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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Sunlight, Feb 27, 2017.

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  1. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    Wondering that myself check #11 on leaderboards for DragonKnight on Agathon server guy has been level 34 for at least 2 years and has 350 points on leaderboard how is that remotely possible not to level while soloing that many points ??

    Why your at it check the top 10 for 6 v 6 that is another scratch your head moment for me

    This game is going backwards the longer you guys are around
    I can see why your CM's leave and this new guy just does not respond at all are your forums now a waste of time for your player base ??

    Bug.point why do you punish normal players continuously and let the bug users off ??
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Because they are exploiting the Leaderboards. While the cap players are having difficult time after the expansion ... Twinks are cheating and infesting the rankings using exploits.
    #11?? :D It looks like Agathon has no big issues after all ... they are leaders at Grimmag

    Lets not forget ... Twinks may be leaders now by using cheats ... but the same was done by the other cap level players during the last PVE season (the one that just ended). Also ... lets not forget ... before the Leaderboards introduction in the game the whole Ranger class has been nerfed down (double damage bug) in the name of "Fair Play"

    Therefore ... this exploit must be fixed as soon as possible and exploiters be punished.
  3. Mesala

    Mesala Advanced

    Q4 Infernal Bearach is way too strong, his bee attack 1-hits 80 80 80 80 80 stats with 50k HP.
  4. bonjourvietnam

    bonjourvietnam Someday Author

    They have gone too far with this game, especially with new expansion. The game is extreme imbalance. Dwarfs are way too strong in PvE without crit factor. Not to mention sck PvP system. Too bad.
  5. Below is the official answer on the Bloodstones. Sorry, but this is the way it is.

    Regarding your stats, your stats do not go down as you level up. You are simply fighting harder monsters and the stats you had before leveling up are less effective against higher level monsters. You will also notice that stats that do not depend on calculating a % chance or % reduction actually go up (HP/Damage). Second, hover your mouse over Crit rate, Armor, Resistance, or Block rate. The new tooltip shows you what those values are against monsters and players who are ±2 levels from you. If you pay attention to your stats before you level up, you will see that your stats against the previous level monster doesn't change.

    It is strange that I never saw a LVL 50 player complain that the 200 resistance that they'd had since they were level 10 didn't give them 50% reduction anymore. But I guess that it is logical that as you level up, you need to improve your stats to stay competitive with the stronger monsters. Players are so used to having a super strong character that had beeen tweaked to perfection that they are upset that they need to go through the normal process of leveling up and finding new gear and new sets. It has only been a week, but players expect to be as strong as it took them months to reach before.
  6. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Oh, people complained back when LVL 50 came out, probably for the exact same reasons.

    The example I gave back then was to take it to the ridiculous extremes. A LVL 10 player with 100 armor has about 50% reduction, but if items just kept getting better and armor didn't keep giving less defense against higher monsters, everyone would be running around with 80% block rate, 80% damage reduction from resist and armor, and 80% crit rate by the time they reached LVL 20. I made some guesses back then based on experience that have now been confirmed via the new tool tip you talk about.

    My suggestion to you:
    Quit complaining about one of the few things the developers didn't screw up in this release and spend the next couple months rebuilding your character before you expect to be able to do what took you months-years to work up to before. Before R185, I could do Fatal solo runs without any trouble, but it took me about a six months between when they released Fatal and when I could solo in there comfortably. Now, I struggle and die in there because I'm using LVL 50 gear from the old system. Give me another month or three and I'll be back where I belong.

    That being said, I think that their scaling curves are breaking down at these higher levels because they suck at math (balancing math namely), but that requires analysis and calculation, and can't just be blamed on a feeling because the game is tough.
  7. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    We don't want back our bloodstone, we want back BOTH our 2 moonstones.
    I know that someone @ the devs center is bad @ math but we used 2 moonstones AND 1 bloodstone to craft a bloodmoon stone, we had those amethysts as refound for the bloodstone lost but we had ONLY 1 MOONSTONE back. Whoever didn't combine them, still has both the moonstones and still will be able to craft the new gems. Whoever combined em has been ripped off.

