The 1h range of the dwarf's weapons needs to be equal to all.

Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by lovatic66, Dec 23, 2018.

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  1. KulawyMao

    KulawyMao Exceptional Talent

    this is so stupid thead...
    u want buff mech, who are top on arena(with tank)
    u forgot that mech has turrents = he don't need do any dmg, just put 2 turrents and escape ;d
    wait some more time and it will be like on 50lvl
    there will be mass unkilled mechs/tanks on 1h who will be escaping all the time to win on hp down in end of time(3x3) or 1 mech/tank will win 6x6, or u will be waiting 15 min on flag bc 2 tanks/mechs take flag and anybody will can kill them 2

    its funny that 1 of 2 best(for now) class comes cry on forum that they want buffs :p

    i have 40k dmg on my mag and i have friend =archer with 99% same stats
    with all tonic/buffs we can use i dont be even close to clean map with the same time what he's doing....bc i need to wait 2-3sec for half of my skills and he don't need to wait...
    EA now it's like she should be, from the beggining u have the same descripcion, but it was bugged 2years so u think it was right but nope
    (EA from the beggining should explode ONLY when hit the target what u have from beggining on description)
    u don't remember how archers spam EA on arena on 50lvl and kill all players, when EA don't be even close to hit the target?

    dso has many think to fix
    now i think arena will be more unbalanced that it was before 214
    wait some more time and i think will be 1 big problem =
    archer/mag will not have any chance to win agains tank/mech on 1h(if there don't be noob vs kox) bc mech/tank have good healing and archer/mag don't have ;p
  2. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Sorry to say it but you cant play mage if a ranger outclears you. you are just doing smt wrong very wrong

    Ea was meant to explode in the air when they removed it the first time they didnbt say it was a bug they said it was removed due to players demand.
    Then it came a second time and the devs just said ye its a bug blah blah blah....
    If you believe so much in them then pray because you have yet to learn the hard lesssons......
  3. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    One of my favorites is when they "fixed" the Dragan Set's Laser. It was doing 150% damage per second, exactly like it's tool tip stated. It was just split up over two 75% hits every second. Then the Developers "Fixed" the laser. Now it deals 150% damage per hit, but it still hits twice in a second, so it actually does 300% of your base damage per second, no matter what the patch notes and tooltip says.

    These developers are the same ones that the noobs in this thread are trusting when they say that the nature of EA's explosion was a bug.

    The moral of the story is that when there is a discrepancy between what the DSO team says in patch notes and what one of the gurus says in the forums, believe Trakilaki and myself. We've both forgotten more about this game than most of the current developer team knows. And that certainly means we know more about the things we say than some little noob who's upset that a more talented/better geared/lucky player wiped the arena with his face.

    P.S. Dragan's laser is still bugged, or at least the tool tip is. I'm not complaining. I like killing stuff with it and now that it can't be used in PvP, there isn't any reason to nerf it... just update the damn tool tip Devs!

    Oh, and on topic.

    No, SMs aren't at a disadvantage. If a mechanical turret is cast at the extent of a SM's range, it can subsequently reach further than any other ranged class because of how the range of the turret reaches beyond the SM's own range. If anything, that is an advantage that is only shared with SWs' and their Guardians.
  4. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    You're talking about healing, right now the dwarf's nightmare is the hunter because he is cured 30% of life by blow, so using turrets against the ranger is suicidal just like staying very close to him, keep the distance if, even if they win by the range, we go back to the weapon 1h, however to me in the particular amuses me I have another way to play the hunters, but that does not remove that the ranger with this new system of pvp can be cured more than warriors and dwarves, mostly in 1vs1 so do not come to say that the dwarf is very op because it heals too much. :)

    If all very nice, but the turrets have 90% less stamina because they die very fast, any player would go first to these to leave without steam to the dwarf, in fact if a dwarf kills you for their turrets must not be very good, you would have accepted in the old pvp, but now the turrets are pure distraction, the only thing we kill are with the trail of oil, missile and "basic shot", in fact there is the reason why I believe the subject, the basic shot 1h is limited our main weapon we use to kill. :)
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
  5. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    No, EA meant to explode when hit player/obstacle/monster…… but it shouldn't explode at end of the path

    In theory SM have biggest range, but in practice even DK have bigger range then 1h SM (like in theory 04.01 I will win 10m euros, but in practice I will just lose 2 euros)
  6. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Did you even read the whole wall of text traki wrote or everybody here reads the last 4-5 patch notes ignoring the experience of the older players...
  7. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    1. This is tread about 1h dwarf range, not EA
    2. Yes I read; and also I read traki post where he is against blindly shooting at dots on mini map
    3. "ignoring experience of older players" what does it mean? Older by years? Older by years of playing dso? Older by cumulative play dso/or any other game?
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Exactly ... the thread is about the midget's 1H range which doesn't need to be increased ... and the midget players in lack of arguments are shifting the thread in Apples to Pears comparison.
    Not really ... it was not about blind shooting using the minimap.
    Probably by all means ... but most likely in terms of playing experience in this game.

