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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 17th of July
    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    Please find below a summary of the content of the Twitch session held on the 17th of July on our Twitch channel. Bear in mind that this is a very concise recap!

    Drakensang and Gamescom 2015

    This year the DSO team will be at Gamescom, which is a gaming convention held in Cologne (Germany) between the 6th to the 9th of August. In this edition we will bring a temple of Lor’Tac directly to all visitors and we will have raffles, PVP contests, live quests with Kaylin Lefrye and more.
    More information will arrive soon to all our social media channels!
    New community roadmap in the forums

    Greg and Haruki explained why having a community roadmap is important: to ensure that you guys receive an overview of the features, bug fixes and events that are coming in the future relevant to your interests. Also, they mentioned briefly the presence of 6 new “Ask the CM threads” in the English forum.
    Update on Lor’Tac

    The CMs showed three new maps that belong to the new continent:​
    • Fyrgon’s Path of Fire
    • Agathon’s Alliance Hall
    • Nahuatlan
    Fyrgon’s Path of Fire
    click on the image to view it full size

    click on the image to view it full size

    Agathon’s Alliance Hall
    click on the image to view it full size

    click on the image to view it full size

    They also revealed some of other monsters/creatures players will find during their adventures:​
    • Chaos Spawner
    • Fleshy Mummy
    • Chimera
    Chaos Spawner

    click on the image to view it full size
    Fleshy Mummy

    click on the image to view it full size

    click on the image to view it full size

    Two more events in July

    There will be two more events coming this month with the Release 154. One will be the XP event and the other one will be the Lor’Tac Bound event (already announced on the forums). They showed a little bit how the latter event works.
    Preview of new features coming soon

    Greg and Haruki went through some of the features that you can expect soon:​
    • New premium benefits (with release 154) - this are explained in the Patch Notes for this release
    • Lucky Mount Offer (with Release 154) – this is also explained in the Patch notes
    • Chat filter incoming! – the team is currently working to implement a good chat filter across all maps.
    New skill system presentation – interview with Jason, from the Game Design team

    Jason answered to some of the questions asked by the community. He explained how the talent system works for each of the skills and described the whole new system as the correct step forward in player customization. He promised that players will be able to test this skill system very soon and asked you to please leave your feedback in the forum thread we created for this.
    Q&A, raffles and bonus code

    The CM team answered some of the questions made by the community on Facebook, raffled some cool prizes and revealed the next bonus code: it contains 3 Black Dyes and it is FINALLYWEEKEND.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 30th of July

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Please find here a very concise recap of what was said during the latest Twitch session by your Community Managers.​

    Drakensang and Gamescom

    As you know, this year DSO is attending the Gamescom. Greg and Haruki explained that they will be accompanied by other members of the team (QA tester and game designers) as well as by Kaylin. They also gave the community a peek over the booth that is being constructed now at Cologne.

    Lor’Tac Rise of Balor (R155)

    Rise of Balor is the final name of the expansion that will bring Lor’Tac to all your PCs! Although we do not have a confirmed release date yet, you can expect it to arrive by the end of August. As for the release of 155 on the test server, you will need to wait a little bit more!

    New features coming with Release 155

    During last Twitch session your community managers went over the Skill System 2.0. This time they presented you with the new wisdom and PvP talents. Please note that this is a very short summary (or a teaser) and that a more comprehensive description will appear on the forums later on.

    The new wisdom talents

    In this system, every character can have a maximum of 50 wisdom talent points (1 per character level). All classes will have 4 identical talents (Agility, Offense, Defense, Mobility). Apart from that, each class will have specific class talents, which can also be improved individually. More information arriving soon!
    What about teleportation, mount riding, the 7th slot and the kobold bank?
    You will have these talents from the very beginning!

    The new PvP talents

    Every character will have a maximum of 50 talent points (1 per character level). All classes will have four identical talents (Favored by the crowd, Puncturing Shots, Steadfast and Defiance). Another row of fame talents will be found with all classes and will have the same effects for all of them. Then the player will be able to choose a specific class talent. More information arriving soon!

    Q&A, raffles and bonus code

    The CM team answered once again some of the questions asked by the community on Facebook, raffled some cool prizes and revealed the next bonus code: GNOBTASTIC. As you can guess, it’s a little present from the team to all of you after the NPC issue that was affecting the game last week. Go and get it!​

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 28th of August

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    Please find here a very concise recap of what was said during the latest Twitch session by your Community Managers.

    Kaylin Lefrye NOT in Dracania
    Since all of you can access Lor’Tac now, Kaylin is now busy with the in depth exploration of the continent. You will be able to meet Kaylin in Lor’Tac – but she won’t appear in any other parts of Dracania. Once her mission in Lor’Tac is done – Kaylin will speak to you all.

