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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

Dear forum reader,

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  1. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie


    Dear community,

    As you can see, you can now use this thread to ask us questions or engage in conversations with us in English,
    following the fashion of our Producer Dialogue.

    We opened it up so we can have an extra channel of communication with you guys.
    However, please understand that due to our daily duties and workload we will not be able sometimes to answer to you right on the spot although we will be here frequently.

    Please note as well that this is not an area where to solve customer support tickets.
    You can find the official support here:

    Last but not least, we may take some of your questions to our Q&A session on Twitch TV,
    meaning, we will answer some of your questions collectively.

    See you around!
    Your Community Managers, Greg & Haruki
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  2. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    Hi Greg & Haruki,
    Guild Wars.
    are there going to be 'Bonus' mentor/honor points in this?.
    i hope not,it will effect the Guild Wars part of the game.
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    What is this crap? Why are you posting in other languages on English forum?
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  4. CM Greg

    CM Greg Forum Newbie

    @trakilaki please watch your language, you can also ask in a normal manner.

    We decided to move the thread here:
    Players that speak German, Dutch, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese may also post in separate channels.
    @CM Haruki and I can answer in these languages. Speaker of other languages can write to us in English.

    This way its easier for us to keep an overview - rather than having to go from forum to forum.

    @fourtwenty68 - there will be a bonus system for currencies. You will gain currencies as reward
    for successful matches. I have no information in how far the mentor bonus will be implemented into that yet.

    Thank you
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  5. vojza

    vojza Board Analyst

    Hello ,what about our posts in old thread ?Will you ever answer them ?
  6. RichMan

    RichMan Active Author

    Greg if you know can you tell us when they will update test server to r155 so we can test the new skill system ? thnks :)
  7. CM Haruki

    CM Haruki Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    @vojza, we will update soon that thread since we have a brand new addition to the CM team - namely, me. :D You are very welcome to repeat some of those questions here so we can check them out.

    @RichMan, we still do not know. There was a little miscommunication around this (our bad) and it seems it won't be coming this week after all... Since we know is a big thing, and we have feedback threads ready to be filled up by your opinions, we will make sure we let you know whenever this arrives to Stable.

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  8. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    thx G n H for the quik replies, makes me happy! <-look at this face,i'm smiling on the inside :D
  9. maancrust

    maancrust Junior Expert

    Hi Greg and Haruki, thanks for opening up this line.
    Since this is probably as direct[​IMG] a line as is available to us I'd like to bring an issue to your attention. Ever since R153 it is no longer possible to assign[​IMG] skills to the space bar. So here's my question: are you aware of this problem?
    And if not, could you please address this problem with your development team.
    Thanks, I would appreciate if this function could be restored to the way it was before Release 153 messed it up.
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  10. vojza

    vojza Board Analyst

    Hello again, so here are some questions for you :
    1.Will there be any oficial Announcement about gild battles in all languages ? We want to know how will this new feature work in all langues and to have only short info in english from March twitch ..
    4.There will be 3 releases in Aughhst (R154,R155 nad R156 )?
    3.Why there is nothing about fixing of PvP matching in Roadmap ? Is ti still on plan ? Rick Talroc promise that you will fix PvP matching one year ago,so where is the problem ?
    4.I am hungry for details about changes in the PW. Have you got some sneak peak for me ?
    Sorry for bad english ,thanks for aswer vojza
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  11. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    Greg and Haruki,

    Suggestive Question.

    Honestly nothing has been said this is just me figuring out stuff I see.

    Has it been looked into that the monthly events (not moon events) have a progress reward after the last draken for 1 portal to gnob. Reason I suggest/ask this; it would releave the servers from having him visit and change him into a rewarder of sorts.

    If it is not too much trouble; for you next twitch July 17th, could you tell us anything about the PW version 2.0.
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  12. KurtBlack

    KurtBlack Forum Apprentice

    Well, hey there.

