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    Locations and Level Recommendations


    Duria is large world with many places to explore. A mini map of each area can be easily accessed by the hotkey 'M'. This mini map also includes a display of the name of the area you are currently in the lower right corner, just above your resource pool, in case you should get lost in your travels. It also includes the information if your current location is a urban area or a wilderness or dungeon position. A complete world map can be found when using travel stone.
    Changing Areas
    Movement within each area is done by clicking and holding your left mouse button. To move to the next map area, locate a portal, which is a large glowing arrow on the ground and click it. Arrows are colour-coded with the following meanings:
    Color of Map ArrowMeaning
    (difficulty on the map)
    Monster Level Range in the map isExample: Required Level Range is 20-22. The character level is...
    bluesafe area(no monsters present)any
    greymonsters are way below own level6 or more levels lower compared to character26 or higher
    greenmonsters are slightly below own level2-5 levels lower compared to character22-25
    yellowmonster level matches
    own level
    1 level lower, or equal, or 1 level higher compared to character19-21
    orangemonster level slightly too high2-5 levels higher compared to character15-18
    redmonster level far too high6 or more levels higher compared to character14 or lower
    Another travel option is to use Travel Stones, which can only take you to places you have previously visited and have a Travel Stone present on the map. Using this method will charge a small fee. For the truly adventurous traveller, you can also purchase a Universal Map (found in the shop 'T') and travel to any location you have previously visited from anywhere.
    Types of Locations
    There are 3 different types of locations in Dracania.
    • Urban areas: these are safe zones, in which you can find merchants and NPCs offering quests. There are no monsters here. Players are safe from attack.
    • Wilderness: in areas labelled as wilderness, you can find monsters, and other players who may or may not be in your party. Players who are flagged with open PvP (unless you play on the PvP server) can also fight each other.
    • Dungeons: in areas labelled as dungeons, you can find monsters, and only players who are in your party. There will be multiple instances (copies) of a dungeon open at the same time.
    You can find out which type of area you are by opening the map (default hotkey: M) and looking in the lower right corner (just above your resource pool). Right underneath the name of the map you are on, you will see what type of area it is.


    List of Locations
    A list of locations can be found in the wiki. Fast travelling from one location to another will cost a small amount of coins. (This cost is free if you have Premium or Deluxe Premium)

    If you have at least one character that is level 50, all of your characters on that account are allowed to visit
    The Splintered City of Cardhun. Here, harder challenges are waiting for you with 8 different portals with legendary bosses around. This mythical place is also known as the "Parallel World".
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    Scaling dungeons

    After completing all the quests for an area, you will be able to access a scaling version of the same dungeon at a higher difficulty. The difficulties available are Painful, Excruciating, Fatal and Infernal (I, II and III). The difficulty of the monsters within the dungeon will reflect the difficulty chosen and the level of the player.

    In order to enter a scaling dungeon, simply change the difficulty on the slider at the entrance and you will be transported to a harder version of the dungeon.
    Ezpz, hard, harder, and way too hard.

    Why should I clear these scaling dungeons?
    Scaling dungeons offer a greater challenge with greater rewards. As the difficulty increases, so too does the quality of loot received. Moreover, there are items you can only receive from scaling dungeons - the Keys of Prowess & Runes of the Wisdom Seeker.

    What are "Keys of Prowess"?
    They keys of prowess are a special item that can only be obtained from the final boss of a scaling dungeon. The final boss, called a Sentinel, will only appear after the dungeon has been cleared. These keys unlock the door to the scaling version of bosses that can drop powerful loot!

    The higher the difficulty, the more keys of prowess you can obtain in a single kill of the final boss of a scaling dungeon.

    What are "Runes of the Wisdom Seeker"?
    After killing the Sentinel, a special Sentinel Chest will spawn nearby to where you defeated the Sentinel.

    sentinel chest.jpg
    When opening this chest, there is a chance you may receive a "Lesser Rune of the Wisdom Seeker." These runes may be further combined for the following stats:
    Lesser Rune of the Wisdom Seeker+ 1 to Ancient Wisdom drop stack size
    Rune of the Wisdom Seeker+ 2 to Ancient Wisdom drop stack size
    Mighty Rune of the Wisdom Seeker+ 3 to Ancient Wisdom drop stack size
    Supreme Rune of the Wisdom Seeker+ 5 to Ancient Wisdom drop stack size
    With Release 214, Rune of the Wisdom Seeker (+2 Ancient Wisdom drop stack size) is also available at Emilia's shop in Kingshill (only for Premium users!)

    What is a greedy goblin?
    Most of the time, the Sentinel will spawn after you clear the dungeon. However, 10% of the time, a Greedy Goblin will spawn instead. He runs around quick, so catch him before he disappears! If you successfully defeat him, not only will he drop the keys of prowess, he will reward you handsomely!

