking for members.

    Group Options:

    Open the Friends window (hotkey "F") and here are the options under the "Group" tab:

    Disable group requests.png You can disable group requests. If you are not in a group, you will not see any invites. If you are a group leader, other players cannot send requests to join your group. (You are still able to send outgoing invites however.)
    auto accept grp.png You can automatically accept all group requests.

    [​IMG] Leave Group
    invite players nearby.png Makes a small window appear that allows you to invite players on the same map to your group. You can send up to 10 invitations simultaneously.
    invite friends.png Makes a window with your friend list. Send up to 10 invitations simultaneously.
    grp overview.png Return to the group overview (only visible when in a group)

    group options.png Change group options such as group name, or visibility of group in the group finder.

    Tip: you may wish to add group members to your friend list if you wish to find them more easily and continue fighting with them in the future.

    There are also a number of group options only available if you left click on a player's name in the group. These are:

    • Whisper to player
    • Add to buddy list
    • Invite player to guild
    • Promote to group leader
    • Remove from group.

    Group-Related Chat Commands

    • /invite or /inv <name> [add player to your group - leader only or to create a group]
    • /leave [leaves a group]
    • /kick <name> [remove a member from a group - leader only]
    • /promote <name> [make another group member the new group leader - leader only]

    Can someone else in my group take my dropped items?
    All loot drops, health orbs, and quest items are individualized and can only be seen and picked up by your own player.

    What is the maximum numbers of players per group?
    5 total players. 1 group leader and 4 other players.

    How come I am gaining little to no XP when I am in a group?
    Experience is split equally among all members of the group. In a group of 5, each player receives only 20% of the available experience. If the highest level player and the lowest level player are greater than 5 levels apart, experience gain may be diminished to 0% for everyone. To maximize XP gain, try to group with others within +1/-1 levels.

    What happens if I leave the group, while in an instanced dungeon?
    If a player leaves his team while in a dungeon, he/she will automatically be moved to a new instance of the dungeon and won’t be able to see old team members anymore. He/she can also be moved to the town.
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    Player Search Console
    Feeling lonely? Find someone you want to add as a friend?

    Click the scroll wheel button (middle mouse button) while hovering over the character and click "Add as a friend." You can also hold Ctrl + left click on a player for the same result.

    Wondering where your friends are? You can use the Player Search menu button (hotkey "F") to open the Player Search console.


    To search for a player, type their name into the search box and click the "Return" button. This will retrieve a listing of players regardless of what zone they are in. Highlight the player name and you can do one of the following:

    Player Search Button Commands

    • Add to Buddy List
    • Invite Player to Group
    • Ignore Player
    • Invite Player to Guild
    • Whisper to Player
    Hint: to clear out the searched name and return to the list of players in your zone, delete the player name and click the small "update" button on the bottom right.

    Friends Tab
    This lists all your friends. You can highlight a name and use the command buttons to perform the above actions. You can delete any of your friends from buddy list.

    Note: you cannot "Ignore a Player" that it's on your friends' list.

    Group Tab
    This lists all the players in your current group. You can highlight a name and use the command buttons to perform the above actions.

    Guild Tab
    This lists all the players in your Guild. You can highlight a name and use the command buttons to perform player and Guild actions. Please see the "How to make a Guild" FAQ for more information on how to create your own Guild.

    Ignore Tab
    This lists all the players you have chosen to ignore. You can remove them from this list by using the "Remove Player from Ignore List" button.
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    Are you feeling masterful? Are you feeling like you want to share all the secrets of Duria you've unearthed with disciples? Look no further! You can create your own Guild and share all your strategies and grow your very own followers.

    To create a Guild, go to the "Player Search" function on your menu bar (hotkey "F"). Go to the Guild tab and you will have an option to found your Guild.

    Note: you can only found a guild if you are not in one. If you are, you will need to quit your existing guild before you can create your own.


    When you are ready, click on "Found Guild". You will be taken to a second window to purchase your Guild for either 99 silver or 2000 andermant (both options give the same results). You need to select a name for your Guild. Be creative and think about what you want your Guild to represent.


    You will automatically return to the Guild tab of the Player Search console where you see yourself listed as Guild Master. All Guild names go through a review process to ensure they comply with Forum guidelines.

    guild master.jpg

    To invite another player to join, go to the Player Search console and either search for a player name or select someone already in your zone. Highlight their name and click the "Invite Players to Guild" button on the bottom of the console. Once a player has joined your Guild, you can use the console to promote a player giving them additional privileges such as the ability to invite or delete others from the guild. You can also demote players or delete them from the guild.


    Console Button Commands:
    • Leave Guild
    • Remove Player from Guild
    • Promote Player (Guild Master & Officer)
    • Demote Player (Guild Master)
    • Invite Player to Group
    • Whisper to Player
    • Change Guild Name (Guild Master)
    • Add to budy list
    Note: for all commands other than "Leave Guild", you will need to highlight the player name first.

    After you join or create a Guild, you will also see the option to select Guild chat in the left hand chat area.

    Changing Guild Name
    Guild Masters have the option to change the Guild name. The cost to change the name will be half of the cost required to found a guild (50 silver or 1000 andermant).

    Guild names must be appropriate and non-offensive.

    Guild-Related Chat Commands
    • /cmotd <message> [record a Message of the Day - guild master or officers only]
    • /dmotd [deletes the current Message of the Day - guild master or officers only]
    • /motd [display the Message of the Day in chat]
    What is the maximum number of players in a guild?
    All guilds can accommodate up to 50 Players.
    Guild Bonus: Guild Activity
    Members of a guild get a permanent bonus to earn experience points, Badges of Honor, gold, silver, and copper. The percentage of this bonus increases along with the number of guild members. The more members are joining and active, the higher the bonus. For every active member + 0.1 % is added to the overall bonus, the maximum bonus is thus + 5%. An Active Member is a player that has been online in the past 30 days.

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