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Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by WrPink, Feb 14, 2019.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    People try to troll or maybe they are really noobs.
    In what way changing your class will benefit the game and make it go forward? In no way.
    I see people don't even know what the game looks like today.
    1. You can get to level 55 in few days
    2. When you get to level 55 you can get OP in 2 weeks
    So why would any one want to switch character? The answer is simple ... to abuse the powers of the other class when there is imbalance in the game ... which is pretty often.
    If we consider that the andermant pool is same for all character per account ... then they would want to change class with all the resources altogether. That is like asking for legal way of exploiting.
    If the counter argument would be ... no need for resources and inventory/locker ... etc to be kept with the change ... then why changing the class in the first place when you can get OP in few weeks with any class.

    It is not my fault that there are ghost servers ... in same time I won't accept a "punishment" for those players playing there ... I won't be taken hostage ... my server is well populated (for today's standards). Why should the majority be kept hostages to the minority?
    There is a definitely a mentality differences between the players from other parts of the world.
    Most of the players are used to sleazy, commercial, BS, fancy, no good, kindergarten, whaaa whaaaa, games for casual players.
    That is fine ... there is Facebook and their sleazy flash games ... go and play there. Or you can play one of those triple A rip off games made by the world's biggest corporations.

    This game in essence is everything what a standard German RPG looks like.
    German RPGs are very hard to play ... they are focusing on the gaming aspects rather than focusing on making big bucks by attracting more players. That is why these games are having small populations of "hard core" gamers.
    That is why this game is failing lately. They changed the game from hard to sleazy ... but not sleazy enough and not hard core at all ... so it can't keep the hard core players and can't attract new posers.

    Like I said there is no reason for changing classes ... now ... when the game is easy for all noobs. You don't have to do anything just level up and buy everything you need. The next and the last level of easiness would be ... making the game playable only with bots. Run your bot in background while playing other games.

    There are plenty of threads on this topic ... can't search them all ... here are just few

    Not BP ... you can't do it any better.
    "Bend over" once ... and it will become your habit :)
    That is what happens with people who don't know what they want and don't stick to the plan. You have played for that long ... and you would discard your efforts all these years ... for what, a new class?
    If you are bored go outside ... the sun is shining, the life is beautiful when not playing games. Come back when you recharge your batteries.
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  2. WrPink

    WrPink Forum Apprentice

    well, let's get some distance from changing the class ...
    what about this?
    for example :
    you have a character named A and you unlocked all of inventory and locker spaces ...
    you unlocked many achievements (PVE) ...
    you farmed many cores ...
    you farmed all those things in the currency bag ...
    you added many things to collector bag ...
    you farmed many gems ...
    and things like that...
    let's suppose there is a transferring system that allow us transfer some of those things to another character named B and when you transfer your things. character A will destroy some how ... still thinking :|
    what do you think should be allowed to be transferred !?
  3. ghostmagicus

    ghostmagicus Forum Pro

    Changing class may be a benefit for players and game, because some may choose to change class instead leaving game.

    It will take years to have same gems/runes like now, so i dont know what you understand by OP.

    Not to abuse, but to use. There is not players fault for this imbalance, changes was decided by BP, and please dont say that some noobs asked for it, because simply i dont think that counted in decision what noobs said.

    Wise players comed with amazing ideas that was never considered, so is unlikely that this imbalance is because some noobs asked for it.

    No, i just want to keep my gems/runes/ glyphs.

    All big changes in game in last years was about money, but maybe u played other game.

    I agree on this.

    There is a reason, and this is game highly unbalance. I spended many resources and dont want to change class and start from 0 even in your dreams i will become op in 2 weeks, i just want to keep some of resources that i hardly worked for.

    No, you are just wrong. This reaction is just because i refuse to bend over anymore. They nerfed all players with release 155, they destroyed pvp in 213/214, and this last nerf on mage that happens on 215 even was a bug or not , is last crap in top of others crap nerfs.

    Actually this may be a good advice but i am more frustrated by these nerfs than bored .
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  4. Aethernity

    Aethernity Forum Apprentice

    +1 to this comment

    I must admit that im playing dk not because its the class i like the most but the class i picked when i started the game and when i noticed which class i liked the most it was already too late because i dont want to lose all my progress (gems, glyph, inv/stash spaces, etc...) and theres no way for me to catch up quickly because i only play at most 3 hours / day, and i dont have the time to farm 24/7 or the motivation to burn my credit card to buy gems/inventory spaces for a new character.

    If this idea gets implement i myself for sure will try to switch to spellweaver beacuse thats the class i actually like the most and cant play it because that would mean wasting all two years of progress since i started playing this game...
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  5. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Dear forum user,
    Vacation has been already given. Please use it wisely and read our forum rules.

  6. WrPink

    WrPink Forum Apprentice

    you got the point man, and that's too rare here so thank you.
    some people just don't care which class is best for pvp, which class is best for pve, which class has nerfed or which class hasn't ...
    they just want to enjoy the game by playing the class that they actually like it !
    but just because of some mistakes they can not :(
    existence of some options like class changing would really help them, and maybe others who just want to try playing as a different class :)
  7. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Then... maybe just create a new character?
    Even if you're playing only a little, it's easy to level up in considerable time and "try out" all the classes.

    If you hate the class you're playing so much and you feel like another class suits you more, just create that new char and play it!
  8. darkv

    darkv Forum Greenhorn

    I am playing lots of years with my character,and I would really like to change it with another class.But to start from 0 again is useless,I could never built a similar character.If I was able to transfer my gems and runes i would start from lvl 1 without second thoughts.