The 1h range of the dwarf's weapons needs to be equal to all.

Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by lovatic66, Dec 23, 2018.

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  1. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    Yes they do deserve.
    At least agains who thinks got a point when you clearly not if you would watch what i said.
  2. Dемои

    Dемои Forum Pro

    Never! Dwarfs all time have bugs on arena and are immortal. Half map range of special shot, half map range on blood weapon bug, now you want the same range on 1h weapons on dwarf like other players? Yea sure, dwarf still immortal and the most unbalanced class. Good idea :mad:

    What? Mage q8 bug was removed about 2 weeks, ranger EA bug was removed about 2-3 weeks. Dwarf special shot bug was removed after 3 months, and BP change this bug for blood weapon bug, which lasted next 3 months. And you want respect for dwarfs?
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  3. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    Haha continue with the same, they know that the previous pvp the players 2h died of 1 or2 blows, it is something similar with the explosives of the hunters, they killed you without hitting you many in most cases, but the pvp now is not equal, now the fight is more fierce, the turrets of the dwarf have 90% less endurance, for that reason we have to use the basic shot all the time and the dwarves are the only ones harmed with the limiting of reach in the weapons 1h.:p
  4. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    Do you know why dwarfs had bigger range ? Because you could break their main dmg ( blue turret and red turret) and they were left with 2 spells that deal some dmg .Right now you can break their turrets with no problem(like before), but the range is less (so it's a nerf).
    P.S i don't like arena so i don't care if my class is weak on pvp or not, but when im forced to play it because of the daily i will want equality.
    P.S №2 even with normal range dwarfs still will be weak, right now SW and Dragonknight dominate in the arena
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  5. Xerustes

    Xerustes Junior Expert

    Your kidding aren't you :rolleyes:

    Right now even with lower range of onehanded weapon dwarf is Not weak or disadvantaged.

    If i play 1v1 with my Twink dwarf he kicks even much better equipt players of other classes. my win Ratio is quiet high.
    The Reason is healing. I use cover to pull the opponent into range, if he approaches i use my turrets as extra damage while i fight against him and retread after some Time.
    We both loose Life. I heal myself. My opponent can't, if he is Not dragonnight (or dwarf).
    So in the end i win most of the Time, even if my opponent dealt much more damage.

    If it comes to 5v5 dwarf and dragonnight are the only ones with an immunity. So while everybody else will die in permastun they can manage to get a flag.
    As dwarf i have ability to place oil slick in Front of enemies that Run with flag and have abilities to free flag spot, if defended.
    Again i do Not see a major disadvantage.

    If it comes to 6v6 in Team Red, nowadays it is realy hard to win without at least one dwarf in Team.

    So would you Change for example the healing against same range?
    If not, it is Not equality you are looking for, but a "press here to win Button" ;)
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  6. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    Yeah casually with my Twick mage, DK i slam people even before the match starts ,you kidding me?
    Even if im a dwarf agains a 1h dwarf i win with fcking 2h. its redicilous..
    Every other class has their Rush abilitys ,mages are insane with their Guardian - MC - Teleport - FW - FN and spamming FS its soo powerfull..
    Not even mentioning singularity skill cooldown tallent..

    Again a DK with their Dragonhide + FBC - Jumping - Charge - GB - IB.. There is no chance to free yourself there without loosing half hp.

    Agains rangers i literally have more chance than Mage, DK's.
    And not because they are weak.. they has less borderline rushing abilitys.. the time that bird can catch me is slow.. the net dodgeable.
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  7. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    Nobody cares about twinks.
    You are not even playing pvp much less 5x5, only the warrior's dragon hide ability allows you to take the immune flag by playing with SM you can not pick up the flag or hold it while you're healing much less with Iron Dwarf. Do not tell lies.;)

    Other classes also have such good ability to regain the flag: singularity, thicket of thorns, plus the basic of mage and ranger attacks that give slow, and the full range of stuns that other classes have, dwarves in general serve only as a complement to magicians or rangers arrive in time to blow up the enemy. ;)

    I agree that having the normal range would not change much, but at least it would give a little more freedom to work outside the stuns of the other classes.;)
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  8. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Again trying to cheat, dwarfs had double range even when turrets were not destructable, what are you saying? Dwarfs are not in a disvantatge.

