Bug R180 Upgrades - Darbmoor gear (low level Grimmagstone items)

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by MikeyMetro, Jan 11, 2017.

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  1. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    After R180 all of my old Darbmoor gear upgrades are not working. The items show they have the GoP invested but the values on them are the original non-upgraded stats. This is not just a visual bug but the items have all been nerfed.

    This involves dozens of my characters. Also since these were all reworked during the last Deluxe Freemium I cannot simply remove the the glyphs and re-upgrade to their previous levels.

    This also affects some other older pieces of gear other than my Darbmoor items. I do not know the actual cutoff date for these but if you try to put them in the workbench you get the message, "this item contains old values and cannot be crafted."

    I just found out I cannot fix this problem. One of the accounts with these just happened to be in the middle of a 3 day Deluxe. I tried removing the GoP and re-upgrading the items. Everything looks normal in the upgrade window but when applied the item reverts back to its original stats although the glyphs are applied.
    I now have a bunch of seriously nerfed toons that I cannot play.

    I am in the middle of the event with two of these toons so I am quite :mad: atm. Imagine playing a lvl 47 toon with all of the LH gear being basically gem holders :eek:

    Luck be with ye,
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  2. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online

    Hi Mikey!

    So sorry to hear you're having troubles! The team is aware of the issue, lets just hope it'll all be fine soon. :oops:

    Good luck!:)
  3. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Thanks. I ""Hope" so too but I have a mini to do in 3 days and hope ain't gonna cut it. So in the meantime I will continue to rant wherever possible (hopefully without spamming ;)) about this. I did start a support ticket also.

    Luck be with ye,
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  4. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Mikey, what is Darbmoor gear? are those uniques or some low level legendaries? can you post an example?

  5. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Well I do not upload images to the web but I will endeavor to explain. Darbmoor was an old map that used to exist between Grimford and Swerfield. If you look at the world map you can still see the outline of it. Side note: the Oldfield map from the recent Ghost Festival event was based on this map.

    They are legendary items; particullarly the LH gear (lvl6 ring, lvl4 amulet, lvl 2 belt and lvl8 weapon adornment) that had higher base stats and upgraded better than current gear. E.G. a perfect CHR line would hit 250 (perfect stat on current lvl 50 items) when upgraded to around lvl 44. The dmg lines on these would exceed perfect on current gear up to lvl 42 line (after that there is a diminishing return so those are not ideal.)

    Even the RH gear would have higher HP and armor into the low 40s. On Tegan if you see higher lvl DK wearing a lvl3 headband or a RG with a lvl3 linen mask it is probably me :D

    As I posted in the R180/181 feedback this bug has cost me dearly on one toon I am playing in the Dragan event. A lvl 47 DK that saw his CHR drop from 51% to 25% along with a loss of 210 base damage. Fortunately I changed his RH gear when he hit lvl40 years ago. Old Sargon set with Dark gloves/boots. His setup was good enuf to get hin from lvl40 to 50 with only weapon and shield changes. Now he is junk thanks to the incompetence of the devs!!! (just had to get that little rank in there :oops:)

    Luck be with ye,
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  6. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Yeah, low level legendaries. Really wish I had farmed those more, as a 4x crit item can have 1600+ crit with enough glyphs.
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  7. semen470

    semen470 Padavan

    same problem here...the stats of my low lvl item are resetted but the gliffs are still in there.
    hope this will be fixed soon as my critic value falls down from 70% down to 50%.

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  8. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Got it. low level legendaries with insane crit. I spent a year to discuss the issue of those with Haruki, so they finally address it. never happened.

    You understand those items are kind of unfair, dont you?) this is enourmous advantage to those who have farmed them, and they are buggy. they partially fixed the bug, removing the possibility to farm them, but didnt address those already in place.

    So I hope they dont fix it, sorry)
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  9. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    I see your point, but completely making them useless doesn't seem right. Right now, if I understand the situation correctly, those items have their original stats (the stats they have at their original level which is probably 1-8 depending on which item he's using). Any item should be upgradeable, meaning the stats should increase as you invest Glyphs of Power. But you're right at 1 thing, the values they had before were simply too high. So in my opinion those items should just receive a nerf instead of this mad bug.