    And this is the problem ppl is talking about.
    In their actual calculations, you need more than 125% more def/res/CHR/block rate to get max values but new items, compared "old stats", provide, generally, just 40-50% stats increase.
    This system has a pro that is it "flattens" the differences between players (and this is good for pvp) but makes the game even harder (most of all at higher difficult lvls) that is NOT good for casual players (preventing em from accessing to a large part of the contents of the game).
  8. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    They did screw up, by making the PW bosses harder on every level, instead of simply introducing Infernal to challenge you true end-gamers. I went from just beginning to feel comfortable soloing Q1 through Q3 (still struggling to slog through Q4) on mainly green essence (due to Tier 1 and 2 Vargulf gear; yes, for some of us, those uniques are still the best we can achieve), to needing 30 minutes or more to kill Heredur on blue essence, and not yet surviving Grimmag on purple essence ... all on only Painful mode.

    How can I hope to improve my gear if I can't manage lowest level PW to "farm" andermant, gems, and the chance at crafting junk? I haven't yet crafted a single useable item (though I have a few magic and extraordinary building blocks from pre-R185 days, just nothing yet close to replacing any of the legendary/unique items I'm wearing), before or after R185, and now almost all of the crafting junk I'd been collecting is obsolete. Farming for gold is more difficult with the lower value of Qaizah rings and amulets (on top of, of course, slower farming due to mobs and bosses being stronger while I have essentially stood still strength-wise despite leveling up past 50), so do I quit crafting and gamble away the bit of gold I pick up in the hopes of winning a few paltry red essence so that maybe I can finally kill Grimmag on Painful again?

    I'm at Lvl 52.5 and the quests are dying out. There are few repeatable quests, most of which require 4 or 5 dungeon-clearing runs each to achieve, so just getting through the Daily Quests has become a dreary slog. Oh, and I decided to waste 40 andermant to skip trying to kill improved Arachna; I got lucky and wound up with the 20 worthy special monster quest instead, but the reward switched from 10 gem refiners to 250 red essence. 10 gem refiners I can use to (almost) convert one of my pre-R185 polished gems (I have no radiant or above). 1000 red I can use to maybe get through PW boss (well, maybe 2,000). 250 red essence is a joke.

    I could whine on, but I hope you get my drift: This release screwed everybody, but probably noob Lvl50 players most of all, as our hopes of ever reaching end-game strength have just been doused with another bucket of cold water. Yeah, you end-gamers got screwed, but you can fall back on Excrutiating or work harder to clear a Fatal map, all the while having a reasonable chance of finding something to improve your toon, get you back to where you were. I'm back to playing less and less, or paying more and more. BP hopes we'll choose the latter course, but this release has left us feeling even more abused than ever, so I suspect more of us will opt for the former path instead.
  9. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    One of the old subjects is getting even more important with the new release - essence effectiveness.

    As we all know, all the % attributes sum up before applying, so are the essences. Now, with all those dmg bonuses on the torso, belt, helmet, weapon, talent tree - essences will only add a little fraction. For a player with 10,000 total dmg including 50% dmg from talent, 60% from weapon, 40%+40% from torso and belt, 10% from helmet, blue essense will only make his dmg 13333, purple - 16667, red will just double.

    Its time to change how the essences work so they apply on top of everything, so blue means 20k, purple means 30k.
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  10. Mesala

    Mesala Advanced

    I went 10 infernal port bloody times on q7 and not once did it drop a Pristine core, and also infernal ports cost too much. Whats the point when there is no pristine core, t4? lol

    And the most annoying thing of all, when somebody drops a connection during boss room, or nebula errors out, the boss HP is reset.... COME ON!
  11. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    what about the 2moonstones? I crafted two of them (Small Bloodmoon Stone)and i didn't see at the changelog anything about it. It's not my fault for the minimal changelogs. I crafted 2times because i didn't knew (one before rel185 and one after and with the hotfix i lost it again, so double moonstone loss)... No one gives a crap around there i know but its not my fault either way. Give them back to me, we want our moonstones refunded. Btw i have another problem. I have prem for another 5 hours and the game asked me for 40 anders to revive.. It happened when it warned me about the prem expiring. See the picture at the spoiler.
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Dude you can't get Pristine Cores if you are using portals :D
    You can only get them if you are playing all the maps and finish the Quest ... because they drop (x6) from the quest chest :p
  13. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    They will be there in the chest (6 cores), if you run through the maps, not port. You can also buy them for materi frags.
  14. Mesala

    Mesala Advanced

    Damn, so the information on the travel rations when you want to port to the infernal boss room is bogus, thx for the heads up.
  15. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    NO NO NO NO ! WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT ( screaming ) .