    I have a few basic questions that I've been wondering about for a while:

    1) Chests
    Are you planning to re-work (legendary) chests and the things related to them?
    In the current state what you'll mostly get is a random(1*) legendary item, few low(or lowest(2*))-level gems, about 500red essence, bit of silver coins(3*) and some white items(4*) also lock picks do take that 1 inventory space. There's also the chance of a jackpot but personally I know only one person that got that. The way that you obtain the lock picks also isn't ideal, buying it for 4k andermants is not cost-effective to what you get, obtaining them in shabby chests that are placed on maps that end game characters have no business in exploring is a "no go", gambling and events. The last Dragan event was an improvement in terms of getting the lock pics and I think this is step forward alongside jesters.
    *1 Random legendary items are not useful for most of the end game characters - on this level getting something random is a lottery whether or not I will get something useful, this is a good thing when you need everything - but most of the legendary items will interfere with unique sets making the item useless.
    *2 This is a legendary chest, what's so legendary about an amethyst with 3 hit points?
    *3 You need around 100 gold for crafting a legendary item, 1 silver coin is less then I will get on my way to the chest
    *4 White items are worth up to 18 silver, so point 3 again

    2) Daily Quests
    I know that you already increased gold for daily quests from 1 to 2 but this is still not worth the time to complete them as you will get more while doing them which makes the daily quest something that is done on side, rather than the focus of the day. I think that there is a lot room for improving in this aspect.

    3) Newsletter and Emails
    So, few people from my guild and I encountered a couple of problems with the newsletter and email bonus codes. Some of them are getting the bonuses on another servers that they miss clicked while login in via client and are clearly loosing the benefits of having newsletter on, some of them are not receiving bonus codes and some are not receiving newsletter at all even though that the option is checked. So are you planning to do something about it on a bigger scale or are we all have to individually wright to support?

    4) Achievements
    Currently the whole achievements thing is not doing much for players, it's just a number with a title, so are you planning to add some kind of rewards for achieving those things? I think I heard that you said that this will be worked on, but I'm not sure. Also - there are many people with achievements that they got but it didn't credited them for it. For an example the Vargulf set - I have it as 3/3 but there are no points for it. Does this mean that we need to contact support or will it be fixed on a bigger scale?

    5) Current PVE situation
    So I'm not sure if you're aware of the current PvE situation in the game and I hope I will not start balancing war here since this isn't my intention. Currently strong dragonknights with a good two handed weapon can do everything without a group - better than with a group. This is mostly due to scaling of maps and the damage that can be inflicted by them. For an example it takes more blue essence for some dragonknights to kill Mortis in group than on their own. This is a MMO so I think this is not a good thing to have. Mages are the most wanted everywhere alongside with dwarfs because of vortex and rocket, which makes the ranger class not so popular on PvE. Now, at this point I don't want you to take away those things that I stated above and I don't mind that those classes are great on PvE - I just want you to consider how PvE looks now since grouping with other players makes the maps harder than playing alone - which I can say even as a ranger.

    6) Rangers
    Right, my main character is a ranger so I will ask about few things to do with this class - I don't want to start a balancing war, discussion on it - this is just a question.

    Longs bows - Okey, long bows are pretty useless for the most part - they of course can by something "deadly" with good statistics but require much more sapphires while not bringing enough damage to make up for that. Will you re-work them?

    Two handed weapon - so most of players that know the ranger class only from PvP will most likely think that they can use double handed weapon and a shield - which is 1 of 3 biggest mysterious misconceptions around this class that I never understood. Anyway, is there chance that ranger will get a two handed weapon like all of the other classes?

    Armour break - this is another of those will we get an armour break like all of the other classes - I personally lost the hope that it will happen on level 50 so the question is targeted on the future development - will rangers get the armour break skill before 100 lvl or will it never happen for us? (Look 5 - PvE situation)

    7) New skill system

    Feature #2
    New Skill System
    A new system with new skills and new talents based on the already existing skills and talents.