    I had a conversation with a midget player in the arena yesterday.
    They were wondering why am I using the healing talent on DB ... they said they have never seen a ranger using the talent so far.
    Was it you by any chance? :p
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
  9. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    Lets use my timemachine. @

    This is where everything started not im the one who started to bring up the stupid bugs that every class had in the past.

    Thought i dont have to comment again, i was wrong.
    We can argue all day if you want my most played class in a mage which is 5 years old.

    Lack of what?
    When you will finnaly understand that im talking about?
    What you see here? I see that EA worked the right way..exploding when hiting walls, players but when you will finnaly understand that im talking about when it exploded without hiting anything?
    I know what you keep repeating that before R194 it was exploding anyways without hiting anything..

    You can say whatever you want from your sources how it was working.
    If the devs themself remove it in R194 -than they added in R210 the explosion when hiting walls, static things.
    They didnt said they added back the explosion when hiting nothing..
    As i said you can make me look stupid with repeating yourself the skill worked like this in the past, but if they removed it and they didnt wanted to add this back than i dont know why you upset.

    How many time i have to write down that i do agree that devs was wrong when they took out the exploding when even hiting a wall..
    But you have to admit that it was borderline.. that even if a ranger was blindshooting in thoose release's in PVP they hited you anyways and you lost a reasonable hp.

    Do not blame the devs for their release notes ,in the end of the day not you are the one that wrote it.
    Im pretty sure you are a human too and not a developer.

    Sure you do :)

    Use your timemachine for better cause.

    If you really have problem agains a 1h dwarf with a mage, than i have nothing else to say.
  10. Purgerzg

    Purgerzg Active Author

    1.I never said that it should increase dwarf 1h range, and what I see from here the players can't event place some suggestion and the rocks come to face

    2.You say: "With this release you changed the EA behavior so it can suit the noobs play. You deliberately nerfed the impact arrow and boosted the AoE ... making the rangers noobs and forcing them to play like noobs who are just spamming EA wherever they can.
    Luckily some players didn't took the bait and did foresee the future PvP gameplay (blind shooting)"

    3.I have 35years, play since 20.01.2012, DSO is my first MMPORG (but play some other games from 2004)…..but anyway why is that important? New players shouldn't speak, make suggestions, ask something, disagree with something?

    4.I have some very nice suggestion, remove all items from pvp, add some basic dmg/HP/armor/critic and choose with witch class you enter pvp. With that there will be no crying about other classes (we all be playing OP 1h dwarf class in pvp)

    And for all classes, I wish you happy farming and lucky crafting in 2019 :D
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
  11. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Actually, it's already like that, in your account you can have the 4 classes.
    With this pvp it is as simple as level up the 4 classes to 55, do them 1 round inf4 equip that new items and register in PvP.
    No need to be constantly farming, doing events with 4 classes to have a competitive char in PvP.
  12. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    Any hunter knows his abilities, and most use the healing lunge, you just can't be close to him and using turrets is to lose the fight already in itself, look at healing 30% of life per stroke, the dwarf heals 2%, but of course the dwarf heals too much haha, but as I said this does not interest me, the subject of my post is the scope of the weapon 1h of the dwarf, just divert the subject.

    Until now nobody has told me because the dwarf does not deserve to have the same reach, eye, "the same reach of all the pj with weapon 1h". :)
  13. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    I actually told you:
    I don't see wars asking for range. (By the way... you didn't deserve to have same range as all classes when your range was the higher? Tsss...)
    Are you really comparing rangers ability (which needs wolfs/guardian/turrets to heal dealing the last hit on a marked objective) with the dwarfs healing? Serious? It's as simple as not putting turrets/wolfs/guardian so rangers are not able to regen any HP.
    If you put a turret and a ranger goes to recover HP you can deal more than 30% of that recovering while he's trying to do it, you know where ranger is going so you can stun him and take profit of it. Most of the times is not worth the risk of going body to body with an objective to "recover".
    You don't talk about mages recovering HP with the main attack (a distance one) when killing any objective? And of course, no need to marking like rangers.
  14. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    The fact that mages healing is not op is because it recovers 10% instead of rangers 30% plus rangers atack deals more dmg when marked so you need less hits, dont compare them
    For instance you can 1hit the turret while i need 3 shots or smt which will make me stay in 1 place vulnerable to the other turret or the dwarf itself
    And this is why dwarfs dont need any more range if they had it i have to deal with 3 ranged dmg dealers and if i stop to kill the turrets im being puneshed by the dwarf if it had that huge range.
    The whole idea is that the turrets deal dmg adn the dwarf should protect them not just spam then and run across the whole arena
  15. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    You mean 1hit with EA? Then i don't recover HP :) You recover HP shooting from distance, rangers can't do this and they are not tanks to play body to body risking the game for nothing in most cases.
    I'm not complaining about that mages skill, just putting it all on the table, i don't see any coherence if a dwarf is complaining about rangers regen but not mages, actually i can't see any coherence in a dwarf complaining about the regen at all.
    Rangers are not vulnerable trying to get closer to one turret while the other turret and the dwarf are spamming him?
  16. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    The war uses other abilities, its attacks are body to body, what you mention borders on the ridiculous, I thought it was necessary to omit the warrior in my request, for something so obvious, but well... although the warrior could be given an invocation I think they would like it. :confused:

