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    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    We are very proud to announce the following updates in
    Release 191.

    Community Wishes Implemented
    • Realm Fragments are now automatically collected when walking over them (in the same fashion as coins and Andermant)
    Event Bugfixes and Alterations
    • A bug which blocked group play progression in the Full Moon event’s Bloodmoon quest has been squashed.
    • When fighting against the werewolves in Varholm during the Full Moon event, the bleeding wound debuffs will no longer stack up; only one debuff can be active at a time.
    • The defend the village repeatable quest in the Full Moon event now properly displays the correct minimum level requirements (level 10).
    • The Full Moon event unique item drop rates have been increased.
    Crafting Updates
    • We repaired crafting recipes for older unique longbows and added more precise crafting information texts to them.
    • Warriors and Rangers can now transfer the enchantments of any type of weapon onto unique weapons using Pristine Core crafting - e.g. enchantments from an axe can now be put onto an unique sword. It will still not be possible to transfer enchantments from 2H weapons to 1h weapons and vice versa - the slot type must be equal.
    Balancing Bugs Fixed
    • There was an issue which sometimes let the first shots of the Dwarf turrets ignore Talents that increase their damage. This was especially visible with the Machine Gun Turret, which fires only 2 long bursts. To fix this, Dwarven turrets now start firing with a very tiny delay, so all talents are applied correctly, even when there is a short lag.
    • We discovered a serious error in the Attack Speed Enhancements settings for level 50+ One Handed Weapons and Offensive Offhand items (books, quiver, gadgets and some unique shields), which have been collected by players since release 185.
      • The one handed weapons were suffering from a ~50% reduction in their attack speed enchantment values.
      • The offhand items were affected less uniformly; the settings error resulted in both extremely high and extremely low enchantment values.
    • Altering the values of any item in a player’s inventory is something we try to avoid at all costs. In this case, however, some players would have ended up with extreme attack speed enchantment values that are otherwise unobtainable; this would have caused a major power imbalance. Correcting this error now is the only way to avoid a catastrophic imbalance in the future.
    • The changes we made to the settings will have the following impact on the associated One Handed Weapons and Offensive Offhand Items in your inventory:
      • Affected 1h weapons will have their attack speed enchantment values increased by ~50% - the previous values were not competitive against damage enchantments.
      • The affected offhand items will have their attack speed enchantment values altered less uniformly than the one handed weapons. Some items will see increases in attack speed while others will receive decreases; there can be extreme disparities after the patch.
    • Event buffs will no longer work in PvP.
    • The "Guardian of Flames" now deals a bit more damage.
    Quest Bugs Fixed
    • The "Who's Bad” quest in the Cradle of Death asks players to collect a piece of ripped sheet of music from creatures in the Cradle of Death. We removed a bug that guided players towards the Silent guardians; they are static monsters that cannot be attacked and are unimportant for this quest.
    • Fixed a bug in the “Making History” quest which caused the atlas columns to spawn incorrectly.
    Parallel World Updates
    • Killing Mortis on infernal difficulty now unlocks an achievement.
    • The position of all bosses in the Parallel worlds are now indicated with a small red skull on the minimap.
    Boss Loot Changes
    • Asar now drops unique items with tiers; Items collected prior to this patch will not receive a tier level.
    • Balor will now correctly drop the Armored Black Panther mount again, but the corruption set has been removed from his loot list due to Balor’s lowered difficulty level and its outdated stats.
    Item Availability, Updates and bugfixes
    • We reintroduced the “Scorn of the Dragon” and the “Keen’s Might” / “Yachak’s Dream” / “Roshan’s Wisdom” / “Spark’s Tool” sets with updated stats and crafting options. They can be found in all content from level 50+ and on all item Tiers. Old versions can still count towards the set bonus and can be updated with crafting.
    • Enchanted Ranger 2h-bows are now available from the PvP merchants for players of level 50+. They have the same prices as 2h-weapons of other classes.
    • Hamza, the vendor in Hiraja, now offers every class similar gear options.
    • “The Untouchables” set has been upgraded to the new standard (base stats and percentage based enchantments) and will now be the only version available in the game. Before this release, low level characters were still able to receive the old version.
    • The Elixir of Supreme Health now properly restores 65% of health points directly after cooldown (as stated in the tooltip)
    Misc Changes
    • Fastpay is working properly again.
    • All item stats should now be correctly displayed in the item upgrade window.
    • A low FPS check has been implemented which will offer a change of graphics settings if it detects consistently low framerates while playing.
    • Old achievements that are no longer obtainable have been moved to a "legacy" category.
    • Fixed an issue where golden attributes would sometimes be displayed as white attributes and vice versa. The values themselves remain untouched, only the color of the values near the golden threshold might change.
    Go further and conquer, heroes of Dracania!

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