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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. Ella

    Ella Someday Author

    "kill or be killed in 1 shot" I agree with you. No more good,long fights.
    Today its only important to make good crit,dmg char and to hit first. Def stats dont help you at all or negligible.
    And I miss little team,strategic pvp games. Flag and 6vs6 could be something close to that but the assessment rules are support only stunes and kills no metter if you help your team with that or not.
  2. Mindship

    Mindship Forum Inhabitant

    I'm not planning on quitting DSO (Disappointment Online) anytime soon. I simply don't play the parts I don't like (ie, most of the game), and now that my toon is lvl 50, I spend less. Basically, I just like having a presence in this virtual world -- with its beautifully surreal graphics and genuinely creepy sound FX -- a presence I can play with casually and improve when I can.
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  3. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hello there people,

    here we go with some comments, answers, banter and general charade.

    Forgive me if I do not comment one-by-one posts but I have detected some questions in these thread and in others so I will start today by answering those immediate ones. As always, feel free to copy-paste a question you placed before and I'll do my best to provide some light on it.

    + Stellar Gold - Stellar Flop issue: we will cover this topic in the Twitch session of tomorrow but basically we have compiled all the negative feedback that has sounded across all communities regarding the mechanism of the event and how you feel about the list of prizes. This feedback is consistent and follow the same line across all communities. The team agrees that the event has not performed well in that respect, failed to meet your expectations and therefore expect some changes to this event in the near future to make it more attractive and lucrative for everyone.

    + What the heck happened between that event and Defeat the Undefeatables? - Due to some internal decisions (we encountered some bugs with Defeat the Undefeatables while testing it), we decided to swap the events. That was a very crazy dates dance over there... and I hope we do not repeat this in the near future.

    + Achievement bugs with sets: we fixed with rel160 a bug that was preventing people from saving their recent achievements when they were changing map. With release 161 we will fix the issue of certain achievements that were not showing when obtaining the totality of pieces of a set (this problem affects New Moon and Full Moon sets, Gnob set, Ammon set, Dragan set and a handful of more sets).

    + Issue with upgraded cloaks - what the heck, DSO? You can come across 5 upgraded quest cloaks, which are the recent version of the previous cloaks for new players. However, the stats of the older caps remain quite bad when compared to these new and this is of course not intended and it will be fixed with rel161 as well.

    + Are you really doing something with the feedback we gave about PW? Absolutely. We will hold a meeting next week with the game designers, who have read through the forums and the feedback sheets that the team of admins put for them. They have defined your main points of complain in terms of difficulty, loot experience, quality of drops, boss farming and dungeon structure and they will draw a plan to start tackling those with each upcoming release.

    Again, I gotta remind you that we also follow a bigger roadmap for 2016 full of features, bug fixing and other behind-the-scenes performance additions so maybe (most probably) we will not be able to tackle the whole of the improvement process in one go.

    And now with some more individual questions (please do not jump on me if you do not see your post quoted; there are 3-4 that I have saved for a more elaborated answer tomorrow!).

    Good news for you, we are really pushing for Gnob to bring other things in the future, including costumes and items from previous/old events. As we said, Gnob will visit the city more often than before this year so hopefully he brings different assortments in successive times that cater, at least once, to your interest. ;)

    [QUOTE="Rhysingstar, post: 641498, member: 67658"]Haruki,

    It's not that I think that you personally are not listening or are not forwarding any decent ideas to the dev team.


    To give credit, there have been some occasions that DSO did listen. The recent change to keep the cubes for premium only, the mount/teleport thing. There have been others, but these few times are certainly outweighed by the ideas ignored.[/QUOTE]

    Hello there,

    well, of course you have your own opinion about me, and that's fine - but I am trying my best and Greg and me have started the year really pushing for these features that were promised back in the days so they get implemented inside the game. In the end, however, a community manager is not a producer and therefore sometimes can happen that our suggestions get put on hold if there are other pertinent issues that look more urgent to production. I know, is a pain down there that we also suffer...

    The whole team is still working on a realistic roadmap for 2016 - we will disclose about it during Twitch although we should be able to give you more details about it later in February.