    If you find one of those items now (just regularly talking about items with a low level) and you try to upgrade them, the values will be lower than the values of those old low-level items upgraded to the same level. (let's say 200 instead of 350 at level 49-50, if I'm correct... just a wild guess here, haven't seen any of those items for quite a while)
    They should simply adjust the old items so it matches the new ones, i.e. lowering the values of the old low-level items in order to make them follow the current system.

    OK... I think I'm making this a bit complicated :p I hope you understand what I mean.

    Those items are an actual disadvantage to newer players, and that's unfair. But it's also unfair to make these items completely useless. I've often given my idea to nerf those items a bit, but nothing happened back then.

    As much as I want those items to be nerfed... I hope they'll still fix this issue because it's a little bit 'over the top'. :rolleyes:

    Kind regards
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  10. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    No, I do not feel they are unfair at all. The are not buggy but just designed in a time before the current type of tutorial map existed. Darbmoor was not closed because of these items it was closed because the new tutorial rendered it obsolete. New characters come out of the tutorial at a higher level range than Darbmoor. Even after that the weapon adornment, since it was a level 8 and the rings, lvl 6, item could be farmed for a long time after in Swerfield.

    It took me a tremendous amount of effort to farm these and remember all crafting was random then. The amount of items and crafts needed to get them makes getting a 4/4 legend today seem like a stroll in the park. Also upgrading, although an ander only option early on, also existed at the same time so this advantage has never been some sort of secret.

    Saying they should not be in the game anymore is like saying the Black Warlord set should not be around since it does not drop anymore.
    Although I would be unhappy with this it would be acceptable and not unprecedented if the items were adjusted. It has happened to other items of mine before. Right now the items and the toons that have them are useless. You could put 500M glyphs into them and they stay at the original stats. The timing of this bug could not be worse. Most of my toons can just sit until this is fixed but two of them have the 2nd event mini coming up. I cannot even fast farm replacements since the loss of offense means needing reds just to play in painful mode. I also need these toons in painful Ravenclaw to get the pearls just to do the next mini.

    Fortunately the two lvl 50s I am playing in the event are not affected by this Latest Blunder by the "who the heck would hire these guys" devs. (ahem, pardon the outburst :oops:) So I guess I'll just spend less time playing and more time getting wasted (wait a sec, I do those two together anyway :cool:)... more time doing something else until this gets sorted.

    Luck be with ye,
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  11. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul

    Ola everyone..
    I came to join in complaining, my item is ruined! :( I really hope they will fix this soon.

    And now..
    I know I don't write a lot anymore here (I'm too lazy, but some of you might remember me), but.. to say those items are "unfair" and give "enourmous advantage" is just a little bit of exaggerating (not to mention jealousy :p).
    As Mikey already stated, farming those items was a LONG AND PAINFUL process, it took days and months of farming/combining the items just to get to a legendary which would turn out to be a bad one (was no crafting 2.0 back then), and all of that for a legend that is not neccessarily even a great (4/4) one, but after such a long time farming, you just kind of settle for a good one. And after all of that, need to farm glyphs.
    It could be that you just missed an opportunity to farm those yourself and now feel bad for those who didn't, or that you tried and couldn't get a good one, or that you just decided not to waste your time on that but complain about those who did. Either way, I'm sorry that you missed them, but saying that they should be removed and that they give enourmous advantage is really too much.

    If they would be adjusted, it wouldn't make me particularly happy, but it would probably be acceptable, not the first time they've done something like that.
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  12. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    No guys, you are wrong. I have seen those items myself, those with 1 dmg lines, 13 crit lines etc. I know users were able to farm those in swerdfield and that little dungeon out of swerdfield too. lvl 2 belts, lvl8 adornments, lvl6 rings.

    And I feel sorry about timing, and I dont want for them to be completely useless, but they are unfair as new player cannot find, craft anything remotely as good as those items.

    When they finally fixed the bug (not removing the area), when they made low level legendaries normal (so dmg line 1 doesnt mean 24 anymore on lvl45), they didnt address those that exist.

    Also, when changing the whole critical hit and value design, they didnt address it either. they could have had adjusted the lowlvl legs, or made them obsolete by boosting new gear to reach 400 at lvl55. but they didnt. they did adress the damage, however.

    And are they unfair? they sure are. no matter the effort you put in them, you have benefited from that effort for years. but what is more important, new users cannot access them, cannot find or craft, even if they put 10x times of your effort.

