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Discussion in 'Headquarters Archive' started by CM Greg, Jul 14, 2015.

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  1. Mario_Boss

    Mario_Boss Regular

    About hidden achivment. Is that raptor always there on that map or is it random spawn?
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  2. mike125

    mike125 Forum Apprentice

    When the explosive arrow hits you it breaks your armor and explodes after that.
  3. littlemichel

    littlemichel Active Author

    just want make clear , not the arrow ,mate. but the explosion ,so to take advantage that armor break , they need follow with other shoot ofc as long the opponent still alive :D
  4. mike125

    mike125 Forum Apprentice

    The explosive arrow should hit you only around 200-500 dmg like Iron Brow or Black Hole. Imagine Iron Brow hits around 5k without cooldown :D
  5. littlemichel

    littlemichel Active Author

    dude, U simply can not compare them ,first all 2 skill u mention Iron brow and singularity ,per I see ,both are support skill and both by default has armor break , in other side EA by default don't have it , and with certain build (with high concentration) can be effectively as replacement PS as main skill due the higher damage output than ps ,like SW,they can choose lighting , ice sphere or fire ball as main if u see a ranger throwing EA toward u ,simply because they want achieve more damage per shoot,not because the armor break.
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  6. taketh

    taketh Regular

    EDIT: Not interested in hearing a reply to this.

    Tired of the power you give to forum admins. While I agree they do a necessary task of censoring language and deleting spam posts from advertisers, I disagree with these players being the gateway to bigpoint. I raised a possible bug earlier suggesting that the Jewel of Enhancment should work for all gems including the fortified onyx skull. A forum admin said it was not a bug. Unless there is a specifcation for the feature, that admin is making decisions bigpoint should be making. Admins are making decisions about the future of the game by dictacting what can and cant be discussed. They can pretty much hide ideas that they don't agree with by moving them into sections of the forums not watched by developers. If in fact bigpoint decides it is not a bug, in my opinion it is an idea for improvement so should be pused into the creative corner. I address my forum posts to the people at bigpoint, and people on the forum can add their two cents, positive or negative. What is unbelievable is letting players answer for bigpoint.
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  7. sebastian_fl

    sebastian_fl Count Count

    1. Why would one assume it can work with those skulls? 2. Why wouldn't admins know it doesn't assuming they write tutorials, including one on the jewel of enhancement? 3. Why wouldnt admins know about it taking into account that question with obvious answer was already asked concerning the travel speed and armor % gemstones.

    While I also have some 'concerns' about admins processing the information from the certain forum threads (I don't know for sure so don't make any claims, but I havent seen replies in a number of threads, even those marked with a Bug), claiming admins do bad job in this specific case is absurd.
  8. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Plus, I've seen them say "We don't know but we'll find out" if there is a question asked that they don't know the answer. I'd assume that if they are saying that it is not a bug but working as intended then that it the truth. I know we already asked about the jester gems, and because these are special combinable gems (as opposed to normal combinable gems) just like those, it make a certain degree of sense.

    I just saw the thread you were talking about, and now I'm even more confused. @trakilaki isn't a forum admin. He is a wiki admin, but the two are totally different.
    His statements may just be well informed opinions, but I'd be willing to bet that he is right. He is more knowledgeable about this game than almost anyone else on the EN forums (except on math... I beat him there :p). I'd almost be willing to bet that when an actual admin sees that thread that they will set the record straight, and it would not surprise me one bit if trakilaki is right.
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  9. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Since when DSO Wiki became under BP's ownership?
    I as a DSO Wiki Admin ... can assure you we are not related in any way with BP.
    Haruki can answer you on that matter ... she can't lie on this matter.

    The other problem is that you are inexperienced and not knowledgeable enough with this game. That is why you are confused ... I will answer to your question in the original thread HERE.
    And i will also give you reference to the past similar/same suggestions that BP never took into account.
    BTW I was the first one who gave such (similar) idea long time ago in the old forums.

    As for the bugs and ... I know what bug is and what not ... in fact your question was already answered by Greg and Haruki. But you don't watch Twitch either.
    I am testing at TS together with some knowledgeable people ... for an example last time _Baragain_ and I were testing the content expansion ... and our feedback ... and the feedback of the other players that were testing there ... contributed greatly to the game.
    But you don't seem to read the all forum threads either.

    You want BP to answer you if it is a bug or no? :D
    Good luck with your task.
  10. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Well crap ... the thread is closed . pffffff
    I will answer you here.
    This is what YouWinOrYouDie said ... which is correct.
    Also it has been answered by the CMs ... so basically your question is long time answered. (search the treads/Twitch ... etc).