    Release 155
    Release 155 has a much longer sync time than usual (up to 6 hours). In order to enable more players to enter the game we needed an extra small fix during that day which again extended the down time. However now the game runs better. We are now collecting feedback to tackle first appearing bugs.

    Hottest Issues
    We gathered already a big selection of issues that need to be fixed as soon as possible, here’s a small overview:

    - It is possible to combine 4 items of a kind to craft a broken unique item or level 1 item
    : this is known and will most likely be fixed with the next hotfix – if you abuse this bug you are highly unlikely
    to receive a compensation. By that we mean that – we know that some of you smelt the unique items due to their glyph of power value. What to do instead: leave the broken items in your inventory until after the hotfix.

    - Wisdom and Honor points have not been transferred 1-to-1 for all characters
    Since the deployment of Rise of Balor some of you have lower levels in the wisdom and honor trees for no apparent reason. The development team has confirmed that this is provoked by a database issue that cannot be fixed without a downtime. Therefore, this problem will be fixed as soon as possible with the next hotfix. We do not have an estimate date of arrival for this but we will keep you updated.

    - Lower defense and lower health points for all character, wanted or bug?
    Currently the feedback is mixed and players are pointing the finger at several causes. Lowered items stats, missing PvP skills, not yet allocated points on the wisdom talents. Higher resistances of monster in Lor’tac, overall higher damage output from monsters. But consider that monster have also lower HP, not only your character.

    - Some items have a lower glyphs of power value than before
    Remember, the upgrade costs but thus also the final overall value of items with relative enchantments has been lowered. However, there are cases that have been reported with bugged values – with no relative enchantments

    - Tome of insight is not working correctly
    Actually it is – but it does not count for experience that your receive for quests – only for defeated enemies that you find in the wild.

    Hotfix for Bugs
    Most likely incoming on Monday 31st of August or Tuesday 1st of September

    Preview of New Features & Events

    Random Monster Enchantments (RME)
    A closer look to this feature:
    • In future – RME will be applied to more monsters in Dracania
    • Dragan and his troops will receive this feature as next
    • Multiple RME on one monster might be an opportunity for the future
    Release 156
    Female Torsos
    Female characters should take a closer look at their gear as it will change visually after release 156 will have been applied.

    Player Feedback Implementation
    Release 156 will have first implementation of player’s feedback. Unlike the hotfix for R155 – which is purely there to fix bugs, R156 is more concerned to fix balancing issues.

    Let’s Play: Twilight Downs – Lor’Tac

    Raffles & Prizes

    Open Question & Answer session

    Why is Yolotl the only map where one encounters level 50 monsters (Balor)?

    CM: Because the player will be able to encounter stronger monster or equally strong monsters
    in the Parallel Worlds and scaling maps (Varholm,Balckborg, Shanri-La)

    Why are level 49 items dropping from level 50 monsters in the PW?

    CM: All monsters have a chance to drop items 1-2 level below or 1-2 level above their monster level, to a maximum of level 50 at the moment. You are supposed to be able to upgrade them as well! If the community dislikes this strongly for the PW, we will look into it with the PW-update.

    With release 155 all elixirs that boost health have been take out of the game - only Universal Healing Potions can be obtained now. Do we get to keep existing elixirs or will they be removed from our inventories as well?

    CM: No, Elixirs and other potions have a completely different ID in the database and existing ones, will be kept, can still be consumed - you simply won’t find any new ones.

    How can i get my mentor bonus back?
    CM: Here is an explanation - but this will only work after hotfix 155

    The bonus code gives you 3 days premium which is activated instantly once your redeemed the voucher code.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 11th of September
    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    The latest Twitch session featured our game designer lead, Jason. CM Haruki introduced the current situation with the game since the latest official release and covered the main points of each of the hotfixes. Then Jason kicked in and answered some of the questions of the community that are relevant to your interests, such as:
    • issues with the Dragonknight
    • drop rate
    • crit equation
    • PW difficulty
    • PvP current state
    • and much more!

    After that there was the typical raffle...


    ... and Haruki unveiled the next bonus code: WELOVEGOODIES. Go and redeem it!


    Please click here in order to access to the Twitch session on Youtube. If you want to go directly to the interview, please click here.
    NOTE: The audio is in English but we will have subtitles into order languages next week. Stay tuned!!
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  5. Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 25th of September

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    A new Twitch session happened and here is what your community managers talked about. You can access the video (in English only) by clicking HERE.

    “Play with Thabo” – Thabo will appear now sometimes in Dracania, ready to go on adventures with you. Come and say hi if you see him!
    Players playing with Thabo DURING Twitch will get a permanent emerald parrot.