    Surely : You are simply fighting harder monsters and the stats you had before leveling up are less effective against higher level monsters. You will also notice that stats that do not depend on calculating a % chance or % reduction actually go up (HP/Damage).


    The big problem is that from R184 to R185 my toon did not change nothing.
    I used to farm in Q3 mod3 at LVL 50, and with the R185 ( with the introduction of mod 4 for ALL 55LVL players : NOT FOR LVL 50 )
    That's what [EDit] off most of us
    I mean :
    same toon = same lvl = same difficult = same dungeon = same equipments = same stones BUT
    I WAS NO LONGER ABLE TO TANK in mod 2 as worst !

    We are not talking nor complaining about LVL 55 or mod4, do not misunderstood US ALL
    These is ( I SUPPOSE ) one and the simple fact that pEssed off lots of players.
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  16. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    I don't know if anyone has mentioned this earlier... but what's up with the Blue ess drops ever since the expansion came out?

    At level 50 we'd get a lot more blue ess in Fatal PW's than we do now, even at 55. Like... come on... 400 blue ess, really? Not to mention that the drops went from rare to even rarer.

    We are using more ess than ever, I have lost over 100k in 1 week. It would be nice if we were able to get some, at least... I get about 1 ess drop after 2 runs of Q3 (full maps), which is just an abomination.

    We were getting 500-600 blue ess from mobs at lvl 50, Fatal mode. Minibosses like the Miller in q3 would give 800 or more.
    And now? Now we're getting 400, in any mode, from any mob or boss... during times when we need Blue Ess the most.

    Lovely to see how you are making life even harder for the players.

    And also........... if you ever plan on putting those funny nerfs in Infernal Mode once again, try to make it fair and class-balanced. It's hard for (almost) every class to get a nice amount of critical hit rate now, and you're just making it worse and worse. But of course, you want all of us to create dwarfs. :rolleyes::rolleyes:

    For the past 2 years (?), people have been complaining about imbalance and the unability to find groups because the perfect team nowadays is DK+Dwarf. What are you expecting with a nerf of Critical hit rate in the Infernal mode, the stat that literally every class benefits from, except the dwarf that doesn't need it at all? :rolleyes:

    Sad to see that feedback is being laughed at by BP.

  17. xXxTroublexXx

    xXxTroublexXx Forum Apprentice

    my feedback:
    -I like the fact that we can choose difficulty in the new normal maps. Also the fact that on the second difficulty (like the PW first) minis are dropping garantueed extraordinary item. Very well done.

    -The deeps of demise, I realy like the concept: getting into a map and getting amazed by which random mobs you need to kill. Only, and this really is the reason why I just don't play it anymore, what's up with the boss that keeps running away? if that boss is with the ice, after a while, you just can't move anymore and the boss is still running around. If that boss is with the acid, why are acid pools that dropped over eachother doing more damage? I mean it's an acid pool and it stays aan acidpool, it ain't an acidpool with two layers or whetever they think.

    -The new merchant with the bone coins things: first of all, I don't realy see a usefull item there. Secondly, why again are you guys introducing a currency of which you need more than 9999 to do something, but still can't stack over 9999 in the inverntory. I thought solving inv issues was a priority, guess I was wrong.

    -New difficulties in PW: the overal increased difficulty should have been announced, I didn't expected this. Further I couldn't try out infernal yet as I am not 55 yet. Overall I think that after a while, we will get strong enough toons again. Although, I had a pretty good tank before the release, now I can't do anything anymore with it, it's sad.

