New Endgame DragonKnights [Questions]

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by GodChronos, Jul 25, 2018.

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  1. GodChronos

    GodChronos Forum Expert

    I'm planning to use this thread to ask questions and learn a thing or two now that I've entered the endgame, but anyone in my situation feel free to also post here in order to avoid multiple threads of the same type.

    I've reached level 55 today and here are my stats:


    I've never reached endgame since I've always gotten bored from the painful process of leveling up so I've taken a lot of breaks and started new characters most of the time. But I would still come to the forum and read everything to get a clear picture of the situation. I've taken a few months break from the game, probably somewhere in the start/middle of the winter event and have come back 3-4 days ago. I don't know much about the changes to the game but I've had time to check the forums and read the r209 big update and see a bit of what is new.

    I've used a 3 day premium from an old bonus code to level up faster and thus I managed to gain quite a nice number of cubes. My cape still has the old base stats and I didn't have much luck getting a new one. I've also managed to get the entire dune set.

    I can barely survive in painful mode and that is only if I mostly run and hide instead of fighting to stun and heal, for now I may try to farm one of the overworld maps on painful mode since PW kicks my a** and it would also allow me to farm the wisdom runes.
    If anyone can suggest a good map to farm items and runes, I'll be glad to hear.

    Now into the questions themself:

    1 - I've looked in the "show what you have" thread to try and understand what has changed and have noticed not many use "Rageful swing" anymore, If those were the skills for bosses then I would have understood but has something changed that made it better to use "Rage Attack" even on normal mobs?

    2 - I've noticed that in the skills addons some stuff has changed, if anyone could recommend on what to use that would be appreciated, but don't just say what, I would be more interested in the reason behind something instead of merely copying it.

    3 - From what I've seen, axes aren't viable anymore since its easier to get crit now with the new wisdom, so I should focus on crafting a good mace with 4x %idoti and then combine it with the q7 weapon [I've seen the arguments for both Q7 and Q4 and think I would prefer Q7 for its better dps]?

    4 - Most people are using the same build with maybe a little change like bloodtooth vs agathons ring, or 2/4 witch seeker vs something else. Is it basically the only viable build? Ive read bargain's DPS build post r208 thread with his 3 options, is anyone going on a different path or recommends choosing one of those as a goal?

    5 - How do people plan on achieving +400% crit dmg when there are only 3 items you can use for around 75% crit dmg [if you use adorntment for crit] and the wisdom?

    And the obvious question, where to start? Should I save the presents and cubes for another time? I thought about starting by farming green items with the gold lines I want, then try to craft a good blue/purple and just use those until I get the uniques I need.
  2. drift97

    drift97 Forum Greenhorn

    1. id say 80% of all dks just use rage attack, even on normal mobs - when it crits it reduces cooldown which is more worth than some bleeding over time at normal mobs; of course it hits more mobs but most of the time u clear big mob groups by mighty wild swing / smash / jump / dragan laser / ground breaker etc
    2. i think most of the skills are obvious; u can use fury of the dragon on mobs and boss because u dont really need iron brow anymore because mini bosses have low amount of hp since last release but still i'd prefer it to fury of the dragon; fury of the dragon is a good skill at boss but i wouldnt use it anymore when u have high attack speed bc rage attack / ground breaker / smash combo has higher dps at high attack speed; just forget outburst as 2h war - useless; since rl209 u can use banner of war at big mob groups bc u get higher dmg the more mobs u kill - at bosses it is still recommendable bc u have infinite rage
    3. doesn't matter what u craft bc u can combine q7 with every weapon type there is (sword/axe/mace), still i think axe is recommandable bc its hard to reach high crit rate at the beginning; most warriors (me included) probably gonna recommend you q7 set
    4.i would try to use q9 amu, 3/4 witch seeker set (no helmet), one agathons ring, 3/4 dragan set (no gloves), q7 set because, white karrabossa cloak and black magotina adornment:
    bloodtooth and darkset or whatever are a bit too expensive - at the beginning just try to stack hp runes which cost 2000 draken each
    q9 gives nice crit and resistance (cube amu gives nice dmg but crit is more important at the beginning); agathons ring gives high amount of armor and hp which are important at the beginning too - you reach higher offensive stats with mortis ring ofc but that doesn't give hp
    white cloak and dark adornment make a nice combo, u get dmg crit and crit dmg
    some people like to play with q5 shoulders and q4 belt and some other torso; but i wouldnt recommend u that bc you reach way higher offensive stats with witch seeker set and it still gives enough defensive stats to stand against most bosses
    well dragan set is quite obv, dont need to tell u that
    5. highest crit dmg on a item is around 73-74% that 3 times makes around 220% crit dmg, so x4,2
    white karabossa cloak gives another 10%, so x4,3
    nefertari doll gives 25% at boss, so x4,55
    older players got some jewels of rage which give 5% each and can be combined to 6% more and some players got 2-3 of them, so 18% = 4,73
    and there are also crit runes from an event (idk which it was right now) which give 8% each and can be combined up to 16% i think

    hope this long text helped you XD i would recommend to start a 1h tank set at the beginning bc it is way easier to do q1 inf2 for example as 1h tank than on 2h ; search some friends ingame and make a farming group ; while u farm with your 1h set u can craft your 2h set and start to farm with it later and then u dont need your 1h set anymore; tanking bosses with 1h is really easy, u can dodge 80% of spells anyway so u dont need such big stats for that
  3. Shine2

    Shine2 S-Moderator Team Drakensang Online

    Hello, drift97 ; since this seems to be your first post here, we would like to welcome you to DSO EN Forums! We hope you find our Community friendly and we look forward to read your posts with your observations, hints, ideas and thoughts on DSO etc. Have fun and good luck! :)

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  4. GodChronos

    GodChronos Forum Expert

    This did indeed help me, is there any other way to get the hp runes instead of buying them? 2k for one is pretty expensive considering its hard to come by.