    Why would you want to be out of reach of the stuns if you are the class with the most chances to get rid of them?
  9. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    1 debuff perk / 5mp ,and if you get stuned twice you can wipe your body with that.
    Not even mentioning 1 stun perk.
    Top of that Mage, DK has the most chance to get rid of stuns..
    And pretty much Ranger ,Mage has 2 stun ,and Dk has 3.

    Now its my chance to ask the question.
    What are you saying?
  10. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    not sure vs what class you play(probably ranger) or vs what lvl but when it comes to 1v1 mage will just dash 3 times and will just start spam his lvl 55 ability, tanks are just tank unkillable.
    Not sure in what year you play but dwarfs can't pick up the flag in iron dwarf, their heal has 8 seconds cd in pvp .
    So what???? Back then everyone was oneshotting everyone mages were spamming fireballs, and ice missels without any mana problems and tanks still were tanks.
  11. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    And no one was complaining about steam catalyst, what about that, was ranger able to do adrenaline with flag? Well, dwarf could, you were all shutting your mouth.

    Why are you avoiding the subject? If PvP was oneshot and dwarfs could hit other class from farther, is even worst, other classes had literally no option (although in fact it is false that the pvp was oneshot cause everyone could equip a shield), but you go against yourself if you say everyone was oneshotting everyone, the more range, the more easy to kill without exposing yourself.
    Now there's no more oneshot, right? Then do not complain about your range if you did not want equality when you were the only beneficiary, and just learn to move and not shooting from one end of the map to the other.
    You don't want to renounce some tank skills but you want "equality" (only now) in the ranges with classes without tank skills.
    That's funny.
  12. elitecrew1031

    elitecrew1031 Regular

    again so what he had bigger range but other classes had (and still have) more dashes and counter play .Dwarf had 2 abilities quick shot and special shot while mages were unkillable because of their ice missile and 0 mana fireball.
    Not going to explain anymore on you, obviously you are mage and you are happy you can dominate on the arena. Like i said i don't care about the arena at all, i have fun in pve.Still im going to make my arena daily but when your class is nerfed (and im sure one day will be) then ill have fun and ill complain how fair it is.
  13. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    You cant argue with someone that doesent even know how hes own class works.
    He didnt even aswered that i said to him 2 time..
  14. MaxDisappointed

    MaxDisappointed Forum Master

    Funny, i'm not a mage so... :) You really like to suppose all things, you are sooo wrong. I'm NOT defending mages, never did in this post or any other, we are talking here about dwarfs and the hypocrisy of the players who just want "equality" now, but were taking profit of bugs for many months without asking for a fix or real equality back then.
    Simply I will not be looking at this kind of posts without saying anything about it, even if the truth bother you.
    Let's analyze then, you take advantage of a situation for months, and when the pvp changes, you do not recognize the advantage you had but point the finger at who has it now?
    Child's attitude.

    Ehmm... I'm not who is saying that dwarf can't do anything, maybe who don't know how his class works are the dwarfs who post in here... :/
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  15. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    There was never a EA bug.
    You can quote the patchnotes saying it is a bug ... but it was never a bug. That is how EA was meant to work in the first place ... when it was created years ago.
    There is no bug there either.
    It is only the players don't know how the mechanics in the game are working.
    That was a bug that was associated with one particular set that not all rangers are using. I don't use it ... I have never used it ... and god forbid of thinking to ever use it.
    Like I said ... IT WAS NOT A BUG!
    The devs couldn't make it different when nerfing it ... so they have removed it completely. The same way they couldn't fix the most beautiful animation in this game ... the Gorgon Stun ... so they removed it and now we have that utter crap of an animation instead.
    They had Ice Missile bug which has been dealing too much damage ... and MC bug in arena that has never been fixed since the start of this game.