    That just unreasonable that the best crafted ring would be 1200ish, and that one would be 1500-1600ish. extra best line+ of crit only because you were abusing the old bug. it was a bug. Confirmed by BP. and it was fixed. at some point of time, they revised the way items are being upgraded. and since that time, even if you find those with 1dmg, it would not longer be 24 on lvl45.

    But im pretty sure they will roll it back, and you will enjoy your unfair advantage for many more years :) so you can relax

    Here you go. last sentense in the final post.


    Low-Level Item Upgrade Bug
    We fixed an upgrading issue concerning low-level items.
    All upgraded low-level items should now hold the correct values on each level. This bugfix affects all newly found or crafted items.
    This bugfix will not affect any existing items.

    Since that moment, all the low leg owners became OP. not only those lines beat any farmed line (at that time and also today) and crafted line, they were already at maximum, just upgrade them. and since there was no crafting available, newcomers where not able to find anything remotely close to lowlevel legendaries. you would be lucky after months of daily m2_5k to find a ring with 800crit. lowlvl owners where at 1200 already.

    How can you say they are fair?)

    I do not like the way they deal with them now, however. I dont even think it is intentional. but I hope, they will use this bug as an opportunity to finally adjust the stats on low lvl so they are inline with the 2017 maximum values of the legs, level to level, making them obsolete and saving you guys lots of glyphs.
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  13. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    No man you are wrong. ;)
    What else will you seek to be nerfed just because you feel so?
    - EA's exploding without hitting a target - get over it it is not a bug it is made that way by design
    - Remove (don't release) the new Runes of Devastation - because you created a 2H build and now you are simply jealous. Let me ask you something ... we are crafting items since the beginning and we are not even half way ... you came lot more later and crafted all of the gear in two days ... why ...because you pay to play. Is that fair? It is not if you ask me...
    - Low level items AKA Grimmagstone legs - crying again. Because you were not there at that time ... I play this game years before they removed the dungeon ... I have one item which I am not using ... but I will if I have to ...just to make the others jealous. People can't play the game because of the bug ... yet again someone is persuading them that they have got what they deserve. There is no reason to ruing other player's game just because you started playing much later than them. You are crying like a little kid for a cherry.

    Guess what...it is not a bug ...the bug is what is happening today after release of 180-181.
    You are shooting blanks again ... because you don't know what low level items that piece of text is referring to ... because you were simply not there.
    There were items in the game at that time that were giving 500-600 Damage when upgraded in a single line. :)
    As you can see that text is not referring to Grimagstone legs. These bugged items with extremely high damage were introduced with the R132 and the new tutorial maps.The funny thing is they were dropping from Grimmag (in tutorial maps).
    Now when we solved the unknown ... lets get back to the bug.

    There is a bug with those items and people can't play the game. Or should I say the game has been butchered with this new release ...not because of this bug ... but because there are tons of bugs with this release (and I will mention them in the feedback thread).
  14. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Im not sure why you are so aggresive. I support all my claims with proper info and explanation.

    The low level stuff was a bug. it is confirmed by the dev. and it was fixed, so noone else can farm them after r139. isnt that accurate?)

    The bug you are refering to is valid. and the fix to it came at the same time they 'fixed' the lowlevel items. you can find the info in the Ring1+1+1+1 thread, when people said you cannot longer farm them. it came at the same time.

    Finally, Haruki confirmed she recognizes the issue.

    And I was there. my tank char is much much older than those. I started in 2013 or so. when lvl40 was the cap. mage is younger, but I also was there pre139, but didnt abuse the bug. and that was an abuse of the bug. 'Normal' items had much lower stats than those low level ones. and if it wasnt a bug, it wouldnt be fixed. and Haruki wouldnt confirm it.

    And I dont want to ruin anyone. I would be happy if they made new legendaries alligned with the low level. or adjusted the latter. either is fine. and adjusted the critical hit formula to accomodate if required).

    Okay, what if since r182, the critical hit on items is limited to 100 at lvl55. but those crafted stay. you would call it fair and tell me Im a crying kid?) are you really saying that, the folks that were here pre r182 should have huge benefit over those who came later, and they would never be able to overcome the gap?)

