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Should there be a Roll-back after recent bug exploit to the poin prior Special 5th Anniversary Event

  1. yes

    176 vote(s)
  2. no

    63 vote(s)
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  1. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    Why theres still no announcement ... ? I hope that people in BP dont think that were children because we dont write about the subcjet every 1 min it means that we have forgotten ....
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Are you trying to sell your account before any actions have been made by BP? XD
    This thread has been closed by the mods ... since I can't reply there I will do it here.
    Just to clarify something: Not a single player posses/owns their account ... all accounts are BP's property ... you are only allowed to play them. So you can't sell something that you don't own ... something that is not yours.
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  3. AlexCC

    AlexCC Someday Author

    Any official update about this subject?
  4. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    By the way, i think it's the rule in most games, the account isn't yours.

    Nothing since the last announcement.
  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    These sorts of things usually take server downtime. Maybe we'll see something tomorrow with the release of 172. Fingers crossed.
  6. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    Yep yep
  7. AlexCC

    AlexCC Someday Author

  8. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro

    Not going to happen which is BS...

    Haruki wrote:

    "Also, I'd like to confirm here that we will not release a list of users nor a list of names. Nope, that's not happening. Sorry. They are going about with their sanctions but we won't give their identities out. And I hope you can respect that."
  9. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    Will they be removed from the pvp leaderboard?
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  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    If they are permanently banned ... maybe ... but if not ... i don't see a reason for their removal.
  11. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    It's so brutal..., I'm loving it! :)
  12. DJBarman

    DJBarman Active Author

    From this place as my friend Yogo I would like to thank DSO team for their actions. Absolutely marvelous and now no one will even try to use a bug when it appears :D
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  13. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    Hell, I'm even going to change my signature soon XD
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  14. Beldak

    Beldak Regular

    Well done DSO! This is how is supposed to work. Again, well done!
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  15. dragonlordz

    dragonlordz Junior Expert

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  16. EhtovK

    EhtovK Old Hand

    I'm just cracking at the gem sale that's up in the servers right now, "Sparkling offers" XD
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  17. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Hey there heroes,

    We all think that this day is becoming better when you read our official announcements.
    Our Team did a huge effort to keep your gaming experience so fair as possible, removing all gems from bug-users and, at the same time, applying a ban to the offenders.

    This is not just a Drakensang victory, since we are trying to keep our game so clean as possible, but it is also a player's victory, once you have never given up from this situation and, as I wrote in some threads, every single social mobilisation has always a result. This is also your victory ;) So... thank you for you too!

    As for your poll, in a certain form a roll-back was done - not to all players, which is good once "clean" players have still their items and conquers. A roll-back was applied manually to those ones who used the bug. So, your request was successfully applied ;) Ban applied and all gems removed, including those ones who were in items' slots.

    Thank you for your patient and to fight to a fair play gaming experience. It was impressive to all of us to see it. Believe ;)

