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    No need to be sarcastic. I've realized I know nothing about how the game works long time ago :|
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    If you were from the dev team I could "elaborate" in details in private. :)
    But in general ... there are cheaters because the entire concept is flawed and it promotes cheating. Only those who will abuse the system will get rewards ... fair players have no chance.
    For a start the game is counting honor badges as honor points.
    Players without mentor bonus shouldn't bother with the PvP leaderboards ... they can't get the rewards.
    The first PvP season was bugged ... and that is why the fair players still had a chance to get the rewards. Because the game was counting all the fights.
    The latest PvP season was completely bugged. They fixed the "all fights count" bug and made it as previously intended "3 best fights a day count" ... BUT that made the Season even worse because they never fixed the Honor Points/Badges bug and never removed the mentor bonus. So what we got was a season where players with mentor bonus only need to do 3 fights in 10 minutes and get
    3 Fights x (N points x 3 mentor bonus)
    while players without mentor bonus would always have 3 times less points even if playing 24/7 and getting
    3 Fights x N points
    Add to that buffs and bonuses and the situation is even worse.
    There was no point playing when the outcome was determined even before the season has started.
    2 ... players are fixing matches in group PvP. You can do whatever you want in solo PvP as long as it is not breaking the rules ... but when playing group PvP you can't just sell fights intentionally and hurt players from your team. Those people are playing fair and they deserve to have fair match. So we have players making deals beforehand and first letting the other team win 2 rounds ... then the Trojan Horses are put in the action and they are turning the score around and winning 3-2 ... for a highest possible point gain. Plus many of them are just standing in a corner while the other players are killing the weakened opponents until the fight comes to the end ... so they can finish it in few seconds before it is tied (Solar stadium in example).
    3 ... many of the players are playing in multiple windows even in group PvP.
    4 ... some players are so encouraged so they are using bots even in PvP. I have personally encountered them many times.
    5 ... cheaters are using macros, scripts and 3rd party software to gain unfair advantage. now ... this is leading to the term "moonwalking" (which btw is already taken term in DSO and its application is for a situation when you click on object and the toon walks in place and never gets to interact with the object) . "Moonwalking" is possible without cheating and I am aware of that ... I was aware of that before it got to live servers. However ... you can't always hit the target and predict opponents' movements beforehand without using scripts, macros or other software. On my question "how can you always hit me without missing a single shot even when I change fast directions and positions" the answer was "I am good at predicting". So now not only we have cheaters but we also have Clairvoyant Cheaters. XD
    This one is complex to be explained but in short it leads to players getting advantage by cheating. not all of you see "moonwalking" is cheating but many of them are.
    Dye's price was always in andermant. they were available for purchase in gold only for a short time before the Customization feature was implemented.
    There is always room for improvements and we can suggest them and hope someone would hear them.
    where was that said? in that discord channel?
    I am not there and I wouldn't know what has been said ... but if that is what they said, it could be unfortunate statement or misinterpreted statement. It could be misinterpreted. I have personally assisted with screenshots and videos many times and cheaters got permanently banned. Pictures and videos are not serving as evidence but they are serving as a waypoint and helping them to check and investigate in right direction. Let me discourage the cheaters if they are thinking they are untouchable ... many of them failed ... and this one is only one example - start reading with this post

    Then start playing with 1H :)

    There is also a bug where the game is not showing up 1H weapons that were made 2h like Herald's Battle Bow in example.
    If you wear that bow it would not show up at all and it is not included with the customization skins. And that weapon is an epic ONE HANDED Longbow it is not a hoaxbow.
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