    Greg and Haruki commented a little bit about the new two events for these days, the Dark Dwarf Heist event and the Gnob event

    Release 156:
    your community managers went through the latest release patchnotes and commented on the most important stuff.

    Community roadmap for Releases 157 and 158
    : then CMGreg also discussed some of the features that are planned for October and November

    Costume event:
    the winners of the costume event were properly announced. We will try to bring them to Dracania as soon as possible!

    Q&A, raffle and bonus code
    : to finish the Twitch, Greg and Haruki answered some of the questions of the community (click HERE to access it), announced the winners of the raffle and gave the next bonus code: HEISTMASTER. This code is meant to help you guys with the Dark Dwarf Heist event and you have until Monday to redeem it in our website.

    Kind regards,

    Your Drakensang Online team
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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 13th of November

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Our latest Twitch session was full of information and previews! Please find here all there is to know about it. Alternatively, you can watch the full session HERE.

    • First of all, Greg and Haruki went over the main changes applied to the game with release 158: the Combat Value system, juicy details about the Parallel Worlds Chapter 1 and also the batch of balancing issues that tackle specially item enchantments and also gemstones values across all tiers. You can check the patch notes HERE.
    • After that they moved to the Parallel Worlds Chapter 2 (arriving with release 159) and commented on the new difficulty system and the craftable Ammon’s set.
    • Your community managers gave you as well an exclusive peek over the new New&Full Moon event items!

    • New events for December! Greg and Haruki confirmed that big reworked Winter Solstice event is happening during December. This will not only be it since you will also enjoy of a special Christmas Community Calendar prepared for you plus some forums and Facebook events for all tastes!
    • By the end of the Twitch they answered some questions by the community, gave out some cool prizes and also showed you live some other items that will arrive with Rel159 so stay tuned for those!!
    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 27th of November

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Our latest Twitch session features more information about release 159 plus our December events. Please find below a summary – alternatively you can watch the full session HERE.

    Greg and Haruki unveiled more details about the future release 159, which is arriving very soon! You will be able to click on the Quick Mount Slot plus Teleport in order to appear already on your mount in the hubs. Chapter 2 of Parallel World is also arriving with the difficulty system and more craftable items. Plus there will be a fancy new set, the Durian one, for levels 20-30.​

    After that they moved to the Winter Solstice Event, which will arrive along with release 159. They went across some basic facts of the event such as the theme, the story behind it and some of the rewards . They confirmed there will be two difficulty modes, three challenges and new quests, featuring the NPCs Phestos, Drake and the cheerful Jullov family.​

    Then they confirmed that, along with that in-game event, there will be a number of interesting offline community events, starting already on the 1st of December and running for the whole month.​

    Our community managers commented on the issue with the Life-Keeper, Gnob’s latest mace, and the reasons why it will receive a little tweak with release 159.​


    Last but not least, they went into the questions and answers section (click HERE) and announced the raffle winners:
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 18th of December

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    With a little bit of delay we offer you the Twitch session summary of the latest livestream, which happened on the 18th of December. You can also watch the full session HERE.​

    Greg and Haruki started commenting the reworked New and Full Moon events. There are a number of complaints that you guys have sent us (items not stacking, drop quality, etc) and they reassured us that this is being brought to the attention of the event team, who will study this feedback for future tweaks.​

    Then they moved to the topic of release 160, giving already a sneak preview about it. There will be two great events coming soon (Defeat the Undefeatables and Stellar Gold), apart from more confirmed balancing and additional inventory space.​

    They did not want to close the year without hinting at the next content expansion, which is already in pre-production! They revealed a “mood map” already for you to enjoy.​

    The Community Managers also announced a bunch of cool videos in their Youtube channel. The latest ones are the Special Christmas Message and the interview with the composer of the Rise of Balor original soundtrack, Jeff Broadbent.
    Do you want to listen to the full score of the content expansion? Then click HERE!​

    Last but not least, the raffle winners were announced:​

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 8th of January

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    We have started the year with a Twitch session full of interesting information about the upcoming releases and events.​

    As always, we bring you an overview of what has been said today. Remember that you can also watch the full session HERE. ​

