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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Imagine feeling of those who has bought those pinatas...) such a shame
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  2. Lazycrazy

    Lazycrazy Forum Apprentice

    Very nice Bugpoint, really good work. You know, somewhere in game exsist 1 ranger named Lazycrazy who can't earn single end game boss item because he is unlucky no p(l)ayer. And, now we all can see somewhere exsist in game lot of veeeeery lucky players whos can doing whatever want and you incompetent people can't or want do with them anything because you not capable to do that. Why not ban heavy exploit users? Or just rolle back entire game in period before all that mess!?

    OK, now can ban me for ever, that is much simple task than ban ******* exploiters!

    Ranger lvl 50
    Marshal & Titan
    (without any single end game set)

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  3. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Gems are more important than unique items. Your unique items will be relatively worthless with the next level expansion (if it ever happens now, ha), but the gems can be moved from item to item.

    Additionally, a rollback could be designed to account for the item, although my confidence is low.
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  4. spanky_time

    spanky_time Forum Apprentice

    This pics not mine I find online intrenet and is 100% corect. Bad player ned to punich

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  5. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    Dear Haruki,
    my personal opinion is that a rollback was the only viable option, from the beginning.
    It's the only way to prove to everyone that all benefits gained during the event were removed, from everyone.

    If you don't do it, the community of this game, of which you were always so proud, will receive a blow that I assume to be fatal.

    Quoting someone on Facebook:
    "By rollback you will just harm the community for a limited time, but if you will just do nothing you will harm the community forever. Listen wisely and please reconsider this again. This is just a very important moment and you must choose wisely. Small harm, or harm for eternity."

    I actually assume that a rollback is already planned and you only chose to communicate the "do nothing option" in order to gain understanding and support from the community for that painful solution. Very smart! :p

    There already is one in the German Forum... why don't you simply create one yourself, here?

    Personally, I am not going to play any more until the rollback has taken place:
    1. in order to contribute to helping you to take that vital decision, and
    2. in order to lose not any more playtime than I would anyway, once the rollback happens.

    Go for it!

    ... and if you don't, thanks for almost 3 years of a (sometimes) really great game experience, and thanks to you personally for the good job and the credibility you brought to the team.
  6. Callen

    Callen Forum Greenhorn

    - Oh, shit users are exploiting a bug in our anniversary event!
    - Stop the event immediately.

    And after this discuss and find your solution.

    My opinion, rollback is not a solution. Solution is to struggle and write a script to ban people permanently or remove gems and ban for a period of time.

    And of course i vote for permanent ban.
  7. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    You right. Why didnt they just stop the event? Thats 1 minute of work to reset the value to inactive.
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  8. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Corruption or incompetence. Take your pick.
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  9. pukiface

    pukiface Someday Author

    I have seen some of them, they were there all day..
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  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Maybe bacause ... they are not working in weekend? :D
    You see ... I can edit Wiki every single day in the past years ... for FREE ... and they can't take rotating shifts in weekends ... because they are paid for it. :D :D
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  11. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Yep I have seen most of them (at Grimmag).
    But there are also video records ... all we have to do is send video or screenshots to support ... and they must be able to inspect their log files.
    At the end reward the support people ... with REAL money!
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  12. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Do not worry guys, at the next twitch they will make up some excuse (as always when its about fixing stuff) and then they will give us a 1 day premium code which will help us fight these exploiters in the arena with ease.Cant bellieve they banned the botters who farmed essences and items and wont do a thing to ban these exploiters who made in a day what others made with thousands of $ and a lot of free time.

    If the things are free then can we all get our money back and also some royal gems too?Because i dont see why i must pay 80E for a sacred stone when people can get them for free.

    Lets admit it, they wont do anything about it.There were plenty of evidences provided on youtube for instance and not even one of those players were investigated.Just like trakilaki said, you could simply investigate their inventories or the number of relogs.You could make a script showing how many relogs each player did in kinghill in a certain amount of time if you really wanted to do something about it.

    Im sure that someone who relogged 100-200 times per hour must look fishy even in your eyes lol.Face it, you dont care.The fair players who followed your rules were spit in the face while the cheaters got the goodies.You should be ashamed for picking the coward's choice and decided to do nothing.

    I suggest you delete the TOA/TOS because you have proved us that its useless.Same goes for your motto."Go forth and cheat" is better and much more accurate than "Go forth and conquer" dont u think?
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  13. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Nah, they conquered the system. Shame on BP for providing sketchy code in the first place. Shame on BP for taking the easy road of non action. Shame on BP. They should walk the road of atonement.

    I saw one of the strongest DKs on Tegan using the exploit, like he needed it.
  14. Opalsion

    Opalsion Junior Expert

    I read this from a friend on facebook page I think it's pretty reasonable:

    "People makes mistakes, point is how they works with them.
    To helps you invent the solution i will show you basic FACTS:

    1. In ACP (DSO BASE SYSTEM) you can easy find any kind of drop in some location - kingshill is a location so now PUNKS you need to take yours secretary (She can have more practice in Exel as you) and make Her to write the simplest table from last week in data base of people who drops MOST. Then put in on simple filter on stones and gamble stones. On the end - print it (yours works on computer SUCK so better use a paper) and send it to regional community - for check whole that accounts person by person. I know - it`s much to do ... but you PAY them for work - and if i know them well, they will be real happy to make it. On the end - ban whole players who drops more stones in Kingshill as they drop staff to open - YEAH.