    I will add up bit more.
    That is special gem like many other event gems (I will exclude the jester gems because they are not connected with the events and they are relatively new to the game) ... Jewel of Immunity, Jewel of Rage, Solstice Star , Shadow Stone and Jewel of Enhancement which can be used as a joker gem for crafting regular gems ... and Greg made it clear in one of his Twitch sessions that the Jewel of Enhancement can be used only with the regular never with the special gems.
    Do you know how many of them I have?
    Every single one of them ... since the introduction into the game long time ago. I have something like 20.
    So we ... the old players have them more than 15 ... and we couldn't use them all since the helmet can only have 5 slots. (until recently when the cloak slots were introduced)
    So I gave an idea that they should be crafted like the regular gems ... that was long time ago in the old forums ... and same was suggested in this forum.
    Thread #1
    Thread #2
    Thread #3

    The idea was never implemented by BP ... probably because they have their own reason.
    Most probably because the event gems are not making any profit ... unlike the Jester Gems.
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  11. taketh

    taketh Regular

    @trakilaki I was not talking about the DSO wiki admin. I was fairly sure you were an admin on this site, given that my post was moved, and you wrote an explanation to why it was moved as if it was you who moved it. Guess its another fail on the admin who moved it for not giving an explanation.

    Of the three threads you mentioned, not one was the specific problem i raised, and even in those threads, there was not an official response. You said it was raised in a twitch so i will take your word for it, but it is bigpoints decision to whether it is a bug or not, and not yours.
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You are very confused :D
    Are you talking about this thread?
    As far I can see it is still in that section ... the mods didn't moved it anywhere.

    Dude seriously ... READ all the threads ... in this forum the players are giving answers if something is a bug or not ... it was never done by BP.
  13. taketh

    taketh Regular

    @trakilaki No, talking about the Jewel of Enhancement thread. You previously told me to raise possible bugs under technical support, so i did, and it then got moved to event questions. If it is not a bug, then should be proposed as an idea for the creative corner in my opinion.

    Of course it could be that i was just being very clumsy and it was never moved... to which i would have to hold my head in shame and delete posts.
  14. fourtwenty68

    fourtwenty68 Board Analyst

    lol now we are getting somewhere,event gems like the skull,u need all of them then combine them or use them separately ,JOE gem is only for non event normal gems,and not special event gems like the skull.but can be used with the large gem bag from an event,which are normal gems. and it is a nice idea if u do 3 xmas (example) being if u get only 1 gem from an event per year...and want to combine gems from those events.which have been discussed in forum already.;)

    on the map not resetting,u all need to exit map for it to reset,if u left the pumpkin heads to kill later but u r still in map and ur friend comes in ,it will not reset the whole map,all he can kill is the pumpkin heads u left.;)
  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You can ask them not me.
    Is it my responsibility that you are starting threads in the wrong sections?
    Is it my responsibility that they didn't move it according to your thoughts?
    You have a BUG prefix in the title ... big as a mountain ... and you want them to move it to "creative corner" ...
    ... well maybe you should ask them ...
    Do you know why did reply into your thread? I will tell you ... i was doing my daily duties on wiki and I saw this reply ... which now i know who made it ... and I went to the forums to see if anyone already started thread on the same topic. Now that I know who did reply ... and who is putting wrong info in our wiki pages (like Burning Pumpkins that are not burning at all XD) ... i feel relieved. XD
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  16. taketh

    taketh Regular

    @trakilaki I never brought up the wiki, you did. Incredibly lame of you to talk about my wiki involvement here, in fact i prefer talking to Maga on the wiki because time and time again you have proven yourself to me at least that you are detestable from the way you talk to people. I would be happy not hearing from you again.

    I thought it was a bug, so i raised it as a bug. I should have raised it as an idea for the creative corner so admins and yourself would not have anything to complain about.
  17. MegaNuker

    MegaNuker Forum Ambassador

    A word from the wise. Better to talk to customer support instead. All your doing is getting worked up and mad. Please take a deep breath no one is trying to be mean to you.
  18. BigPapa

    BigPapa Forum Overlooker

    So you think the rangers level 49 skill that they have to spend 10 points to get should be on par with your level 18 skill you have to spend no points to get? Really? Honestly you think that would balance the scales and be fair? Maybe they should make explosive shot our level 18 skill, that would be fair right?
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  19. Darwarren

    Darwarren Count Count

    OK, OK. So you can both write your name in the snow. But can you draw a Mona Lisa?
  20. Shiladitya

    Shiladitya Padavan

    I will not even think abt class balance anymore :D If what the designers did is called balance, I can scratch my nose with my human tail :D

    @CM Greg About the new class, could you ask developers to atleast allow gem sharing between characters so that we can test out other classes with full gems and if we dont like it switch back? its logical and since this is inbetween characters of a single account i dont see it getting abused much. Please ask them to consider the idea. Since CM Haruki is on holiday I tagged you.
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