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  1. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Hello Heroes,

    Many of you had reported that your gameplay experience is often negatively influenced by rubber banding.

    In order to tackle this issue we have implemented first measurements against rubber banding with release 155 as it also was announced in the test servers

    We would like you to report whether you experience any improvement if you previously
    suffered from rubber-banding.

    Please state your experience in this thread along with the following details:
    • Your Bandwidth:
    • Your Hardware:
    • Do you play via browser or client:
    • Do you play via WiFi:
    • Your Statement:
    Before reporting: Lag or Rubberbanding – what is the difference?

    Rubber banding is easy mistaken for a lag – so be sure that you are reporting the correct issue. If you are experiencing rubber-banding then your character, while moving, will appear to move in one direction, and then suddenly be teleported back several meters where they once were a few seconds ago. This is rubber-banding

    can be the result of rubber-banding that lasts long. During a lag, the character will freeze its movement completely for seconds and then suddenly teleport to a different direction or be dead (when attacked for example).
    Best regards,
    CMs Greg & Haruki and the DSO Moderation Team
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