    • Greg and Haruki started with a list of New Year’s Resolutions that apply to the community management team but also to the entirety of the DSO. Their main points of improvement? More communication, more transparency and a better balance between providing new content and enhancing what we already have, with special look to community wishes.
    • They also invited all of you to vote in the “Design your DSO New Year’s Card” event, as the Facebook community vote is happening this weekend. Click HERE to vote!
    • Then they moved to release 160 and about the main features that are coming: improvements made to the PW and Difficulty System in general, additional inventory space, balancing improvements, the Gambler 3.0, new sets (Bearach set for PW and Norseland set for normal progression) and new Premium characteristics.
    • The CMs also covered what is being worked on for immediate future releases: ongoing PvP balancing measures, crafting 2.0, update of unique items, more buyable options for materi fragments, etc.
    • Then they talked about EVENTS: they confirmed that the Defeat the Undefeatables and Gnob are coming with release 160! Defeat the Undefeatables will bring new rewards and new dynamics while Gnob will bring the Dragonache set that you have been waiting for. The DSO team is not stopping here: Greg and Haruki also confirmed that a great deal of new events are currently in production for the upcoming months, including town defense events, Dragan event, and much more!
    • Then they answered some popular community questions and announced the raffle winners:

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 28th of January

    Dear Heroes,


    Play with Thabo - As always, during the air time of Twitch (4.30 – 5.30) you could play with Thabo and get rewards!

    Drakensang Online Roadmap 2016 (Update)

    What happens with the following topics

    What comes next? It is 2016, a new year with new possibilities! Many of you have been asking though -what is coming with 2016 and what happened to the following features?​
    • Guild Battles
    • Alchemy System
    • Content Expansion
    • New Class
    • Inspection
    • Hud-locking
    General statement current situation

    For the last two weeks we have been gathering data and information from all sorts of places, including the community. As you know, we have a complete new year ahead of us and there are several pain points to address. Forming a roadmap for 2016 is not done in one day as you need to consider many opinions and filter them as well. So currently we are fashioning a roadmap for 2016.Here are the biggest topics that have been discussed:

    Player versus Player

    The pain points have been discussed and all involved parties agree – PvP needs to be more balanced and changed. However, how do we do it? In the discussions we took into consideration questions such as: how fast should PvP be, how unbiased should it be?
    As you might have noticed - we have started taking out elements out of PvP, such as use of essences and next – potions. We are currently highly favoring the option to have the possibility to challenge players directly for a duel. However, you have to imagine, this needs a good set of guidelines and rules, as we would not want players to constantly duel only with their best friends and forget the rest of the community. Next to general need for balancing we also discussed new modes that we could implement to make the PvP experience more diverse. For example: the modes, which are available with the Helios Event could actually become permanent ones.We also looked at reward system – as we feel that there need to me more incentives, more motivational factors to play PvP more passionately.​

    Obviously there is also the big question: what about Guild versus Guild (as we promised)? This brings us to the next big piece that we discussed.​

    Guild Features, Group, Social Features

    We have a thriving and growing community that wants to be more than just a chat – we know that.Guilds and groups should be considered more and receive more options. Guild Battles are part of that. Our discussion and collection of ideas included a list of option on how to improve the experience for players who like to play together. When it comes to guilds, we are discussing what to plan first, should it be the battles, should it be the user interface for starters or should we perhaps give them first a special function, such as halls?​

    If we take the example of the Guild Battles – this idea started off as a 10 versus 10 battle mechanism but slowly developed into a much more complex system. In the end, as you know, we took it off the list for 2015 and shifted it into this year. Our learning from that is that we cannot blindly promised such features, so instead it is best if we discuss them, as we do now, with the open and let you know what the status is. One thing is certain – Drakensang Online has to become more social.However, any of the features, whether this is guild halls, more guild functions or battles – it does not matter with which one we start – they are all classified as XL features. Meaning, one will come after the other but allow us to guide you through them ☺We might start with smaller features such as improving the rights for different ranks (officer, leader, new ranks), increase the guild member capacity, introduce more guild and group buffs – but we might also start first with the big blockers (halls, battles etc).

    Content Expansion / New Class / New Features in general

    Last year we put the main focus on new areas, a new story and a bit also on new mechanisms (new skill system). This year we want to be able to give the main focus on new features and the supporting role will be played by the content extension. At least, this is the atmosphere that you can get from the discussions. What do we mean by that?Just imagine (really just an example): While there might be new maps and enemies, we will focus more on new modes or new elements in gaming (group buffs, shrines, new pvp modes).We have some designs lying around (for example: Alchemy system) – that would be perfect to introduce something like a professions system.

    We also know that some of you would like to change server and are wondering – will this be possible? Well, we are looking at several causes when a demand such as this one pops up.Why does the player want to change, for example, because it is a player who never gets matches in PVP or is it simply because the player wants a change of scenery? Perhaps a more balanced PVP and a direct dueling mode would help out and the change of server is then not necessary anymore.