    It seems that you have never played with a hunter being a dwarf, it is not necessary that I throw turrets, I said that I do not do it and if I do it is suicidal, now hunters seek the body to body because they know they have an advantage, 30% more life, I have seen hunters heal 8400 of life from a blow by sticking to me as if I were warriors, but as I said my complaint is not with hunters, their ability can be used in this new pvp, before it was something useless because I would be dead by the damages that were handled at that time, however they continue deviating my main subject.:)
  17. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    If it is not necessary to put turrets why are you complaining? Easy solution for that "big" problem of rangers regen -.-
    To make you understand why the dwarf does not need and should not have a higher range, it is necessary to talk about other classes as well.
    No one has deviated the main theme, you just never wrote here with the intention of debating and being able to change your opinion, rather you just want to make a complaint expecting that the other dwarves follow you and make noise so that the devs act for fear like so many other times.
    You just want to have it all, the most range, attack of three bands, the only one of the "no war" classes with tank skills, the only one able to regen without needing to attack, the less cooldown on jump (antistun). Tell me what more, it's Xmas :)
    We'll bring you all the facilities, small legs.
    You will not understand why you should not have the same range as a ranger/mage, cause you don't want an explanation, just a change for your benefit in the game, without caring of justice or balance, as you demonstrated shutting your mouth when you had more range than anyone.
  18. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    Greater range... I already said that the turrets die very fast, the dwarf has the regenerator of steam / dwarf slower than all, ie 3 per second, against 8-12 in front of the other classes, so if I throw turrets to the fool is equal to stay at 0 steam and stay ko, in fact the problem is that the dwarf has 3-4 skills that are turrets that are included as invocations that can be attacked, most of the skills of the dwarf are obsolete because they now have 90% less stamina today, is different with the guardian or wolf that have always been pure distraction, now the dwarf if you want to use turrets have to be as distraction because they have 90% less stamina, therefore would be in the background.

    Now this is not a complaint, I have no problem with this, I just emphasize it because it seems that for you the dwarf is god xd, but well I simply have to accommodate myself with the other skills, but back to the same my range is reduced in weapons 1h, the rapid fire is the main attack that I have left, but is limited and makes me stay many times face to face against another player with greater range or even another pj that heals all his life from a couple of blows.

    It's funny what you say, of course less time in the jump, but the magicians would have me frozen all the time, the war would not stop stunning me and would be slower than a turtle in front of the hunters, however it is easy to deduce the dwarf jump, after it does he can be easily caught for a few seconds, maybe you can not, but it's your problem, those who know how to play the dwarf have no problem with that.

    Regarding the hunter his healing of 30% over passes to the tank and the dwarf with 2% by far making it the real tank of 1v1 and it is not necessary that he can not be cured without hitting because with the new pvp people do not die of a blow and is always in constant front to front, enough to heal all his life if he wanted, and thus kill or win for time in worse cases.

    How much fear you have that the dwarf has the same range with weapons 1h, because you yes and I do not ... if now my invocations ( turrets ) because now are that, were in second place, therefore I have to defend myself with my basic shot.:)
  19. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    You are totally wrong, ranger is not healing with every thrust hit, only recovers HP when doing last hit with that skill and just if the objective was marked, they are not tanks to play front to front worthly.
    You mean rangers can regen constanly HP when hitting? xD
    Dwarfs can easy win a duel without using turrets so where's the problem? You just need to learn how to play vs each class, and you don't have only turrets+basic shot as you said, maybe that's your problem, you used to play in a basic way before release when dwarf was bugged and you liked the easy way, now you can't adapt to reality.
  20. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    XD, as if it was very difficult to mark the enemy in a range close to the hunter, knife dance and arrow hunting do not usually fail if they want to mark and then heal, just cure once to unbalance the duel, however this is not something that matters to me, the subject continues to deviate.

    That you can win you can, I usually use almost all skills of my pj, but that's not the problem, the problem is the range of 1h weapons, because only the dwarf is the limited of the other pj, their turrets are no longer their main weapon you've said so yourself, "play without turrets and already", so I do not see the problem that give the same range of range in 1h weapons, as simple as that.:)