    Also, is it a good idea to open up the cubes and the presents and etc.. at this very moment while I'm at the beginning? or wait until I'm stronger and have another use for them?
  5. drift97

    drift97 Forum Greenhorn

    last year in november i think there was big game hunt where u got a 40% hp o.t.i rune, but usually there aren't any hp runes to get in events

    its up to you. i would just open them bc of stones unique items etc but some people just sell them

    when u sell them u got more gold for crafting but less stones etc, so you should decide what u need more atm
  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    With high crit, Rage Attack is an efficient way to drop cool downs. With the Herald set, that lets you use the buff for using Ground Breaker more often and the difference is huge. With your crit and your equipment selection, you want to use Rage Swing.
    To start with, I'd recommend trying everything out. Once you've tried, go ahead and ask some questions. I can offer recommendations, but I don't want to bias you right off the bat.
    Yes... which weapon may be a subject for debate, but at this time, there are no 2H viable axes at end game. Also aim for a 4x %ICotI decoration. Once stacked with a bunch of onyxes, it is not too hard to get to 80% in Normal through Fatal, but you will start needing some well thought out set bonuses to reach the 80% mark in Infernal I and higher.
    I know I'm the guy you are referencing, but right now, the three or four basic builds are Q4 or Q7 mixed with either 3/4 witch Seeker, or 2/5 or 3/5 Darkness. The issue is balancing damage with crit/crit damage/speed (which all act as multipliers for that damage).You can have huge damage, but if you don't back that up with other respectable offensive stats, you will never reach the damage output of an offensively well balanced character. Further, there are subjective values to consider that muddy things even more. 80% crit is super valuable to me for the reasons discussed in the answer to your first question. Between cool down runes and Rage Attack, my Banner and Dragon Hide are available every 30-40 seconds, as opposed to every 60 second, and that is amazingly helpful on boss runs when you need to either burst them down or survive a nuke. There are other builds that are really good, but most of them require really specific conditions or items to pull off. If you have any ideas for a build that you want me to consider, let me know and I'll run it through my spread sheet when I finally rework it. I'm moving right now and don't have as much time on my hands as I'd like.
    You only need +300% crit damage to reach the 5x multiplier. Here are some "givens"...
    • 219% from 3x73% (amulet/ring/ring)
    • 10% from White Spider Cape (very popular choice and synergizes well with Black Spider Decoration)
    • 24% from 30 points selected in wisdom tree
    That is 253%/300% right there, or x4.53 crit damage.

    Here are a couple options for making up that last 47%
    • Use Agathon's Lost Ring with Agathon's Lost Amulet for +10%
    • Use Neferteri Doll for 25% crit damage during boss fights (this is where most people care about crit damage anyway since mobs are easily killed when you are talking about these sorts of builds anyway)
    • Crit Damage runes can be used on weapons and offer 8%/12%/16%. (Problem is that these are offered from the Dark Dwarf Heist and we haven't had one in a while.)
    • The Adornment of the Vanquisher offers Crit Damage from a stacking buff that lasts 60 seconds and stacks to 100%. In it's basic form, you can get 20% from a full stack of 100 (and 10% crit), but it requires a ramp up period and is not as user friendly.
    • Other sources in the future...? I'm expecting an amulet/helmet combo from Mortis, eventual. If the Devs are feeling generous, they'll give us crit damage as either a unique line, or the set bonus. Another possibility would be Destructor, when they finally add him as a PW boss. The old amulet had crit damage and the torso had attack speed, so it would be amazing to get those represented in a future set.

    Set a goal. Start collecting uniques that get you towards that goal. If possible, find a strong guild that is willing to help carry you a little while you develop. Getting some carries in higher tier PWs will get you much better gear fast. Save up Materi frags for important purchases, especially 112k for either the Q4 or Q7 weapon at T6. With the guild's help, do as much as you can on the PW leaderboards as they are a great source of gold, pristine cores/soul cores (important for new LVL 55s), and Materi Glasses (which will help you farm a lot more Materi Frags after this current season ends in about another 52 days). Once you have a few silvers, and maybe even a couple gold ranked Leaderboards, try farming a couple bronzes in solo for a little more gold. The easiest ones to reach bronze in are Q1, Q3, Q5, and Q8 (IMHO).

    On crafting, it is 100% worth it to build from the ground up, starting with blues and greens with one gold line. Follow the basic theory laid out in this post. If you want to know the odds of success for a particular craft, check out this one. Once you have at least a 3/4 gold line legendary, craft that over to a unique and you will have huge gains while setting you up to start crafting a "perfect" 4/4 gold line legendary. Don't worry about this stage until most of your unique gear has 3 gold lines crafted onto it.

    Finally, do events. Some of the most important gear for your build is locked behind events, and Draken is important for the future of your build. It may be augment cores, it may be HP runes, it may be the Darkness items or Dragonsilver items or the Witch Seeker items, but eventually you will find yourself wishing that you had more Draken and Draken cores.
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  7. GodChronos

    GodChronos Forum Expert

    Btw, about the removed sapphires. I kept them because that's what everyone said back when the release came.
    But my sapphires aren't anything amazing: 2x polished + 1x normal. Are they worth keeping or should I convert them?
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