    What is the purpose of the fast teleport?
    After defeating the Sentinel or the greedy goblin, a fast teleport object will appear. This object will allow you and your entire party to quickly start a new instance of the map without needing to return to town.


    Why am I unable to enter the scaling dungeon?
    If you see the button to enter the dungeon is grey and you receive the error message "You have not fulfilled this region's entry requirements" it means you have quests to complete in that region. Go to the appropriate urban centre and speak with the NPCs there to find out what quest(s) you may need to finish up!

    Back to questing we go!

    You also have to achieve a certain level into order to access higher difficulties.
    • Painful: level 20+
    • Excruciating: level 40+
    • Fatal: level 50+
    • Infernal (I, II and III): level 55+

    Painful ("Level 1")
    • Level requirement: 10+
    • Monster damage: 150%
    • Monster health points: 200%
    • Guardian, Champion and Leader monsters have 0-1 additional ability.
    • Sentinel and Boss monsters have 1 additional enhancement.
    • Experience points: 200%
    • Loot quality*
      • Improved: 40-100%
      • Magic: 40-100%
      • Extraordinary: 40-100%
      • Legendary: 65-100%
    • Item stacks
      • Andermants: 150%
      • Coins, Materi Fragments, Access Items, and Other Currencies: 150%

    Excruciating ("Level 2")
    • Level requirement: 40+
    • Monster damage: 300%
    • Monster health points: 400%
    • Guardian, Champion and Leader monsters have 1 additional abilities.
    • Sentinel and Boss monsters have 2 additional enhancements.
    • Experience points: 300%
    • Loot quality*
      • Improved: 49-100%
      • Magic: 49-100%
      • Extraordinary: 49-100%
      • Legendary: 72-100%
    • Item stacks
      • Andermants: 200%
      • Coins, Materi Fragments, Access Items, and Other Currencies: 200%

    Fatal ("Level 3")
    • Level requirement: 50+
    • Monster damage: 400%
    • Monster health points: 800%
    • Guardian, Champion and Leader monsters have 1-2 additional abilities.
    • Sentinel and Boss monsters have 3 additional enhancements.
    • Experience points: 400%
    • Loot quality*
      • Improved: 61-100%
      • Magic: 61-100%
      • Extraordinary: 61-100%
      • Legendary: 80-100%
    • Item stacks
      • Andermants: 250%
      • Coins, Materi Fragments, Access Items, and Other Currencies: 250%

    Infernal I ("Level 4")
    Starting at Infernal I and above, you will also find Pristine Cores in the loot you can receive from the chest.
    • Level requirement: 55+
    • Monster damage: 500%
    • Monster health points: 1600%
    • Guardian, Champion and Leader monsters have 2-3 additional abilities.
    • Sentinel and Boss monsters have 4 additional enhancements.
    • Experience points: 500%
    • Loot quality*
      • Improved: 70-120%
      • Magic: 75-120%
      • Extraordinary: 80-120%
      • Legendary: 85-120%
    • Item stacks
      • Andermants: 260%
      • Coins, Materi Fragments, Access Items, and Other Currencies: 300%

    Infernal II ("Level 5")
    • Level requirement: 55+
    • Monster damage: 700%
    • Monster health points: 2000%
    • Guardian, Champion and Leader monsters have 3 additional ability.
    • Sentinel and Boss monsters have 5 additional enhancements.
    • Experience points: 600%
    • Loot quality*
      • Improved: 90-140%
      • Magic: 95-140%
      • Extraordinary: 100-140%
      • Legendary: 104-140%
    • Item stacks
      • Andermants: 270%
      • Coins, Materi Fragments, Access Items, and Other Currencies: 350%

    Infernal III ("Level 6")
    • Level requirement: 55+
    • Monster damage: 1000%
    • Monster health points: 2400%
    • Guardian, Champion and Leader monsters have 3 - 4 additional abilities.
    • Sentinel and Boss monsters have 6 additional enhancements.
    • Experience points: 700%
    • Loot quality*
      • Improved: 110-160%
      • Magic: 115-160%
      • Extraordinary: 120-160%
      • Legendary: 125-160%
    • Item stacks
      • Andermants: 280%
      • Coins, Materi Fragments, Access Items, and Other Currencies: 400%
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    Secret Lairs
    With Release 214, a new set of dungeons were implemented: The Secret Lairs (any difficulty)


    Whenever a boss is defeated, the entrance to one of these Secret Lairs will be opened. Depending on where the player is coming from, the dungeons will differ in size and difficulty.

    Regardless the difficulty, entry requirements are always the same: 1 x Secret Lairs' Offering.

    How can I get a Secret Lair Offering?
    • Daily Login Bonus
    • Daily Deal
    • Gnob (Event Merchant)
    • Emilia (Premium Trader)
    • Daily Challenges.
    • PvP Trader.
    • Progress bar of some events (e.g. Winter Solstice Challenges).
    Please note: There is only a limited amount per day available.