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  18. KleineKatze

    KleineKatze Forum Greenhorn

    I have two important things to say... (This is information gathered from an administrator)
    1. The pinata bug of the anniversary event held in 2016 august, its mass-exploiting were all reported to DSO's higher-ups by all countries' admin / moderator team. Even though they did, the higher-ups did not do anything against the matter, nor did they even care to respond to the admins and moderators of the various countries. My conclusion to this is that since this is Bigpoint's responsibility in part, fully responsibility should not have been forced onto the bug's exploiters with permanent bans, for certain moral reasons.
    2. Of all the countries DSO is present in, there was one country which's ENTIRE admin and moderator team exploited the pinata bug! All of the team's members' accounts got temporarily suspended, excluding one, which got permanently banned from DSO. Right now, this team is doing their best to discipline bugusers who are exactly like them, keeping their own acts a secret all the while.
    Even though the people at Hamburg's DSO HQ and all the other countries' admin and moderator team knows all about it to the last detail, no consequences are to be seen for the respective cheater team I mentioned above. This means that they all get to keep their positions and rights as moderators, admins, and whatnot. This country (and the country I am talking about could very well be YOUR country, dear reader), it's buguser team judges You every day, still bearing their full support and admin rights and disciplines You without any morality, and this is all supported and backed by Bigpoint.
    Bigpoint has many serious criteria set up for people who wish to join the moderator / admin / support team. These criteria also concern the individual's moral background, but right now a cheater team's accomplishments were not given any attention.
    What do You think, it okay to let this be?
    Bigpoint is fully responsible morally:
    - For the existence of the bug
    - For the bug goint out live onto the servers
    - For them not taking action even though they got to know about the bug almost immediately
    - For their higher-ups not even caring about bug reports from ADMIN TEAMS for days (which were actually sent directly to them)
    - For letting the mentioned country's full team keep their rights and "responsibilities"
    - For making such a huge difference between the treatment of one buguser, and another (I am talking about the difference of a permanent and a temporary suspension)
    Bigpoint saved itself abusing all people affiliated with it. Responsibility in reality goes to them, and them only.
    Thousands of cheater players got away with abusing the bug.
    Herewith all players should have had their states rolled back to their previous states of how they were before the event and temporarily suspended (this is what we call rollback), and by doing this Bigpoint could take their responsibility for the situation they ahd caused. The cheaters would be forced to take responsibility that way too whatsoever. The Terms & Conditions do NOT mention any sanction or difference between a cheater and another cheater, only merely states that it is "strictly prohibited to use programming bugs and/or errors to achieve personal gain" and that "Recognized bugs should be reported as quickly as possible in the bug forum, by IRC or by e-mail"
    Opposed to this the pinata bug's sanctions are:
    There is a lot of difference made between cheaters in a morbid way.
    Cheater 1 = Cheater 2 ?? Let us se...:
    Cheater 1:
    - Temporary suspension
    - items gained by exploiting are to be taken away
    - side-characters (characters) still get to be kept
    - The time spent and effort made on the account are not going to waste
    - All the money spent on the game gets to be kept
    Cheater 2:
    - Permanent account suspension
    - All side-characters (characters) are inaccessible forever
    - All time spend and effort made are destroyed and wasted
    - All money spent on the game is wasted
    This is Bigpoint's fair and decent solution that most of You agree to?
    Hundreds of accounts have been permanently banned, and those accounts' users have probably spent large sums of money on the game, and their real money thrown into it gave way for free users to freely play the game, and perhaps served the payment of Bigpoint's employees... And understand permanent bans like this: no matter if You had even 4 fully real money-equipped characters, You are banned forever, even though the ban should be only for that certain character (What my point here is that not the entire account should be suspended, but the characters only).
    Is it really good for everyone, if all this stays hidden away and untold?
    And a last word regarding rollbacks.
    Are You saying that a rollback is not fair because all the time players have spent in the game would go to waste? What if I told You that it IS possible to roll back only individuals, and not all the players? And since the bans werer already handed out, they know how to specify the rollbacks onto them, so they have no excuse at all. Additionally, they can keep the temporary suspensions on, meaning that they will not only get their items taken, they WILL be punished by the suspension. I will explain why. People on another thread whine that a rollback is not fair because it makes time go to waste. So what if people get rolled back, and also have their account suspended for not mere weeks, but more than a month? That is a punishment so big, that You cannot even imagine. People who do not play for an entire month get left back so much that it will take double the time to catch others.
  19. dragonlordz

    dragonlordz Junior Expert

    Technically in the UK if we evaluate the consumer rights and the contract made, on the surface they provided a faulty product which lead to a break in ToS due to a bug being used, the contract had already been broken between the consumer and provide once the product was faulty making it the providers responsibility. Although the Terms does say that they can punish players for exploiting such bug, the bug should not have been brought into the live servers and such broke the contract due to the service being an unsatisfactory quality where this has broken the contract.

    Someone with legal experience can have fun :) but I have not looked deep into the legal implications just had a quick glace :)

    Nor am I making a threat just saying dont hate XD
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  20. Theusen

    Theusen Padavan

    Well... tecnically... the mods are just players like us!
    Historically BP has NEVER banned for bugabuse before...
    But does that make mods better than players? I think not! -But thats a personal opinion! I have been banned so many times in the past, and while i can verify Ur story about an entire country, (from my sources), BP has never been fair! And mind U... BP has treated mods worse than regular players! Still thats no excuse for cheating! I dont mind the occaisional bugabuse personally! I farmed Mortis myself, when he was deadeasy, to gain some extra drops (more than a year ago), but a bug of this magnitude is just gamebreaking!!!
    I personally knew of the bug and how to use it, but I chose not to do so! I have been in this game since open beta, and a bug of this magnitude is WRONG! It would ruin everything that I have fought so valiantly to build up!!!

    -My personal opinion? If U used the bug, U should get BANNED! No matter if U used it 1 time or 10000 or if U are an admin or not! And BP should for once compensate all players like they did in the old days, for the WRONG they did on PURPOSE by releasing a bug known to them for 8 months PLUS to all other players! (The bug is the Cristmasbug on the present AND it was reported also on the testserver! Still NOTHING was done before release!) But BP would never punish the people working for them for free!


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