    Unlike you said 2 months ... the Midget's Intergalactic range on HS has been active for a half a year. Every single midget was using it regardless of the set they were using because it was a skill bug.
    Midgets made millions of Honor in the arena ... and suddenly legionnaires became Grand Marshals because they had HUGE advantage shooting on other classes from other dimension.
    The devs knew about it and they didn't fix it until few weeks ago.
    As for the OP and you claiming the 1H midgets are in disadvantage ... you are clearly having no clue what are you talking about. Since the 1H midgets in the arena are very hard to kill ... if ever possible.
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  16. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    Are you sure about that?

    *Ranger Explosive Arrow

    -An issue where the explosion of the Explosive Arrow skill was triggered even if the arrow didn't hit an enemy has been fixed.

    Who cares that you didnt used it? You would have cared if i was saying that you say now? I dont think its working like that.

    ? I thought it was already discussed.

    I talked about this in one of my comment that you probably didnt seen because a mod deleted in. Not gona copypaste the logs about this again..
    With release 211 the "intergalactic HS" bug was implemented which got fixed in 212, how is that half a year?

    Sure dude how many time i need to say that i beating up 1h dwarfs with balor 2h..
    You think its normal that with 2h now beating a 1h dwarf?
    You say 1h dwarf is how op when the healing is limited now, the turrets die immediatelly limited range and 1 debuff skill 1 stun skill. How can something be OP like this?

    I tryed to use 1h in PVP with the basic Arachna 1h Tier 7 - Heredur shield Tier 7 and it was worthless after a smarter Mage rushed me with Guardian - MC - FW - Teleport - FN - Singularity.. You can try it i pretty sure you can re do this if you are that experienced..

    Should i teach other classes that has 2 debuff skill with 2 stun skill how to escapse from a dwarf as a dwarf beating 1h dwarfs?
    They literally handycapped if i dont let them get close to me..


    Scroll upwards you will understand why i said that..
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  17. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I am reading everything in forums and wiki .. i only reply here when someone is pretending to have a knowledge in the game when actually it has not. And i made a diagrams for the range ... if you remember ... that was back in July ... and the bug was present even before that time.
    Like I said you can quote the patchnotes as much as you like ... I can quote parts of many patchnotes existing in the forum and prove it wrong. Patchnotes are full of nonsense ... one example would be the behavior of the Lairs and the Chest of Lairs. The patchnotes were claiming differently and confusing the players ... while I knew it is not true. It was later edited by the mods because I told them to ask if the patchnotes are correct or not.
    So who was right? Me or the patchnotes?
    I am always right.
    So yes ... you can't be talking about a skill that was created long time before you even started playing the game.
    Once again --- it was NOT a bug.
    Change the time back if you don't believe me.
    No one cares but I mentioned it just to make a clear distinction between a set bonus and a skill.
    where the first one is affecting a set of players ... while the later is affecting them ALL.
    You are comparing same OP classes ... midgets with midgets ... it is normal for you not to see any difference especially if you don't play other classes actively.
    Also you have probably beaten up a noob.
    And trust me ... you can't teach anyone on this forum.
    Dude seriously ... I am playing the arena you can't teach me anything.
    I have made my PvE gear all T8 ... and i have made my PvP gear all T8. And i don't use just any item ... all of them are with max or close to max stats.
    So i know how much one is strong or not when I compare the outcome.

    Blue group winning ... even only with 5 players.

    as for the damage and body count it is all up^ there.

    It is pointless to try to "teach" me something you already don't know.
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  18. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    Its not my fault that you dont want to read what i said again which says this:

    Than i edited right before you commented.

    You can link images all you want here from 5v5 6v6 you and i both know that is different from 1v1 that i was talking about for a long time..
    5v5 6v6 is based on teamplay and a lot of factors with a lot of opportunity to farm dmg and kills..
    6v5 you talk about with a lvl 53? We really have to dig up the dead horse's grave?
    Yes you are ,even if you not.
    Therefore the HS bug was not a bug ,it was wrongly ajusted..
    I beaten up noobs that are Grandmarshals and master dwarfs. But thank you for degrading. In your pitcure your team didnt killed "noobs" right?