    We asked the Marketing people and apparently the package had its correct values for January but not for December (the percentage was wrongly stated there...tsk). Yes, we poked-poked them in the eye with the eye-stick and hopefully they do not commit this mistake again.

    Hey there mister,

    to keep things short: it's currently impossible to separate the PvP and PvE scenarios, as of now. We are lying on the roadmap for 2016 exactly what we want to accomplish for PvP, both in terms of balancing as well as adding new features and modes.

    What I can do, and certainly will do, is asking our PvP Master to partake in this Stuff Dialogue with a statement about this future plans for PvP. I am optimistic we can get that.

    I remember some weeks back we got a complete and beautiful report of all the titles that could be positioned near DSO in terms of style and dynamics. The list was bigger than those two. We will keep on improving on our side - of course looking around is important and gives you a sense of position and performance... But looking too much in those directions can undermine your own ideas. Ok, that's my own opinion there. On other words: we are not scared or worrying about that too much.

    We rather keep ourselves busy with how to improve the present status of things.

    Only if you throw me the peanuts.


    And here is for today. I am not finished. Will come again tomorrow.

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  4. Ella

    Ella Someday Author

    Hi Haruki,

    I hope it will not bothering you if I will summarize some of the questions from the previous pages:

    1. Skilles"LOCK" ability-when we can expect it?
    2. Reason of rangers nerf.They can expect better long bow or 2h weapon?
    3. Other class balansing is in plan? Which one,when?
    4. Abusing a bug, which allowed them to open the 1500 coins chest unlimited number of times during previous event. Any statement on the matter?
    5. Waiting time for pvp.Can we just fight against anybody? Many are waiting 30min-1h for 1 pvp fight.
    6. Emilia and cube uniqs 50 lvl,when we can expcet it?
    7. Can we expect boss maps re-entering like on Mortis before for exp?
    8. Too much realm frags require for all events.Some solutions?
    9. Can you put into the game 3Dview for only a picture taking,etc..without pvp?

    Thank you in advance if you will be able to answer on these questions,or at least on some of them.

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  5. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    I wish I had a dime for every time I hear the word future come from the staff of DSO.

    I'm glad the Defeatables event has been pushed back as far as it has been, it's given me enough time to farm an extra whopping 100 realm frags.
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  6. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You know why it has been postponed? Because the "relog bug" was working in the circus map. :)
    That is why they postponed the event ... until they fix it ... which is now "fixed" with R160_18. Of course their "Fix" has a side effect ... If anyone has unstable connection ... my advice is don't even start playing the event ... because you will get back in the town every time there is a "hiccup".
    It looks like they are implementing solutions for every map independently :D :D :D
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  7. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Thanks for clearing that up. So the dev's are simply going to push whatever they want, whenever they want into the game whether players ask for it, want it or like it. That completely explains the CV system. It also explains why the 16 months of moon events and 9 months of gnob feedback were ignored. I got it now.
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  8. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    The idea that the developers are "too busy" to read the forums is also bogus. I know countless games and companies that have an active developer dialog. They also have a pretty solid user satisfaction. Must be a coincidence, though.

    I just don't think they fully realize how unhappy its user base is currently. Or they are aware, but don't find it bad enough to warrant any significant shift in time/resources to the right the ship. "Just let the mods/CMs try to smooth it over while we work on this awesome new character that they'll need to spend $100s and countless hours to get up to par with their old characters. We want new players anyway, so when we push out the new guy they won't mind spending that money."

    It's a mentality and philosophy that is most certainly not in alignment with the player base, that's what is driving the sane players to be so vocal and to just cut ties completely.
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  9. joão

    joão Forum Apprentice

    Hello Haruki

    What will be the new set of khalys?
    When will come the new class?
  10. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    They also aren't fixing the root cause of the exploit, only patching it (very) badly. Their poor patch jobs screw players over because the programmers/developers take the easy way out instead of the hard right of fixing the underlying "instance" system.
  11. Knifefromjack

    Knifefromjack Someday Author

    Hello Haruki,
    Please ask the devs why should I drop my hard earned cash into a game that at any time will nerf my toon's stat's lower: as of what happened resently with the ranger. Thank you.
  12. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Hello there everyone,

    and here we go again! I would try not to say the word "future" more than necessary.
    But it's probably complicated...