    The unfairness is so obvious, it is unbelievable you do not recognize it. nevertheless, DSO confirmed it, it is enough for me :)

    On the gems, and explosion. i thought you dont tolerate the skillless noob play. but if you do, let it be)

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  15. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I think the continued presence of these low level legendaries are essentially as corrupting as twinking. Both discourage new players from coming into the game in their own way. A new player that puts substantial amount of time into the game now should be able to approach somebody who put that time in a few years ago.
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  16. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    Yeah. they should just put a disclaimer for new users.

    Dear new comer. welcome to drakania, where you can become stronger and stronger, grind, craft, do events. but remember, no matter what you do, you will never get stronger then those who were there at the low level bug time, nowhere close to their strength. no matter how much you play, how much you craft, and how much you invest. Enjoy the fairness of Drakania, dear newbie.

    And guys, im really sorry it happened to you in the middle of the dragan. I would be as upset as you are. and it isnt the proper way to deal with things. im sure that was unintentional and they will revert it ASAP.

    I suggested the proper way year ago, or more. to improve the new stuff and adjust the formula. so those with the low legs could still enjoy them, but also others can find / craft something equally good.
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  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I am not aggressive ...that is just my temper bursting when see false claims.
    OK ... I will try with lower tone.
    The truth is you can't find that info ...because it is forever gone with the old forums.
    GoPs were introduced in July 2013 (but that doesn't mean you couldn't upgrade the items before that ... it was simply working in different way) ... R139 has been brought in November 2014 ...that is year and a half in between. If that was a bug ... they would have removed it much earlier. Furthermore ... there were threads on this topic in the old forums ... no one ever said it is a bug. That is why those threads and posts continued at the new forum(this one).
    It wasn't bug simply just because the upgrade of the items was working in different way. But time goes by ... people are changing ... so and the people in the dev team. What previously was a concept for one designer ... it was changed when the new one came aboard.
    No one has ever confirmed anything ... if you want a confirmation seek for Bernd Beyreuther and ask him ...
    So we confirmed now it is not a bug. :)
    Yes I don't ...but that has got nothing to do with the EA exploding at the end of the path. It has got to do with the skill description and the talents (%damage) and the marking.
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  18. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    okay, as we are in a more reasonable conversation now, tell me would it be fair if tomorrow they nerf all new items with crit to limit it by 100 or 200 at lvl55. but keep all the existing untouched, without the possibility for thr new folks to get the older and better ones.

    And, just in case, Haruki on the LowLvl gear in Sep 2015 :))
    Hello there,

    'no, we do not want you to wait another year. As I have said, there are some changes coming soon for the quality of enchantments in legendaries. Yes, those images provided by @Yogo speak quite clearly about the magnitude of the issue. Please bear with us until these changes are applied.'

    I have missed your pay2play. no Im not. I craft for farmed gold only (I sell everything no exceptions). its unbeliveable, but I do :) and Im crafting since early crafting 2.0. as you are. but it is irrelevant. f2p can catch up. hard, long, years, but they can. here we have a different case, no matter what you do, you will never catch up.

    Before the crafting, guess Mikey was smashing all his (newer players) opponents with those insane items :) I have several opponents of mine who own them. I will never catch up. those setups that are available to them, are not available to me. they could completely ignore the crit in 2h, and still easily reach 80%, and also full dmg weapon and +400% crit dmg).

    And btw, the bug wasnt fixed with the removal of grimmagstone. you were able to farm swerdfield, up until r139.
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  19. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Ahem... anybody mind if I point out that this is the the Tech Support thread and not the Let's Debate Things We Do Not Like thread. While I find this extremely entertaining it's really not what I need to see here every time I get a new alert. Other like bug reports or info on a fix scheduled would be more useful here.

    Anyway, I found a bug. Reported it. Was asked a question and posted some follow up. Perhaps I promoted the off-topic by using a word I try to avoid (it has no meaning after all.) I will soon be sacrificing live chickens to the Gaming Godz in hopes that my crippled (not OP to begin with) toons get a hotfix before the next mini because of this Total Balls Up By The Devs (oops :oops:, there I go again.)

    Luck be with ye,
  20. Dragonnns

    Dragonnns Count Count

    At least it isn't a Friday before a holiday weekend. I'm sure the devs should be able to fix some of this before the mini... or am I just imagining the possibility?
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