    Im doing nothing else than dont let them get close to me with basic survival skills.
    1. Runing
    2. Prefire

    Which other class cant do this with better skills that deal at least 2* of the dmg compared to basic shoot and more chance to stun ,or debuff themselfs.
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  19. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    It is not my fault you don't understand what you read.
    I don't know if it is a language barrier or i just don't understand what you are saying.
    Read my post again ^
    I don't know what has been deleted and what you have been writing and honestly i don't care ... but it was actually not your post.
    It was Heror's post
    So were you reacting on this this mistake because i can't understand what you are talking about. I apologize for taking heror's post as yours.
    It was more than half a year that bug was active.
    A knowledgeable player knows what Red and Blue team means in 6v6. In order to win the blue team should have at least 2 players too many or it should have extremely OP players. I don't see the red team outnumbered ... quite contrary.
    I have no time for lessons right now.
    Degrading ? No ... I just know your potential in the arena.
    In the picture I can't see my team killing anyone ... except for a blue terminator midget that wiped off the entire human race in the red team.

    There you show up your noobness with the comment.
    Let me use my time machine and show you the game up ... before your presence in the game.
    Take a look at the animation
    That is an article made in 2015 ... and as a proof it was not updated later on I am showing you the screenshot of the history.

    That is what EA looks like.
    That is the true not nerfed EA.
    In order to take you to a ride through the history with my time machine ... i will just copy/paste this quote (I am not quoting so the quotes inside won't disappear )


    Good evening!

    Tonight I will be giving the devs my feedback ... through lesson in history.

    - Once upon a time there was a game ... DSO it was the name.
    - August 2015 - R155 has been released:
    With R155 EA has been introduced in the game.​
    - January 2016 - R160 has been released:
    In this release you nerfed the EA​
    - July 2016 - R169 has been released:
    With this release you changed the EA behavior so it can suit the noobs play. You deliberately nerfed the impact arrow and boosted the AoE ... making the rangers noobs and forcing them to play like noobs who are just spamming EA wherever they can.
    Luckily some players didn't took the bait and did foresee the future PvP gameplay (blind shooting)​
    - July 2017 -R194 has been released:
    With this release EA is exploding only when hitting the target. Well all is good so far ... EXCEPT for the cover up.
    You previously nerfed the Impact Arrow while boosting the AoE ... and now you are taking away the explosion if not hitting the target. :)
    You think we are fools or something? :)
    The logical thing when doing this kind of nonsense is to revert back the Impact Arrow at its previous state. Why would I need a boosted AoE if i am not about to have use of it?
    This one is huge nerfing. I don't care what you do with your stupid sets and the game breaking bonuses ... i don't use them ... i will never use your Hoaxbows. And then again you are nerfing my skills ... I repeat ... MY skills just because you are making idiotic item sets which I am not even using. I use longbow and I can't even clear normal maps now ... because:
    1. you don't give us unique longbows and quivers (crap moon items doesn't count ... you can use that on your own ... i don't use that kind of items ... if they could be called items)
    2. You are making a gear only to suit Hoaxbow play
    3. you are nerfing my skills
    4. My ranger is dealing less damage than before R194 with any of its skills ... this was not included in the patchnotes. You changed damage formulas again?​

    Think about your future steps very carefully ... because this game is DEAD only and only because of YOUR unacceptable actions.


    Now you know you don't know anything about EA. ;)
    No bug there at all. The skill was just destroyed by the devs.
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  20. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Ok so the strong midgets are using their short range as advantage right now , so can you the ppl in this thread do it ? Mages have 3teleports, good well and after that ? you still have your 2 turrets down. while i have frost nove against stuuns and thats it. If i dont target the turrets its gg for me and since i dont have teleport i can be damaged by the dwarf + the turrets reduce cd on hit so your jump is almost permanently up

    I agree with everything traki says since i was here when most of the game was being developed
    Altough there is smt i want to "argue: about.
    Mc is not supposed to catch you in order to activate as you know , you can mind control bosses and still get the 1 sec cd refresh.
    You need to "land" it not proc it which is a completely different mechanic.
    And if it was "fixed" that would be the death of the mage class so id k what to say i want to hear your suggestion o great lord :)