    -all these new cores, wth, why don't introduce a Thousand other stuff the collect, just so that nobody has free inventory anymore. I don't get it, why not just introducing 1 type of cores, useable for everything.

    -The new crafting system: If you introduce something like this, just make a video with a few examples, it would help so much. I don't do it yet, cause I have little clue what is possible and what is the "smart" move.

    -New enchantements: nice to have more different builds, but I don't get why the old enchantment where removed. almost all new enchantements are +% things, I don't like this. It's all reducing to gems a lot more now.

    -bizar lines of enchantements: you get an legi ring with +55% life, a good line, then the other lines have somewhere around +10% what the heck. Speed lines on weapon andronement: +2%, really, you call that an enchantement? Block strength on several thing: +0.05, realy, +0.17 is the best I have seen so far, I think in like 99% of the cases extra life enchantement is always better. To make use of the enormous difference between the values of the different lines, we should be able to craft stuff and select which lines we would like to get transferred. I ain't going to spend gold crafting with bad items. Probably ain't going to craft at al because before this release my luck was so bad I never got a crafted legi with 3 gold lines. I'm just going to stack all the gold I can for now.

    -tiers for all items: why? to make things more logical? well it only is logical if somebody explains the system. A lack of information kills it. I mean, I find a non tier item with a godlen line, what does it mean? It's a good line for non tier, but what's up with the tier3 or 4 items? is my godlen line stil golden? or maybe, superbad because the t4 items can have twice the line. Who knows, who can tell. Come on bigpoint you should know we like information and information is a crucial key to succes. Somewhere there already is a list of min-max values, just post it, it would be a good start.

    -the gem refiners: yeah, good idea, put them in the shop for crazy prices. Now everybody knows bigpoint ain't a normal company but just a bunch of gold diggers. You should have added these to drop list of mobs. Also, I get the refiners form the dailies now, but is it still possible to get red ess from daily now? or are there plans of making some essence transfer possible?
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  18. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    I'm curious about this feature of the Daily Quests: Yesterday I was not in the mood to tackle Arachna for the 3rd quest in the middle grouping, so I paid 40 andermant to change to the 20 leader monster quest instead ... but, my reward shifted from 10 gen refiners to 250 red essence. Eventually I was going to be hurting for red essence, but I really want those refiners in the short term so I can convert my gem inventory. Sucks, but, ok, one day I miss out on 10 gem refiners.

    However, today my 3rd quest in that middle group fell on the kill 3 world bosses task. With 250 red essence as the reward.

    Have I permanently lost the 10 gem refiners as a reward, or do only certain tasks in that 3 quest grouping give gem refiners? Just weird that X days in a row my 3rd quest reward was always 10 gem refiners, now two days in a row it's 250 red essence. Is "kill a PW boss" the only task that gives gem refiners as a reward? Again, I'm only referring to the 3rd quest in that middle series: I don't expect gem refiners as a reward for the 1st or 2nd quest in the series.
  19. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Yes, kill pw boss if the only boss challenge that gives refiners. Yesterday I blew this off (have premium so I can chose) cuz I just did not feel like mixing it up with one of those WAY OP pw bosses. Besides, I can see it getting to the point, even in painful, that I may be needing those red ess rewards to do them.

    I have stated this before but I feel it is worth repeating. Unless your toon is already at or close to full royals then refiners are not a panic issue. Merely combine old gems to make room for Qaizahs as they are farmed. I am not even overly concerned about my main that has about 40/60 sacred/flawless. I do not even PvP for the 10 refiners unless there is also a clover involved.

    This whole gem thing w/ r185 is designed to get the big spenders who cannot wait to spend more now. True, there may be a point down the road I will be wishing I had all those refiners I skipped. I feel though that is going to be a very long road.

    I am also hoping that in the future additional refiners may be included as event progress rewards or some such thing. Even if not I am still convinced that the current state of this expansion is aimed at a certain group of players and adjustments will be made for the rest of us down the road. There are many past precedents of this happening in this game.

    Luck be with ye,
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  20. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    I believe it is only the 8 pw bosses in that third grouping that gives the gem refiners as a rewards. The others of the kill x number of this or that variety still give essence i believe
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