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    Heroes of Dracania,


    With Release 196 we are improving the Group Play in dungeons as well as the behavior of entering and leaving a dungeon.

    Furthermore, we introduce the Daily Deal Feature, which grants you several rewards as ADDITIONAL bonuses whenever you are spending Andermant.

    Last but not least, we are moving one step forward to a more balanced gameplay.

    Due to the great feedback we received from all of you, we are currently re-evaluating the changes for the Steam Mechanicus. Nevertheless we adjusted the timing of some skill animations for all character classes which leads to an improved combat.​

    You want more details?! See below!​

    Dungeon Accessibility
    You know this situation? Your group has already defeated the boss and is collecting all of the loot, and you consumed a travel ration for nothing. Well, this is a thing of the past! Whenever you want to enter a dungeon, which is already “finished” (see list of conditions here), there is a warning displayed and you will arrive in your own instance. This improvement prevents any disadvantage for the players when entering dungeons in a group.​

    Daily Deal
    Your “Daily Deals” will grant additional rewards whenever you spent a certain amount of Andermant.​


    There are 3 categories with 4 random rewards: Copper - Silver - Gold.
    From each category you may choose 1 reward. Once you invested a certain amount in 1 day, you will receive these special rewards.​

    Pace of Combat
    Several skill animations have been adjusted. This leads to a faster combat and an even better experience when fighting against other players or monsters.
    A more technical list of the detailed changes can still be viewed here!
    Update: According to your feedback we reverted the frame adjustments for the Spellweaver skill „Frozen Sphere“. It has a new animation but is using the same frames as before.​

    Bug Fixes and Improvements

    Achievements for combining items on the workbench did not unlock. This has been fixed.

    Players were able to re-enter some event dungeons (such as Moonsilver Mine or Blood Moon) without consuming a teleport item or fulfilling the entrance restrictions. Due to the Dungeon Accessibility Rework this is not possible anymore.

    The Currency Banner of the vendor Grima is now displaying the player’s amount of Draken.

    Unique Items
    The set bonus of parallel world uniques, such as the set items from Bearach, Herald and Sigrismarr, is now working as intended.​

    The Ranger Shortbow „Predator“ now has the correct attack speed again (1,05 Attacks per second).

    Coming next…
    New workbench features to improve the process of crafting and combining items, the return of toxic creatures in the sewers of Kingshill, and more...STAY TUNED!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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