    Dear Armando,

    ++ the mouse options would also include the mouse pointer clearly defined at all times, yes. Will check with the feature owner to ensure that we do not slip on that utility either.
    ++ Crafting 2.0 is happening before than glyph removal. The special inventory for specific set of objects inside the game has also its own design page but honestly I would not expect it any time soon. There're other particular issues to tackle first.
    ++ Community feature per release - that is, of course, the ideal scenario. We also believe in this and we are pushing to make clear how important this is for you guys. I am unable to say whether we can introduce a community vote at the moment. I'd say that we need to clarify exactly the next reliable path of action before engaging in such an activity.
    ++ Agreed with what you said in your next paragraph. Again, is a pity that all of those decisions had to be pushed back. Really.
    ++ Life-Keeper issue - will send this to the designer to let us know the exact details.
    ++ Database information - believe us, we are sending a lot of request to show around very specific internal data (either from game-dynamics but also from items) in order to show you veterans. However, these requests rank as Low Priority within the big daily tasks that our game design department has. We are waiting for max stats of the Ammon set Tier 2 and 3, plus the Rings of the bosses for PW. Will keep on bugging them for other information of the kind. Patience is appreciated.

    Hey there good sir,

    those people should feel very bad about themselves. Their Karma ratio is certainly at the verge.
    We are investigating currently this episode.

    Hey there!

    You can expect definitely something happening on those fronts very soon.

    Hey there mister,

    well, we certainly kept track of those players and fixed their GOP quantities with a script.
    Searching in the library of all painful memories I found THIS. Unless you are talking about another episode.

    Good luck to you as well, BigPapa. As a community manager, I am very sad to see you leave.
    Hopefully we can revamp your and others' trust with the next batch of releases and make the game more enjoyable for all of you again. Take care, wherever your next adventures take you.


    Jumping in tomorrow again for more answers and more updates.
    Hopefully I can "kill" the pages until the 113.

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  13. Kingpin003

    Kingpin003 Someday Author

    Could someone please give me more info about afformentioned glyph removal? I'm sure theres a post about it among those 113 pages but that'd be too much of a hassle to go through. Much obliged!
  14. DebugPlayer

    DebugPlayer Forum Apprentice

    Hello CM Haruki .
    can i ask 28th Jan Twitch TV why not open the everyone of stellar gold event winner how much get stellar gold value data ?
    I think this unfair to the other players , they should have a right to know about it ?:eek:
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2016
  15. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    the glyph removal is a requested feature to allow you to remove glyphs from items without melting i.e. if you have invested a lot of glyphs in a bow and you find new one and you want to use, but keep old one you can take glyphs out of old without having to melt it.

    this is another feature that has been said is coming, but delay delay delay. so one day we may get.
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  16. KellueéHazé

    KellueéHazé Junior Expert

    So people who farmed more than 1.5k phestos coins will be punished for using a bug they might not have even known was a bug? Can your team be any more careless
  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Who said people who got over 1,5K coins?
    We are talking about cheaters who were using particular method and probably some kind of script to open the BIg Present infinite times. We are not talking about the "relog bug" which every single player on every server was using ... which BTW is not a bug at all .... we are talking about situation where some "smart" players were opening the chest and got tons of rewards without spending a single coin.
  18. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Really? So they unintentionally kept the chest with abuse? just in case? Any smarter explanation please?
  19. Ella

    Ella Someday Author

    As I heard...idk if its true or not...Event was "accidentally" lunched for around 5-10 min few days before the normal event came...and some ppl used this time to open this chest many times simply with clicking during that time,because at that time you no needed to have coins to open it...Ofc ppl immediately attacked admins and their friends which knows this bug from the test server...I just said what I read somewhere...
    Ofc its maybe a simply speculation,maybe nothing its true...
  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is not possible ... I was playing this event on TS few weeks before it came to live servers ... and the Big Present always was asking for 1500 coins ... that is why I never opened it on TS.
    I know what method they were using ;)
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