    Basically it is these three big topics that we are discussion. Under these topics we are listing up all smaller tasks and features and evaluate them. Exactly this takes quite some time and deliberation (let’s not forget that in the mean time we still have to fix bugs and provide you guys with new events etc.) Also – remember we had a new born member in our international team – which is the Korean community – and those of you who have kids know that kids sometimes need more attention than expected. Either way – we are ready to work on all of the above mentioned and are excited to see what we can achieve this year! Of course we hope you can meet us half-way and contribute with your engagement.​

    Event: Stellar Gold

    Let’s look at your feedback & CM’s suggestions for the future.
    We looked at your reactions on the “new” Stellar Gold and –well, let’s face it, only few of you were pleased. It is nice to see that you like the Skyfall arena – but same as the Battle Ground in Castle Ravencaw, the arena should include some drop.I mean, who wants to kill monster waves and get only Stellar Gold – which might not even make you a winner in the end. Perhaps a solid progress bar would also be a nice addition – so that while you are cleansing the monsters of Dracania and collecting Stellar Gold you at least end up with something after the event is done. Even if you do not win.​

    The CMs think that you should not be able to invest Andermant into buying Stellar Gold directly. Instead, you should be able to exchange Stellar Gold – if wanted – with buffs that increase the Stellar Gold drop quality & quantity.​

    So let’s see what we can realize and change!​

    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 19th of February

    Dear Hero,

    Play with Thabo
    As always, during the air time of Twitch (4.30 – 5.30 pm CET) you can play with Thabo and get rewards!

    Reflect on Issues CDN Provider
    One of our Content Delivery System providers was having difficulties on the 11th of February - which caused you issues when trying to load the client.

    Many of you that use Windows XP or Vista reported Error codes 25 and messages were content was not downloaded correctly.When issues such as these arise, we usually hear from them within minutes. However, you can imagine that solving it - depending on the severity, can take longer. Especially if it is an issue that was caused externally.

    As of the 18th February the issue with the CDN Provider has been solved.

    EVENT: Perils of Time

    Quest:Treasures of the Past (2/3)
    In this part of the quest you have to defend the Storage Kobold from monster waves.
    Map: Past Neverhill
    Important: Make sure that you kill the following monsters immediately as they can cause the game to crash if they survive and kill the Kobold.

    Quest:Malyssa’s Decision (4/4)
    Map: Past Hagastove Grotto
    Important: If you happen to kill Ethel, Melyssa’s sister, BEFORE the quest updates with the order “Find sister Ethel in the Witches’ Kitchen”, then the quest is blocked and you will not be able to proceed

    Solution: Cancel the quest (without exiting the map Past Hagastove Grotto! Otherwise you will need to pay the entry fee again)
    Go back to Malyssa in the same map
    Take the quest Malyssa’s Decision 4/4 again
    Traverse the map and you fill find Ethel where she was supposed to be, ready to be killed
    ROADMAP 2016

    One-Click-Duel (working title)
    Feature summary: In specific areas players will be able to click on a character (other player) and challenge them to a duel

    You can duel someone if….
    - The player is online and accepts duel invitations

    You cannot duel someone if…
    - The player is offline
    - Already waiting to accept another duel invitation
    - s/he deactivated to receive any duel invitations
    - blocked by player

    A loss of a duel will have the same effect as losing in the area. However, winning will not result in getting points (unlike in the arena).

    Stickerbook / Special Inventory (working title)
    An inventory in which you can store only mounts, emotes, pets and costumes. This inventory / stickerbook is meant to be a space where you can collect all the above mentioned items and allow you to sort them, separately from your actual ordinary inventory.

    It is currently debated whether this will be an NPC, a physical space (stable for mounts for example) or whether it will be an interface similar to the achievements.

    Remove Glyphs of Power from items (without destroying them) (working title)
    A new interface will allow you to downgrade items and take away their glyphs of power, without destroying the item completely.

    Crafting 2.0 (working title)
    players will have more influence on the outcome of an item ( i.e combine 3 boots + 1 belt, will result more likely in a new pair of boots )
    new enchantment types on items types (attack speed buffs on items that usually have no attack speed buffs)
    new recipes for combinations
    the ability to revert an unliked craft combination

    New Event: Invasion - Town Defense - Attack of the City(working title)
    At least 3 cities will be attacked this year eligible cities are: Kingshill - Werian Sanctuary - Yaltepetl - Resistance Command Center - Jarlshofn -Andrakasch - Ashraya - Ellonidos - Hogni’s Mine
    Cities attacked in the past: Kingshill, Werian Sanctuary

    Event in March: Dark Dwarf Heist
    this event is the first event that will run in March and will bring new rewards.

    Content: 50 x Time Dust

    Question & Answer:
    Please check out the podcast of the live stream for the Questions & Answers.
    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 11th of March

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    Please find here the summary to the Twitch session that happened today March 11th. You can also watch the full stream HERE.​

    Greg and Haruki announced that there will be a community survey happening next week via newsletters. In this survey you will choose what features of our roadmap are the most important for you. The DSO team hopes to gather a lot of interesting information via this survey so please do not hesitate to activate your newsletter option!