    2. There is of course option - if you lazy and don`t want to use a first way - second one. ROLL IT BACK PUNKS. Roll it back ... I know that we all lost one week of play, you will be to resend whole under who was by at that time and restore whole premium time ... and it not a fair solution for normal players ... BUT it 100% problem, and it`s still better as play with 30-40% of cheated server players on lvl you will never gets - because they still stones from gamble for billions of under...

    3. Ok if you are REALLLLY LAZY and really don`t want to touch that hard computer work there is last way to make it maybe not fair ... but more progress. Puts whole gamble stones to basic under jeweller offer -> FOR A SENSIBLE PRICE. (10k under for a stone - for example). Let as fair players reply to those PUNKS who now got`s 5x 4% speed stones or 5x 40% armor or 5x cold down time stones ... let as PAY YOU and make are build characters on the same position where they gets - FOR FREE."
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    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

  16. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Heres an idea...Bring back the bug ...Allow all those who played this festival to use it..Remove the pinata staff costs and let everyone use it ...If you dont plan to ban those exploiters or do a rollback at least be fair toward all those who played this event.
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  17. LooneyTed

    LooneyTed Someday Author

    Hello, all...

    I just cannot buy the bs being shoveled here. Can't determine whom to punish? On what planet?

    I used to code and our system (and every other system in the known universe) had a user log file. The minimum information on each record was the user name, a date time stamp and an address marker, i.e. IP address. That's all that is needed to identify the cheaters. If Bigpoint cannot even do that, I would guess their system is ripe for exploitation (hack, DDoS, whatever). Not cool, not cool at all.

    The data is there (it has to be).

    At least they claim to have prevented later exploits. Until next time, that is.

    Ah, well... this is what I get for playing honestly.



    Sorry, I cannot be kind on this one.
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  18. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    I feel like throwing up for the second time on this week, you guys at BP are a bunch of laughing stocks (except for maybe Haruki and the art team), this is the pinnacle of your incompetence, there's no reason whatsoever for anyone to pay and support for this piece of crap project anymore, why?, we all just need to wait for the next exploit and voilà!, because oh lord, I'd bet an arm there will be a next time, I believe in you guys.

    You might have deleted the commentS on Facebook, but we saw people bragging IN YOUR GODDAMN FACE about using and abusing the bug, there's hundreds of video proof and names gathered by the community, yet you "take a hard decision" of doing nothing, what the actual hell???

    Admit your goddamn mistake, roll back the freaking servers or hire someone capable of applying the proper punishment for the exploit, you bunch of hypocrites, you dared to lecture bot users in the past about being "illegal and unfair" players and did a massive ban wave over something that had been happening for months, according to what I read, which was absolutely fantastic, but you break the game in 3 days and you're completely incapable of doing something???, again, hire someone who knows how to actually do things properly, because this, this is freaking unnacceptable.

    I don't care what we have to sacrifice, don't develop, to hell with minor bug fixes, I don't care if my crafted items, drops, etc, go to waste, freaking do what needs to be done, put every single one of your tiny heads to work together and make it retribution time, give us a freaking REAL solution.

    I'm really sorry you had to read this Haruki, because I understand your position as a CM and I've noticed your own hard work, but please understand our position as supporters of this project, none of this is aimed at you, nor the art team, you guys appear to be the only capable people inside that mess of a company.

    EDIT: By the way, if you want and have the time, take a trip to the ES forums and see how the witch hunting is going against anyone who dares to try and comment or discuss about the issue, threads closed immediately, polls closed immediately, edited/deleted posts everywhere, but sure, BP is always open to listen, ever wondered why I got the hell out of there and chose to participate here instead?
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  19. tassadar1977

    tassadar1977 Forum Expert

    the solution is simple whether their are log files recording logins or not. take last database backup from before event started and restore as different name. write a query comparing the items table from both databases (filtering for gems). any user who has massive difference which shows using bug, delete user account and lets move on.
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  20. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    CM Haruki There are two threads going right now with polls. I suggest you read them and share them with the producers and the developers and anyone else who will listen. Tell the team how they are losing all their player support and that if the don't clean up this mess, they might only be left with cheaters and new players. I won't insult them (even though they deserve it), I won't tell them how they should do this (it is sort of obvious), but I can tell you that doing nothing will be the iceberg that sinks this ship. If the honest players leave, you will be left with a bunch of cheaters who have no incentive so spend much money since they already have one of the most expensive things in this game... gems.

    Personally, if the truly final answer is "do nothing," then I'll be leaving, and I'm sure that I'm not alone. I have defended and championed DSO through many turbulent waters and while I may not always agree with the choices of the development, I usually understand them even when I don't like them. I've been with the game for four and a half years of it's five year life, but this is the one thing that that finally gets me to quit the addiction.
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