    Does this mean that the skills will not bring any new talents? like for an example one of the skills will get a new ability (spellwaver guardian stunning opponents) or will they be something more like break down of the current ones (1 - vortex slow downs enemies 2 - vortex deals x% damage 3 - vortex breaks the armour by x%?

    Sorry for the long post and thank you in advance for the answer.
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  13. Arechia

    Arechia Someday Author

    I have no idea where should I ask about this, but since you're from the main headquarters in Germany, I think this might be the right place... I've sent emails to and on Jul 1st and still haven't got any answer. Is it possible for you to check if they got those mails, please? It's about Polish Support demanding mine and my friends' personal IDs. I really need to contact German BP about this case, not my national Team since my Team's doings and demands are highly questionable.
  14. Onomatopeja

    Onomatopeja Forum Greenhorn

    What about TGC?
    When we get promised bonuses, new stuff, outfits and emotes ONLY for US not given to common players all the time not be in TGC?

    What are you mean new options for premium account? What about price for it?

    Please expand this:
    Dynamic Monster Scaling & Dynamic Quest Rewards
    Maps will offer more or less monsters, depending on the number of players on the map. Quests will offer scaling rewards

    For me it is bad idea for no open locations like Blackborg, Varholm, parallel worlds, dungeons. Now I know how much time I need by one or by group for map like this. After new release I see that in small group mobs will be still too hard and in 5 persons map will be to hard too. Now bigger group=faster farm. BP want destroy it and fun and way of make toon stronger. And what about loot? I go farm alone at Blackborg etc. for frags needs for events but with new option I pay 7 spheres for enter but get lower loot than 5 persons? I don't need group at maps like those!
    Still BP doesn't give us more space in inventory (more mobs, more items from them, more items for doesn't pick up? Or you decrease loot as usually with this change in game... Sure, white items are not worth to put them in bags heh), this is first thing to do and more important need in game, not scaling quests and mobs at map!
    Now is good, I know that bigger group=faster farm=shorter time at map=faster grinding in this same time. Changes will ruin this.
  15. Bubble

    Bubble Someday Author

    Hello! im user in spanish forum. The link is broken to CMs in spanish.
  16. shadow-whisper

    shadow-whisper Forum Mogul

    Hello. I just want to ask about the new class coming sometime in the future. I remember that in the last twitch session you said you didn´t decided yet what type will the new class be, but some people told me it was already decided. If so, I think it´s a shame, it´s a big topic and it would be nice if players themselve can share their wishes. Something similiar like when we shared our ideas for the 50lvl maps year ago. So I would like this one to get clarified - is this topic still open for discussion or not ? And if yes, maybe you can consider my idea I put in the creative corner :D
  17. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    Oh great . . finally a place to get some "hopefull" quick answers.

    1. Is there plans to relook / rekickstart the invite friends bonus ? I am playing from SEA and previously we were stuck as we could not invite friends from SEA area - they goes to DSO Fx. After the exit of DSO Fx, the same loggin page appears despite forum mods saying that it was rectified. I managed to get some non-SEA friend to be invited (and leveled to L15) but I did not get any bonus. Is this feature bugged atm ?

    2. ok after the hard question, here is the easy one ? Why is Haruki who claims to be a 2H DK, looking like a SW in the pix above ?

  18. Diego_Gonzales

    Diego_Gonzales Junior Expert

    On Twitch I saw a new Experience Tree and I have some concerns. There were only skills improvements.
    I mean, what about talents like Two-handed Master or Shortbow Veteran. Will we lose it ?
  19. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

  20. ItHurtsWhenIP

    ItHurtsWhenIP Forum Apprentice

    Greetings CMs!

    Currently I am wondering about the monthly events. Actually I am hesitant about keeping the blood for the Full moon, and the summoner scrolls for the New moon events.
    Will they be modified for the 50 gap, or will they be left intact, so I can collect them and use them after I reached the 50th level?
    I really don't want to lose the drakens I would earn by using them if it gets modified above 45, or even taken off... But if possible I would keep them and use them when its more beneficial...
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