    Then they moved to comment on the Meme contest. You can still participate so make sure you check the rules HERE.​

    After that they commented on the release 162 features and changes that have been brought to you.
    As you may know, the patchnotes have been updated so please head HERE in order to get to know everything about this release!​

    But what lies ahead in the DSO roadmap? The team is working really hard in the next releases and unfortunately we cannot comment on everything yet. But they confirmed the glyph removal feature plus the Town Defense event (we will unveil more details as they are ready). They also announced that Crafting 2.0 is finally coming with R164 but that there will be an official statement on the forums asking you guys for feedback before.

    Then Greg and Haruki answered some popular community questions and announced the raffle winners.​

    And last but not least: here is a bonus code for you!​


    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 8th of April

    Play with Thabo in Dracania

    Instead of the Emerald Parrot, you will now be rewarded with the Sapphire Parrot when playing with Thabo during the Twitch Sessions. The Sapphire Parrot gives your character +10 to resources and is this even more useful than the Emerald Parrot.​

    Bigpoint & Youzu Interactive

    In the end of March 2016 the Shanghai based publisher and developer of games Youzu Interactive acquired Bigpoint. Youzu Interactive’s most known game to date is League of Angels. The acquisition has no impact on the game portfolio of Bigpoint itself.
    Acquisitions in this style are carried out throughout several industries. Examples of past acquisitions in other companies:​
    • Telefonica → Movistar
    • Facebook → What’s App
    April Fools *Behind the Scenes

    The video that was released on the 1st of April playing Drakensang Online in first person perspective was an April Fool's hoax and although creating the video was a lot of fun, this 1st- person mode will not be realized in the game.​

    Close Up: Release 163

    Glyph Removal. With release 163 it is finally possible to revert all the upgrades made on an item and transfer Glyphs of Power to any other item of your desire.

    New chests. Magic, Extraordinary and Legendary chests in the game have received a visual makeover to make them
    A) more recognizable and stand out from the wilderness of the maps
    B) feel more worthy and special, thanks to new textures, new animation and sound effects

    Finally, also the content that one can get out of these chests has been improved.

    6 vs. 6 PvP Improvement. The PvP mode Storm the Fortress has been revised - for a long time players could simply rush towards the middle, take down any defense tower, regardless of the order and thus had a significant advantage. If you happened to be on the attacking side - then usually you knew that you’d be on the winning side. In order to avoid this in future - the towers now have to be taken down in an order and will remain invincible if you try to take them down randomly.​

    Update: Character Class

    Let‘s talk numbers. This month the team continued talks, brainstorming about the 5th archetype that is supposed to make it to the game. It is not secret that we need a class that is helping out the Dragonknight in full frontal melee battle! Then again, since all the signs point to a Rogue/Assassin/Thief type class perhaps this class won’t be attacking from the front after all - but from the back! The internal talks revealed a variety of numbers that are needed to create this new class. For example, over 800 equipment pieces have to be created, that need text, names, 3D models and of course icons! Next to that we have 14-15 new core skills accompanied by 42-45 new talents that altogether can need 56-60 new animations. The biggest number is dropped by narrative design, as a new class will need up to 20000 words of text (that also needs to be translated) to give this archetype a textual backbone.​

    Event: Under Siege / Invasion of the Resistance Command Center

    After a long break, the monsters of Dracania have formed waves to attack the Resistance Command Center. The event started on the 8th of April and the city will have to be defended for the next 10 days - again with the help of henchmen from the alliance!
    This version of the “Invasion” is definitely smaller than the attack on Kingshill - but have we mentioned that every Invasion will affect a different city? Bigger city means also bigger heroic tasks to fulfill!​

    Next to unique item skins the event gives you the opportunity to acquire the a piece of the Defender’s Set.​
    Forum Contest: Who’s the boss? (Working Title)

    In near future you will be asked in the forums to give us a statement As to WHO do you think actually commands the troops that are attacking the cities? Is it someone known, someone unknown or perhaps even no one?​

    Question & Answer

    1. Why is the group display not more transparent as it used to be in the past? Now it is actually taking more space of the screen since one cannot see through it and especially during boss fights this is not helpful.​

    We acknowledge that this is has been a burden to you - that is why the team will fix that with version 164. The entire UI will receive a makeover step by step but we decided that we cannot let you wait until then.
    2. Will there be direct teleport items to boss room? If so, when can we expect them?

    Direct Boss access is sadly blocked by a dev rework of the map access and instance handling on the servers (like other bugfixes do). We have a design for it ready and are currently preparing a technical design for it but we have no date for it yet. But ultimately I’d like to do it, since the community is vocal about it.
    3. Is Dragan coming this year?