    How does it work?
    After defeating the final boss, the entrance to one Secret Lair will appear. Depending on where you are coming from, each secret lair will differ in size and difficulty.

    Secret Lairs are different between each other. There are 4 types in total, depending on the map and difficulty you are playing at:

        • Normal – 4 platforms
        • Additional Difficulties – 6 platforms
        • Events – 8 platforms
        • Parallel Worlds – 12 platforms
    (1) If you defeated Heredur on normal difficulty, you will be redirected to the Secret Lair of Ice that comes with 4 platforms.

    (2) If you defeated Kramparus during the Winter Solstice Festival on difficulty Painful, you will be to the Secret Lair of Ice that comes with 8 platforms on Painful mode.

    Question: Sometimes, there is a Force Shield on a map and I can't pass it. How can I?
    Answer: Do not forget that Secret Lair size (number of plataforms) depends from where you came from. So, if you accessed the map from other place than Parallel World, you can't pass the Force Shield. That means that you are playing in a map with less than 12 plataforms. Force Shield is intentionally placed there so you can't play the entire map.

    As mentioned in the above examples, each Secret Lair is focussed on one of the existing element types of the game, such as Andermagic, fire or ice.

    The table below provides an overview of all existing bosses and their respective Secret Lairs.

    Please note that a boss is also able to lead to more than one type. In this case, it’s random which entrance will appear after the boss is defeated.

    Black WidowX
    Sharr KarabXXXXXX
    Big PawsXX
    Blood Mage (Full Moon Event)X
    How to play it?

    First of all, after you cross the blue barrier, the map is closed for any other players. So, make sure that everyone from your group is on the map BEFORE you leave the starting point!!


    Then, Secret Lairs will be the new source to get Gilded Clovers by providing various challenges.


    Protector Waves
    In this variation, there will be one protector on each available platform. Defeating the protectors will grant you a chance to receive Gilded Clovers.

    However, the protector will be accompanied by different monsters that will spawn in waves, as soon as his health drops to a certain percentage.
    As soon as the first wave of monsters appears, he will receive a shield that makes it invulnerable, until the fifth wave of monsters has spawned.

    This procedure will be repeated, as soon as the protectordrops even lower in health. The second wave (6-10) will start when he receives the second shield.
    As long as the shield is active, the protector will not actively participate in the battle.

    Greedy Goblin Hunt
    As soon as you are getting closer to the first platform of the dungeon, a Greedy Goblin will appear. As usual, this Goblin will try to get away from the player as fast as possible. While running away, he will summon different monsters.

    As soon as he reaches his destination (which is usually on the other side of the dungeon), he will disappear. In this case, no loot is granted. If players defeat him, there is a very high chance to receive Gilded Clovers.
    A minimap icon will show the exact position of the goblin at any time.

    Wreckful Protector
    In this variation, there are locked chests on most of the accessible platforms. As soon as you are getting closer to the first platform of the dungeon, a protector will appear on the other side of the dungeon. He will start to walk towards the other end of the dungeon. As soon as the aura that surrounds him reaches one of the locked chests, it will be destroyed. The player must make haste in order to attack the protector. As soon as his health drops to a certain percentage, he will switch to battle mode.

    At this point in time, the protector is not able to destroy any more chests and can be defeated.
    As soon as you are able to defeat him, all chests are unlocked and can be looted.
    However, on the platforms between protector and players, different types of monster will appear to slow the player down.
    A minimap icon will show the exact position of the protector.

    Monster Hordes
    In this variation, the entire dungeon is filled with different monsters. There are no specific rules for this variation. Just chill and kill.
    Only with Monster Hordes challenge, an additional chest will appear as the entire dungeon is empty. A minimap icon will show you the exact location of the chest and you can find some Gilded Clovers in that chest!

    There are special plataforms. While the main plataform provides the challenges listed above, there are special plataforms that provide different encounters: see list below. Those encounters can be started by activating the "Ancient Brazier" that is located on the plataforms.


    There is one special platform in each small dungeon (4 or 6 plataforms) and two special platforms in each big dungeon (8 or 12 plataforms).

    Greedy Goblin Waves
    As soon as the Ancient Brazier is activated, waves of goblins and other monsters will start to spawn. You must act quickly, as the goblins will disappear after a short amount of time.

    Sentinel Fight
    A Sentinel will appear after the Ancient Brazier is activated. After the Sentinel is defeated, several chests will appear, which can be looted. There is also a chance for a bonus chest that will contain additional Gilded Clovers!

    Monster Chest Battle

    As soon as you activate the Ancient Brazier, a Chest of the Lairs will spawn. This monster in disguise will spawn minions to defend itself. As soon as it is defeated, it can be looted.

    Free Chest
    A group of 6 chests in a row will appear. You can can choose one, the others will vanish. The content of these chests vary.
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