    Well - we have seen his name on an event for this year and rumor has it he is not alone. However, for now you will have to be worried about the cities of Dracania, as Dragan is doing what most of you are doing - a spring break!
    4. When will you add slots for Mounts, Costumes, Emotes?

    We believe that you are referring to the “Stickerbook (Working Title)” - we are pushing for this feature to come in the next quarter. However, the design for it has been changed - and frankly, we have not seen whether it will be an extra inventory or something in the style of the achievement window. One thing is for sure - it will come!
    5. Is then Dark Set available for normal Draken and not from random spheres at Gnob? If so, when can we expect such an offer from Gnob?

    The Dark Set is available as limited offer from Gnob. When he offers it you will be notified ingame! The set can be purchased then from him and it is not in spheres. öIf you read the patch notes of release 162 you will see that it states that Gnob will bring limited offers from time to time!:D

    Raffle & Prizes

  14. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 29th of April

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Please find here the summary to the last Twitch session that happened on April 29.

    You can also watch the full stream HERE.​

    Haruki and Greg started the Twitch with a reminder about the latest Stellar Gold event, which features a progression bar. They commented that all the people that participate and that qualify for any reward will get during the first week of May, with Rel164. They confirmed that all rewards in the progression bar are cumulative.​

    Then they moved to comment on the Draw the Boss contest, which has extended its deadline due to some petitions of players. You can submit your designs until the 2ndof May, 12:00 CEST. ​

    After that they commented on the release 164 features that are already on the Test Server and ready to go to the live servers. We are referring here to the essence toggle, the quest UI improvements, the new area in Kingshill and also a new cycle of bug fixing. Crafting 2.0 will happen in rel165 – but the feature will be soon on the Test Servers for public testing and we hope to gather a lot of your opinions on these forums!​

    Haruki and Greg then talked about what is almost ready for rel165: apart from Crafting 2.0, we will bring the quick slot for potions, we will finally remove the potions from PvP and we will concentrate in fixing even more issues.​

    They also teased a little bit the Defeat the Undefeatables event that will start on the 13th of May, with brand new rewards!​

    Then Greg and Haruki answered some popular community questions and announced the raffle winners.
    Winners (1).JPG
  15. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 10th of June


    Automatic Sort Inventory Button
    : a nifty new button that allows you to sort your inventory automatically
    New Epic Mount: Black War Scorpion. You will be able to purchase it as a pre-sale, via a lucky sphere and we will also raffle it.

    Shop Rework #2
    • new labels that indicate whenever sales are happening.
    • banner system has been changed
    • reduced items will now also be highlighted in orange.
    Gem slots & Character Customization cheaper

    RELEASE 168

    Invasion / Under Siege

    After the Resistance Command center another Dracanian town or city will be the next victim of numerous monster waves. This even has been confirmed and will happen with release 168.
    EVENT: Curse of the Black Knights

    • Duration: 2 Weeks 16-30th of June
    • 2 Mini Challenges + 1 Main Event
    • Min Character Level: 15
    • No Realm Fragments needed
    • Feedback: Bosses have higher drop rates than beforemin. 20 Draken per stack
    • Black Warlord Regalia available at GNOB, as soon as the event begins


    • Bosses have higher drop chances than before
    • Old Dragan set will be available at Gnob (both as Lucky Spheres and as Limited offers)Cheaper prices than currently on the TS! 36% off
    • Lucky Spheres will also be reduced in 40%

    New Armor Set​
    • The new set: The new set consists of two different bonuses:
      • The Battleworn Items: will give you a defensive bonus)
      • The Bellicose Items: will give you an offensive bonus)
      • The set exists in 3 tiers, each tear brings better stats and slightly different look

    Elemental Weapon Set​
    • A new weapon set is available that comes starts off as a basic version for all classes
    • The set can be modified and have a different elemental power:
    New Epic Mount​
    • the Black Widow, it can drop from the Ghastly Black Widow.

    The questions have been answered – please watch here:

    Q1. What about a content expansion?
    Q2. How often will the Invasion event come – is it only this year?
    Q3. What is the status on Guild PVP?
    Q4. What will happen with events such as Full Moon and New Moon?
    Q5. What about Uniques that are not worth to be called Unique – because their stats are super dated? What will be done to those items?
    Q6: We read that players from Arabic speaking regions were asked to register on server Werian. Why was this server chosen? Is it country specific? Why was Balor not chosen?
    Q7: When will the CMs be present on the German forum or thread?​

  16. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 29th of June
    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Another Twitch session, another thrill! Find here the summary of our latest Twitch session.​

    You can also watch the full stream HERE.​

    Greg and Haruki commented on two dev diaries videos that are coming in July: one will feature a Community Q&A with Verena, DSO Producer. The other one, later in the month, will be an interview with Jeff Broadbent, DSO composer.​

    Then they moved to comment a little bit release 168 – remember that the patchnotes are already on our forums.​

    A new event is coming with release 168 as well! The Jarlshofn Under Siege! event is already on the Test Server but your CMs took the opportunity to reveal what’s new in this edition.​

    After that they offered a sneak preview of some designs that are coming in the upcoming releases: new possibilities for Premium, group improvements, launcher redesign, improved AI for ranged monsters, daily challenges improvements, UI resizing possibilities and much more.​

    Last but not least, they answered some community questions and announced the raffle winners:
    Winners (2).JPG
  17. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 24th of July

    Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    Please find here the summary to the latest Twitch session. As always, if you have missed it, you can also watch the full stream here.​

    CM Haruki started by announcing the fact that CM Greg has decided to leave the DSO team. While we are super sad about these news, we wish him all the best in his future enterprises and wish you thank him for the awesome work he did for the community!​

    Then Haruki moved into commenting a little bit more of the new Daily Challenges and also the fact that the drop rate of Realm Fragments has been, finally, increased.​

    After that she talked briefly about what main changes are there in the new New Moon event, without very big spoilers… and teased the same rework for the Full Moon event!​

    Before jumping into answering some questions from the community, Haruki also mentioned the fact that the 5th anniversary of DSO is around the corner ! Do you know what that means? Exactly, the DSO team is preparing a bunch of events, in-game and outside of the game, to celebrate this! Stay tuned as we un veil more information about it in the upcoming weeks!​

    Last but not least, Haruki shared the new bonus code for this weekend, PREMIUM4ADAY and revealed the names of the raffle winners.

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  18. teddy.bear

    teddy.bear Forum Ambassador

    Highlights from the Twitch session held on the 10th of August

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    A random anniversary Twitch just happened and here are some key details about it. As always, you can also watch the full stream HERE.

    CM Haruki was accompanied by MagicMoose, one of DSO’s awesome QA testers. They first started by making a recap of the different events and contests that have been created so all heroes can celebrate these 5 years with us!​

    You may not know this but MagicMoose can be found on the Test Server as an Admin, testing bugs and gathering information from players. Haruki asked him to delve into the obligations of an admin there and why is that admins are rather “silent” figures.

    Both of them went there into a little bit of a history lesson, remembering the first two offline Drakensang games and how Drakensang Online was born.

    And then, the juicy part started. Haruki and MagicMoose shared with the community a lot of “Did you know” facts. Click HERE to access this part, full of curious and funny facts about DSO!

    Last but not least, they showed the winners for this session !

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
  19. Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Please find here the summary to the latest Twitch session. As always, you can also watch the full stream on HERE.

    · CM Haruki started by commenting a little bit the scope of release 175, which is scheduled for the first week of October. There’s a new mini-event happening, called Monster Hunts, which will give you more bonus on top plus some bug fixing. Stay tuned for the patchnotes!

    · Haruki also teased a special Halloween event that will appear in Dracania by the end of October. The details were blurred and a little bit shadowy but we know it’s completely new, it brings new maps, new quests, new rewards and has to do with Halloween and all the ghostly aspects of it.

    · She then jumped to show some “work in progress” Leaderboards and went again through the main characteristics of this big PvE feature that will get deployed in Dracania very soon and in successive releases.

    · Last but not least, Haruki shared answered some community questions and revealed the names of the raffle winners.


    Go forth and conquer, heroes!
  20. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Dear heroes of Dracania,

    Please find here the summary to the latest Twitch session. As always, you can also watch the full stream on HERE (also, there’s a little hiccup HERE).

    • CMHaruki started by covering a little bit the basics of the Halloween event of this year, called Ghost Festival. The event will run from October 28 to November 11 and will feature a challenge, 4 maps, 2 bosses, - everything completely new! She also mentioned that the first Monster Hunt will happen next week (check our Event Announcement section for the month of October!)

    • She then moved to describe the mysteries between an online game constant development. Starting from the first idea, a design has to go through different states of early design and concept art before it enters in the full production cycle. When the team agrees on all the aspects of a feature inside the game, the team in charge moves them to fully design it. Once a feature is completed, QA jumps in and – the team has then to find solutions to these problems, before the final feature can hit the live servers.
    Here you can see some snippets of the team in action!







    • CMHaruki answered some questions from the community before jumping to our Twitch raffle winners.
    • In the end, she sent a farewell message to the community and revealed the next bonus code for this weekend: BRINGITON
    Kind regards,
    Your Drakensang Online team
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